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Military technology? ([was] wondering, anyone shed light or have opinions!)

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  • Joe McGonagle
    From the NG s ... From: Will Matthews Newsgroups: uk.rec.ufo Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 4:03 PM Subject: wondering, anyone shed
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      From the NG's
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      From: "Will Matthews" <will2097@...>
      Newsgroups: uk.rec.ufo
      Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 4:03 PM
      Subject: wondering, anyone shed light or have opinions!

      Apparently, Thomas Townsend Brown was the guy linked to the
      and for years he had worked on all kinds of weird/outlandish
      technologies. At some point in the 1950's he presented an
      antigravity machine to the US navy, who bazaarly showed no
      interest what so ever. Even though eye witnesses claimed it
      worked! (T.T.Browns homepage http://www.soteria.com/brown/)

      Here's a picture of one his flying machine designs.


      and another of a WIP (Work In Progress) disk.


      To the eagle eyed amongst you these picture look suspiciously
      like a
      classic UFO. In fact more than classic, legendary is probably a
      better word when looking at the first image. As the model shown
      is almost identical to the UFO's shown by Adamski and Billy

      Adamski's UFO

      Billy Meiers.
      (look at the 7th from the left for an almost identical Miere's

      So what gives? George Adamski and Billy Meires were big fans of
      Townsend? Or Adamski and Meires REALLY did see some "kind" of

      Here's another interesting photo from the 1950's


      This photo is a classic, it was taken by an almost a-typical UFO
      observers (they lived on a remote farm in the back-of-beyond) the
      photo from what i understand has never been discredited, the
      technology to fake this image DID NOT exist when it was taken.
      experts agree it has not been tampered with! (as best as I am

      Here's a whole bunch of UFO photo's, the interesting ones date
      the 1950's to the 1970's, some are clearly as fake as Pamela
      Anderson's cleverage, but others do make you wonder.


      SO! why wasn't the US navy interested in Townsend Browns work?
      they had already done better? Or rather someone else had already
      better. (some germans perhaps?)

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