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World Of The Strange Newsletter 3/4/02

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      #1. Will ET Be Hostile? Alienated People Are More Likely to Say 'Yes' by:
      Doug Vakoch
      SETI Institute http://www.space.com/searchforlife/seti_hostiles_020221.html
      #2. The Tunguska Incident - An Overview by: James L. Choron
      kommissar@... http://WinterSteel.homestead.com/Home.html
      #3. I, Chip? Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer
      by: Paul Eng, ABC News
      #4. March's Award Winner Of The Month! Conspiracy Journal..Featuring an
      article "Paranormal or Extraterrestrial? by: Tim Swartz trswartz@...
      #5. Shamed Star's "Aliens Claim"

      #6. Odd Goings-On Haunt Capitol Halls - Lawmakers Report 'bizarre' Incidents
      by: Trent Seibert tseibert@...
      Denver Post Capitol Bureau
      #7. The X-Files Come To Inkerman by: David Stonehouse
      The Ottawa Citizen


      #1. Will ET Be Hostile? Alienated People Are More Likely to Say 'Yes' by:
      Doug Vakoch SETI Institute

      Astronomer Frank Drake, the Father of SETI, has argued that ET will likely be
      altruistic, rather than malevolent. Drake reasons that if extraterrestrials
      are hostile, then their civilizations wont last very long, and were unlikely
      to make contact with them. Only extraterrestrials with a long-lasting, stable
      society will be around long enough to be detected by our SETI programs.

      And yet, extraterrestrials we encounter in movies such as Alien and
      Independence Day are certainly not friendly. But is the possibility of
      malevolent aliens really just a matter of overworked imaginations in
      Hollywood? And to the extent that these images are held by people in general,
      might concerns over hostile aliens say more about ourselves than about ET?

      Recently, the SETI Institute and SPACE.com conducted an informal survey of
      Internet users to answer just that question. The exercise was in part a
      demonstration of the sort of research methods that social scientists use to
      further our understanding of SETI. Indeed, all of the standard caveats that
      apply to Internet polls apply to this survey as well. For example, the fact
      that the poll was conducted through the SPACE.com web site means that people
      who participated are more likely to have pro-space attitudes than the average
      Internet user. Nevertheless, when the numbers were all in, we found a very
      strong connection between peoples beliefs about extraterrestrials and their
      feelings about how meaningful life is. What makes the results even more
      compelling is that they match the findings of an earlier study conducted
      under more stringent testing conditions.

      When someone is confronted with ambiguous information, what he or she makes
      of the information can sometimes say a lot about the person. Thats the basis
      for what psychologists call projective tests. One classic example of a
      projective test is the Rorschach. In this test, people are asked what they
      see in a series of inkblots. When skilled examiners study the patterns and
      themes in a persons responses to the inkblots, they can sometimes begin to
      understand how the examinee sees the world.

      If the event that some day our radio telescopes pick up signs of intelligent
      life beyond Earth, its unlikely that that the signals will contain a clear,
      unambiguous message. For starters, current search strategies look for strong
      artificial signals, rather than searching for small variations in these
      signals that may tell us about the knowledge and views of alien
      civilizations. And even if we do detect information-rich signals, it could
      take considerable time to understand what extraterrestrials are trying to
      say. Thus, its likely that well know that ET exists long before we have any
      clear-cut evidence of what they might be trying to tell us.

      In the face of missing information, however, people have a tendency to fill
      in the blanks. Even if people may not be sure what ET is like from scientific
      evidence, they will tend to form opinions, in part based on their habitual
      ways of seeing life.

      In our Internet survey, we tested the hypothesis that if people feel like the
      world is cold and cruel, theyre more likely than other people to imagine
      extraterrestrials as being cold and cruel as well. Thus, we set up the survey
      so we could measure two things. First, to what extent do people feel
      "alienated," and second, how hostile do these people imagine
      extraterrestrials would be?

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      this article!

