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[Fwd: Ray Fowler's Case Files Inventory]

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  • Tim Edwards
    Just in from Current Encounters . Tim ... -- *So much to learn and so little time!* DreamScape http://timedwards.topcities.com/dreamscape.htm
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
      Just in from 'Current Encounters'.



      Jan Aldrich wrote:

      > Greetings List,
      > Barry has been having trouble post this message. Thanks.
      > Jan Aldrich
      > Project 1947
      > http://www.project1947.com/
      > P. O. Box 391
      > Canterbury, CT 06331
      > (860) 546-9135
      > This is to formally announce the posting of the sighting summary
      > catalog and inventory of sighting records of Ray Fowler on the SHG site.
      > http://www.project1947.com/shg/fowler/index.html
      > Upon moving to Maine, Ray decided to give up most of his accumulated
      > UFO records. SHG was contacted as a potential recipient in late 2001. An
      > agreement was reached and I picked up the files in December. The files are
      > being examined and, where needed, records are being slip-sheeted and
      > rebound for preservation.
      > The inventory of the sighting files lists the folders of raw
      > material: filled out report forms, photos, transcripts and articles
      > relevant to each case. Some of the classics of New England UFO research lie
      > within; Exeter, NH 1965, Beverly High School 1966; etc.
      > SHG has also been given permission to reproduce the sighting summary
      > catalog used in Ray's first book, "UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors." The
      > catalog gives summary detail of the sightings that Ray has investigated
      > over the years up to the early 1970s.
      > Both of these listings are an invaluable guide to UFO activity in New
      > England over a twenty year + span. SHG is grateful to receive the
      > information and pleased to be able to offer these listings to the
      > membership.
      > Barry Greenwood
      > bgreenwood@...1

      *So much to learn and so little time!*

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