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Recent earthquake disaster in Turkey vs. Adıyaman UFOs

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    Dear friends, We, as the citizens of Turkey, are in a deep sorrow due to the earthquake disaster occurred in Sultandagý district of Afyon, Turkey early on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002
      Dear friends,

      We, as the citizens of Turkey, are in a deep sorrow due to the earthquake disaster occurred in Sultandag� district of Afyon,
      Turkey early on the Sunday morning. From here, we want to give our condolences to the families and relatives of all those who
      died at this grievous incident, and wish all those who injured a quick recovery. Officials, who have been alerted against
      earthquakes since the great Adapazar� earthquake in August 1999, are doing their best to recover the wreckages and supply
      tents and other required materials. We hope Turkey recovers from this disaster in a short period of time.

      For a few days, we have been arguing the UFO incident that took place in Ad�yaman, Turkey; whether the objects are UFOs
      or earthquake lights. This grievous disaster happened last Sunday once more showed that the Unidentified Flying Objects seen
      over Ad�yaman, Turkey on the nights of January 26-27, which were described as earthquake lights by certain uninformed
      circles, were NOT earthquake lights. If they were, this dreadful event would have occurred in Adiyaman, not in Afyon, which is
      located at approximately 700 miles away from Adiyaman. (Ad�yaman is located at southeastern region of Turkey, while Afyon
      is located nearby Agean region, at western Turkey) In addition, we see it crucial to repeat that earthquake lights are flashes or
      glows that are generally in the color and form of lightning. They are mostly viewed right before or in the middle of an earthquake
      and last a few seconds. They DO NOT maneuver and then hover in the sky for 5-6 hours, DO NOT appear in groups of 2 or
      3..etc. These are the common characteristics of UFOs, rather than earthquake glows. Thus, the lights seen over Adiyaman
      were definitely UFOs, as verified by the latest earthquake disaster. This is also why no sightings of fireballs or earthquake lights
      were recorded from Afyon region before or on the date of the earthquake.

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