      #2. The Tunguska Incident - An Overview by: James L. Choron
      kommissar@... http://WinterSteel.homestead.com/Home.html

      At 7.00am on 30th June 1908 near the lower Tunguska River, Siberia, a large
      explosion occurred. The explosion was so massive that it caused damage 400
      miles away, and was heard even further. Even the heat that came out from the
      explosion was felt hundreds of miles away. The blast was so intense that
      hundreds of square miles of Siberian forest were flattened and burned by a
      mysterious fireball. Only now, nearly a century decades later, are we
      learning what really happened… and not a minute too soon a vast fireball
      raced through the dawn sky over Siberia, then exploded with the force of
      1,000 Hiroshima bombs. The heat incinerated herds of reindeer and charred
      tens of thousands of evergreens across hundreds of square miles. The effect
      was much like that of a great volcanic eruption, yet there had been no
      eruption. The only objective indication of the extraordinary event was a
      quiver on seismographs in the Siberian City of Irkutsk, indicating a moderate
      quake some 1,000 miles north in a remote region called Tunguska.

      For several nights all over northern Europe, the sky glowed enough to light
      the street of London, and as far away as western Europe people were able to
      read newspapers at night without a lamp.
      At first it was assumed that a massive meteorite had collided with the earth.

      In about 1500 BC most of the island of Thera in the Aegean disappeared in a
      blast. Tidal waves from the explosion swept across 70 miles of sea, rolling
      over the palaces and temples. There is a theory that in the sudden
      destruction of Thera and the related Cretan empire may lie the beginnings of
      the legend of Atlantis.

      No similar catastrophe, of this magnitude, affected history until AD 62,
      when an earthquake caused by the eruption of Vesuvius toppled much of the
      towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum near Naples. The same thing happened 17
      years later.

      The Vesuvius blast was dwarfed by the destruction of the volcanic island of
      Krakatoa between Java and Sumatra. On the early afternoon of August 26th
      1883, the volcano began to explode, eventually discharging a 17-mile high
      cloud of dark ash, and at 10 a.m. on the following morning the whole island
      was shaken by a cataclysmic blast. Ash fountained 50 miles into the sky. The
      sound was heard 2,200 miles away in Australia. Tidal waves more than 100 feet
      high killed 36,000 people. The dust so saturated the upper air that it
      lowered the world temperature 0.5 ëF for many years.

      None of these explosions could surpass the sheer force of the Tunguska blast
      in 1908. Even the Hiroshima blast and the nuclear tests of the early 1950s
      are dwarfed by it. The estimated energy output of the Siberian blast- 10^23
      ergs -would be comparable only with the explosion of the heaviest hydrogen
      bombs. Also, all of the earlier disasters are completely explainable… There
      is no mystery in the eruption of a volcano, and there is certainly no mystery
      in the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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      this article!

      #3. I, Chip? Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer
      by: Paul Eng, ABC News

      It's 10 p.m. You may not know where your child is, but the chip does.

      The chip will also know if your child has fallen and needs immediate help.
      Once paramedics arrive, the chip will also be able to tell the rescue workers
      which drugs little Johnny or Janie is allergic to. At the hospital, the chip
      will tell doctors his or her complete medical history.

      And of course, when you arrive to pick up your child, settling the hospital
      bill with your health insurance policy will be a simple matter of waving your
      own chip — the one embedded in your hand.

      To some, this may sound far-fetched. But the technology for such chips is no
      longer the stuff of science fiction. And it may soon offer many other
      benefits besides locating lost children or elderly Alzheimer patients.

      "Down the line, it could be used [as] credit cards and such," says Chris
      Hables Gray, a professor of cultural studies of science and technology at the
      University of Great Falls in Montana. "A lot of people won't have to carry
      wallets anymore," he says. "What the implications are [for this technology],
      in the long run, is profound."

      Indeed, some are already wondering what this sort of technology may do to the
      sense of personal privacy and liberty.

      "Any technology of this kind is easily abusive of personal privacy," says Lee
      Tien, senior staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "If a kid
      is track-able, do you want other people to be able to track your kid? It's a
      double-edged sword."

      Tiny Chips That Know Your Name

      The research — and controversy — of embedding microchips isn't entirely new.
      Back in 1998, Brian Warwick, a professor of cybernetics at Reading University
      in London, implanted a chip into his arm as an experiment to see if Warwick's
      computer could wirelessly track his whereabouts with the university's

      But Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. in Palm Beach, Fla., is one of the latest
      to try and push the experiments beyond the realm of academic research and
      into the hands — and bodies — of ordinary humans.

