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Fw: [ufologyinuk] Fw:WAS RADIO PLUG PULLED ON ICKE?: it could happen?

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  • Joe (Freeserve) McGonagle
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      could happen?

      This is too cool! 'Likely will be some nit-wit tripped over a
      cable-----but think of it! 'Intriguing to say the least:
      "Storm Troopers invade BBC to abduct Icke and pull the plug
      before the
      Bushster puts him on the 'Short List'" the Headlines may read . .
      Having worked previously in network TV for many years: I saw how
      stories can
      get 'pulled' by the FEDs (in the USA)--and they DO HAVE THE POWER
      to shut
      down a broadcast, even through Tom-foolery if needs be. I hope
      one of us
      taped the interview? If so: that may well be a 'collector's' item
      ufology/parawhatever??? If so: perhaps you could play it
      backwards and see if
      Paul may have been the Walrus after all? 'Just teasin'.
      We had an 'exclusive' on some cattle mutilations, which had
      happened in way
      south Louisiana, which I had the fortune to get on tape, being
      the first
      E.N.G. news photographer on-site. Actually, I got there before
      the cops and
      the FEDs did. They demanded the tape right out of the 'mini cam'
      camera, with
      their hands on their pistols. Back at the news room: another
      'team' was
      there, informing the news director that no mention of the beefers
      was to
      mentioned 'on-air.' Hum. 'Spose I had time to exchange that tape
      with my
      spare blank tape I carried in my small backpack--when I saw their
      approaching on the single lane cattle road down in the marsh
      lands in the
      pre-dawn hours--and I still have stashed somewheres out in the
      shed? 'No
      foolin' : the 'mutes' really happened. It was two days later when
      the TV
      station made mention of the cattleman's cattle's strange
      occurrence of death.
      Linda Howe mentioned it in one of her 'cattle mutes' interviews.
      That was mid
      to late 70's.
      So, anybody who doesn't think that the Brit FEDs can't pull the
      forward. David is a very outspoken and articulate man. He's good
      has a trusting looking face. Many people could be swayed by
      whatever he has
      (or had) to say. Let's hope U.K.'s media does a follow-up on
      this- - - ~ ~ ~
      ^ ^ ^ ` ` ` ; ; ; =$
      Please keep us yanks up on this one!

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      > Date: Sun Feb 3, 2002 2:55 pm
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