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  • Frits Westra
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      Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Re: Silent Black Helicopters - Hebert
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      From: Amy Hebert <yellowrose129@...>
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      Subject: Re: Silent Black Helicopters
      Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 16:23:42 -0600

      >Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 00:39:21 -0500
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      >From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@...>
      >Subject: Silent Black Helicopters


      >I would also like to know if anyone knows the origin of the
      >notion that black, unmarked helicopters could be disguised
      >_UFOs. (_As in 'alien craft.') The rationale for entertaining
      >this theory seems to be hinged on the fact that these unmarked
      >chopper units are virtually silent.

      Hi, John:

      The notion that UFOs could be disguising themselves as black,
      unmarked helicopters as well as conventional aircraft has been
      proposed by such writers as Keel, Good, Howe and many others.

      In Alien Contact, Timothy Good wrote, "The idea is not as absurd
      as it seems. Mysterious unmarked aircraft have long been
      associated with the UFO phenomenon, and it seems to me to be
      entirely feasible that aliens might disguise their vehicles or
      even produce facsimile aircraft (sometimes preposterously
      unaerodynamic design), as well as render their craft and
      themselves invisible, in order to keep us in a perpetual state
      of confusion. A clue to this deception is provided by a number
      of reports from New Mexico describing UFO's that imitate
      helicopter sounds.

      During 1978, Howard Burgess reports, a Taos city policeman heard
      what he thought was a helicopter hovering over his police car.
      Stepping out of the car, he observed a large wingless
      cigar-shaped vehicle hovering motionless above him. It then took
      off and disappeared over mountains. In another incident, a
      witness reported seeing a large round object near Dulce which
      made a noise like that of an old two-cylinder tractor!

      Yet, it is equally possible that in many cases, United States
      Government helicopters have been involved in secret
      investigations into the mutilations, and as a
      counterintelligence operation, make a point of being seen in
      areas where mutilations have occurred, thus drawing attention
      away from the actual perpetrators."

      In my book, 'The Pretenders: UFO's And CC&D' (in final editing),
      unconventional aircraft (and other land/air-craft) using
      conventional sounds in an attempt to disguise their true nature
      are categorized as using acoustic mimetics. Numerous examples of
      unconventional craft (land and air) using acoustic mimetics have
      been noted.

      _Silent_, black, unmarked helicopters would not be categorized
      as using acoustic mimetics because no sound is detected.
      Furthermore, it seems illogical for an aircraft employing
      methods of CC&D to be well disguised in one area yet neglect
      other, important characteristics such as acoustic mimetics.
      Anyone (or any thing) with the intelligence and technology to
      employ CC&D would do so with great attention to all details not
      just a few.

      Although UFOs have been observed using many forms of CC&D, the
      United States military as well as those of many other nations
      have been actively involved in R&D in this area for many
      decades. In my estimation, John, black, unmarked helicopters
      displaying no detectable sounds are likely conventional aircraft
      using only the basic components of stealth and the latest
      mufflers for suppressing engine noise rather than UFO's
      attempting to disguise themselves as conventional aircraft.

      In addition, many of the myths being circulated on the internet
      and elsewhere about conventional and unconventional aircraft
      seemingly able to "wink in" or "wink out" need to be taken with
      a huge grain of salt. Although many such sightings appear to be
      misidentifications of common atmospheric illusions, these same
      effects can be and are being produced through the many
      techniques of camouflage, concealment and deception. In fact,
      even objects that appear as everything from "cigar-shaped" UFO's
      to "flying saucers" may actually be products of human initiated
      R&D using CC&D. (More on that later.)

      A. Hebert
      The Vanguard Research (TVR)


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