      The company says it has recently applied to the Food and Drug Administration
      for permission to begin testing its VeriChip device in humans. About the size
      of a grain of rice, the microchip can be encoded with bits of information and
      implanted in humans under a layer of skin. When scanned by a nearby handheld
      reader, the embedded chip yields the data — say an ID number that links to a
      computer database file containing more detailed information.

      Building a Built-in Digital Guardian

      Keith Bolton, chief technology officer for ADS, says that VeriChip is only
      the beginning.

      According to Bolton, the company has already started experimenting with
      combining the Verichip with another ADS product called Digital Angel. That
      pager-sized device allows caregivers and parents to monitor the health and
      whereabouts of seniors and children through the use of space-based Global
      Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

      "In the migration path, those two products that can be bundled together,"
      says Bolton. The resulting product would be about the size of an American
      quarter coin and offer an improved way of monitoring patients suffering from
      Alzheimer's disease, for example.

      Safety Against Terrorists?

      And the interest in testing embedded chips has been steadily increasing
      — especially since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

      Dr. Richard Seelig, a former surgeon but now a medical consultant for ADS,
      became the first to embed a VeriChip in his arm and hip on Sept. 16. He says
      his decision to become a willing guinea pig came when he saw World Trade
      Center rescue workers scrawl information on their skin as an identifying
      marker should they get hurt in the wreckage.

      "There is a clear need for a more secure [form of] identification," says
      Seelig. "This was another useful application for VeriChip and to move the
      process along and [help] evaluate the possibility, I had the chips inserted."

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      this article!

      #4. March's Award Winner Of The Month! Conspiracy Journal..Featuring an
      article "Paranormal or Extraterrestrial? by: Tim Swartz trswartz@...

      Conspiracy Journal is the web home for Timothy Green Beckley's Global
      Communications. Global Communications and Inner Light Publications have been
      the leading publishers of books about UFOs, conspiracies, the paranormal, New
      Age etc., for more than thirty years.

      The Conspiracy Journal website, along with its free, weekly e-mail
      newsletter, is produced and edited by Tim Swartz. The exciting new venue of
      the internet has allowed writers such as Commander X, Tim Swartz, Brad
      Steiger, Sean Casteel and Diane Tessman to reach and inform a whole new
      audience from all across the planet.

      Conspiracy Journal is dedicated to uncovering news and information of UFOs,
      conspiracies, the paranormal, and everything else weird and strange that
      might not be published in the local morning newspaper, or seen on the nightly
      six o'clock news.

      If you have never read "The Conspiracy Journal" I would suggest that you sign
      up, what can I say is that it is free of charge and you will get some very
      fine stories along with a dash of commentaries..as for Tim's Books that is
      another Story, I myself have mostly all of them and I find them totaly
      enlightening..so make sure you check out the website!

      Some of Tim's Books are:
      The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla : Haarp - Chemtrails and Secret of
      Alternative 4 <


      Evil Agenda Of The Secret Government <


      Teleportation How to Guide : From Star Trek to Tesla <


      Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide <


      Secret Black Projects of the New World Order <


      Paranormal or Extraterrestrial? By Tim Swartz trswartz@...

      There seems to be a fine line between certain UFO experiences and classic
      haunting's. That is not to say that all UFO sightings will lead to paranormal
      experiences. However, based on a number of reliable reports, there does seem
      to be a certain aspect of the UFO phenomenon that either closely parallels
      psychic occurrences, or originates from the same source.

      In other words: Some UFO incidents can be considered the same as haunting's
      and other paranormal events – with the same sorts of phenomena, such as:
      ghostly figures and visits from seemingly physical, yet bizarre people,
      unexplained noises, teleportations, the psychokinetic moving of objects and
      furniture, and even possession.

      One such case that blurs the line between UFOs and the paranormal was
      investigated by Timothy Green Beckley and Brad Steiger. Brian Scott claimed
      to have been abducted by extraterrestrials and taken to a secret underground
      base within the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.

      The Superstition Mountains has a long and colorful history of unusual events
      and hauntings. There have been several reported cases where strange voices
      have driven treasure-hunters insane and, in some cases, driving them to kill
      their partners. Brad Steiger, in his book The UFO Abductors (1988., Berkley
      Books., N.Y.) describes Brian Scott's experiences as follows:

      Brian Scott's first abduction reportedly occurred in the Arizona desert near
      Phoenix in 1971, and he claimed that another had just occurred on December
      22, 1975, in Garden Grove, California. In between, Scott said, there were
      three other terrifying sessions with the aliens and repeated visits to his
      home by balls of light and a transparent being that called itself The Host.

