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      Original Subject: Dave and Andy's Not so weird World
      Original Date: 7 Mar 2002 15:01:48 -0000

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      Quality Products From Clarke & Roberts During 2002

      Fortean Times UnConvention, Commonwealth Institute,
      Kensington, London, Saturday 6 April, 4pm

      The Ministry Of Defence & UFOs

      This presentation will preview our research into the British
      Government's investigations into UFO phenomena from 1941
      through the Cold War. Exclusives include: the first genuine
      documentary evidence of 'foo fighter' and 'ghost rocket' studies
      by the British Air Ministry.
      This will be the first time that the truth behind the hitherto secret
      MoD's 'Flying Saucer Working Party' will be revealed in public.
      We will also give details of a dramatic RAF radar-visual UFO
      encounter from 1952, which has remained 'above top secret'
      for half a century, including the only occasion 'flying saucers'
      have been entered in a pilot's logbook.

      BBC Radio 4, Thursday, 25 April, 8-8.30pm

      Cold War UFOs: Royal Air Force crews speak out.

      This ground-breaking documentary has been built around
      recently conducted interviews with retired RAF and Royal
      Navy personnel who have broken decades of silence to discuss
      their baffling UFO encounters in public.

      The programme will include an exclusive interview with the
      leader of the MoD's formerly secret 'Flying Saucer Working
      Party', on his involvement in the first official study and his
      work with opposite numbers in the USAF, 1950-52.

      Other interviews include RAF and Fleet Air Arm aircrew,
      Farnborough test pilots and airmen who were involved in
      the tracking of UFOs on radar - including the first
      broadcast interview with a key participant in the classic
      'Lakenheath-Bentwaters' incident of 1956.

      Out of the Shadows: UFOs, the Establishment
      and the Official Cover-up
      Published by Piatkus books, London, 23 May.

      This book exposes for the first time the truth about official
      investigations into the UFO phenomenon. Following years
      of painstaking research we produce previously secret MoD
      files and the direct testimony of hitherto silent aircrew and
      witnesses. The evidence demonstrates that the MoD, politicians,
      high ranking scientists and even the British Royal Family believed
      in UFOs, investigated them and found compelling evidence
      for their existence.

      We reveal:

      * New first-hand accounts of UFOs tracked by British radar
      and encountered by Allied aircrew during World War II.
      * The role played by secret agents and military intelligence
      in the ghost rocket panic of 1946.
      * A secret RAF operation to intercept a UFO over the East
      Coast of Britain six months *before* Kenneth Arnold's famous
      sighting of flying saucers.
      *The full story of the MoD's Flying Saucer Working Party,
      including the testimony of those who took part.
      *UFO-radar alerts that triggered Britain's early warning system
      at the height of international Cold War tensions.
      *The amazing account of a USAF pilot ordered to "shoot down"
      a UFO intercepted over Britain in 1957.

      These are just a tiny portion of the revelations to be found in the
      pages of Out of the Shadows. In the words of retired RAF test pilots,
      Wing Commanders Stan Hubbard and Frank Jolliffe:

      "Our thanks, and that of the public at large, are due to David Clarke
      and Andy Roberts for bringing the subject of unidentified aerospace
      phenomena into the public view and for publicising the grossly ill-judged
      official policies that have kept it cloaked in the strictest secrecy for so
      many years. It is indeed high time the public learned the truth about
      this subject."

      Anyone who requires further information about the above projects
      can contact the authors at aj.roberts@...
      or visit: http://www.flyingsaucery.com

      Andy Roberts & Dave Clarke

      'They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers....'

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