      Incredibly, Scott found that a friend of his was already inside the craft.
      The two of them were taken into a small room that began to fill with a fog or
      a mist. Then they were confronted by four or five 'very horrifying'
      creatures. Scott described them as having gray skin like that of a crocodile
      or a rhino, with a thicker patch of hide over the front torso. The beings
      were seven feet tall, according to Scott, and, had three fingers and a thumb
      kicked over to one side.

      In his book, Steiger detailed a fascinating conversation between noted author
      and UFO investigator Timothy Green Beckley and Brian Scott.

      Tim Beckley: What happened on the day when your wife was sent to the

      Scott: She had been to work, pretty much handling everything that was going
      on around her. Then I got a call that she wasn't feeling very well. I brought
      her home, and after about fifteen minutes of sitting there talking with her,
      she was saying several things, none of which made any sense to me or to her.
      She said that she had been in the bathroom and suddenly felt hands all over
      her body. It was as if someone had broken into the house and molested her.
      When she calmed down and started making explanations to me about what the
      hell was wrong with her, it was as if, from her description, the guys I had
      seen aboard the craft in 1971 had visited her. This is odd, because she has
      never seen nor shown any interest in the sketches that I made of those

      Please Visit WOTS at http://www.worldofthestrange.com to read the rest of
      this article!

      #5. Shamed Star's "Aliens Claim"


      A triple gold medallist who was kicked out of the Winter Olympics for failing
      a drugs test claims he is being told what to do by aliens. Cross-country
      skier Johann Muehlegg said the mysterious beings have had a profound effect
      on his life.

      "I have seen them," he declared, before insisting he had not taken any drugs.

      German-born Muehlegg, 31, defected to Spain in 1999 - apparently on the
      instructions of the aliens.

      He said: "I was contacted and told what to do by people from the other side.

      Blood booster

      "You might think it's funny but it has paid off. I'm now an Olympic champion
      and the record books will show it."

      Muehlegg denies drug claims

      Muehlegg, who failed a second dope test on Tuesday, has only been ordered to
      hand back one of his gold medals - for Saturday's 50km.

      The International Olympic Committe have no power to seize the gongs given out
      for the 10km and 30km events because they took place before he was tested.

      But Muehlegg will face a two-year ban if the positive results for blood
      booster darbepoetin are upheld.

      If that happens, he might still get a call to compete....in the Other World
      Championships, due to be held on Mars in July.

      Full Article!
      #6. Odd Goings-On Haunt Capitol Halls - Lawmakers Report 'bizarre' Incidents
      by: Trent Seibert tseibert@...
      Denver Post Capitol Bureau

      Monday, February 25, 2002 - Ghosts and guillotines and thieves and threats.

      These and a rash of other unexplained crimes and hauntings at the Capitol
      have legislators buzzing about how this year is so, well, weird.

      "I've been here 11 years and I've never seen anything like it," said Vickie
      Agler, a former legislator who now serves as assistant to the House speaker.
      "There are some bizarre things going on."

      Lawmakers have been menaced by interest groups, with one even threatening to
      bring a guillotine to the Capitol.

      Add to that a drug bust on the Capitol steps, a flasher roaming the grounds,
      a senator's flashy pickup stolen right off the statehouse lot and the return
      of one of the Capitol's infamous ghosts, and suddenly politics has become a
      lot more paranormal.

      One of those "bizarre things" is the group of people that is leaving voice
      mail messages with lawmakers, threatening to sue them for malfeasance. They
      say they will be showing up at the Capitol with their guillotine.

      This group, led by a nurse named Betty James, protests for more civil rights.
      In a recent phone message to House Speaker Doug Dean, she demanded an
      "immediate display in the rotunda of the people's last resort: the

      Indeed, she even called the State Patrol, which is in charge of security at
      the Capitol, asking for the best way to bring her guillotine into the
      statehouse. Officials said she wasn't allowed to bring it at all.

      Why ask for permission?

      "I wanted to give them a heads-up," James said.

      It's not uncommon for lawmakers to be threatened, and it happens several
      times a month. But since the legislature opened for business in January,
      legislators and the State Patrol officers who protect them concede those
      threats seem odder than usual.

      Some speculate that it stems from the country being so united over the war
      and the Olympics, that protesters have to make more of an effort to be

      "People are becoming more dramatic, trying to make a bigger statement," said
      State Patrol Capt. Doug Shelton.

      One example of a dramatic statement came during a recent shut-down of a
      committee hearing.

      A group of people identifying themselves as journalists showed up at the
      hearing. However, they turned out to be activists who blocked the committee
      room's doorways, grabbed a sergeant-at-arms, and broke into an off-key
      rendition of "God Bless America."

      Another apparent threat came as recently as Tuesday during a committee
      hearing. Lawmakers say they felt uncomfortable after threatening statements
      made during testimony by a man named John Walker, the ominous namesake of the
      American Taliban.

      "With his body language and his tone, it certainly felt like a threat," said
      Rep. Debbie Stafford, who's considering getting a restraining order against

      It's not just threats. There's weird crime, too. Sen. Ken Chlouber's 1998
      black Chevy half-ton pickup, adorned with painted flames on each side, was
      stolen from the state Capitol parking lot, right under the eyes of the State
      Patrol and security cameras.

      The weirdest occurrence, some say, is the return of one of the Capitol's
      legendary ghosts.

      The night janitors report seeing the spectre floating in the ornate lobby
      outside the Senate. They describe her as an older woman in a hood, garbed in
      black, with her arms crossed.

      "I have no idea who she is," said Ron Enriquez. "I was shocked. I was

      Sen. Ed Perlmutter said he wonders if the ghost is behind the recent spate of
      bad karma that seems to have descended over the gold dome like a dark cloud.
      He says he just might ask her.

      "I think I'll stay here late one night and see if she shows up," he said.

      Full Article!
      #7. The X-Files Come To Inkerman by: David Stonehouse
      The Ottawa Citizen


      If UFOs have indeed been hovering in the skies above this tiny New Brunswick
      town, as the many sightings suggest, the folks here aren't bothered. Except,
      of course, for those who say they've actually seen the alien spacecraft.

      INKERMAN, N.B. - It was a crisp, clear January night, and 22-year-old Mathieu
      Robichaud was at the wheel of his Chevy Cavalier, his girlfriend next to him
      holding his hand, headed for the video store the next town over.

      They were looking forward to a quiet Saturday night -- just the two of them
      nestled together, watching movies back at the apartment they shared in the
      basement of her mother's house.

      The conversation between the two had fallen to silence. The familiarity of
      the road, the music on the radio and the tranquilizing hiss of the car heater
      cranked on high had lulled them into a quiet comfort.

      Then: "Jesus!" he exclaimed. "What's that?"

      Two lights low in the sky.

      Jenny Laplante noticed them just at that moment, too. "It's a plane," the
      17-year-old high school student thought, "and it's about to crash."

      But as they drove closer, the details became clearer: two lights morphed to
      four white lights -- translucent, like light spilling through a distant
      window. Smaller blue lights were set between the white.

      There was no way, they thought, that it was an airplane: it wasn't the right
      shape and it moved too slowly.

      Craning his neck to follow it as it approached, Mr. Robichaud also noticed
      white lights on bottom. He quickly pulled into the nearest driveway and
      jumped out of the car.

      He figured it was only about 15 metres above him. He couldn't see the body of
      it in the dark, but the arrangement of lights made it appear as if it was
      shaped like a diamond. It looked to be about twice the width of his car and
      four times as long.

      He was struck by the silence -- the thing made no noise. He watched as it
      banked into a sharp turn over the house to his right and floated off toward a
      neighbouring thicket of forest.

      He jumped back into the car. His girlfriend was frightened, crying. He raced
      down the road, trying to follow it. He lost it over the woods.

      He remains convinced that what he saw that night at about 9:30 p.m. was not
      an earthly invention, but a spacecraft from another planet. A genuine
      alien-owned-and-operated Unidentified Flying Object.

      "I'm sure it was," he says, driving the same two-lane stretch of mottled road
      weeks later. He is a confident young man, square of jaw, unassuming, earnest.
      He earns his living outdoors, cutting back trees that encroach on hydro
      lines. A black leather jacket hides the athletic build on his six-foot-plus
      frame. His hair is short and ink-black, his eyes framed by small,
      metal-framed glasses. He sports a wispy moustache.

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