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World Of The Strange Newsletter 2/4/02

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      #1. The Texas Bigfoot Research Center - WOTS February's Award Winner, Plus
      Their Personal Sighting by: Craig Woolheater ecwool@...
      #2. The Invisible UFO? by: Matthew Jason Chin ancienteyes@...
      #3. What’s up with Nibiru? by: Jelaila Starr jelaila@...
      #4. Cities Of The Dead-by: Florence Cardinal cardinal@...
      #5. Disc-Shaped Spyplane Could Hunt For Terrorists by: Max Glaskin
      URL: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99991859
      #6. UFOs Back In THe 60's by: John Parsons
      #7.Patterns in the Void: Dimensions Beyond Our Own by:Scott Corrales
      lornis1@... http://www.inexplicata.com/
      #8. Evidence: The Case of NASA UFOs by: David Sereda. © 2001 Terra
      Entertainment, Inc. http://www.ufonasa.com/
      #9. Do Ghosts Haunt Many of State's Venerable Hotels? by: Lillian Ross

      #1. The Texas Bigfoot Research Center - WOTS February's Award Winner, Plus
      Their Personal Sighting by: Craig Woolheater ecwool@...

      *Editor's Notation: I would like to congratulate the Texas Bigfoot Research
      Center and their wonderful website, this site is very professionally done
      without all the whistles and dings..It's very easy to move around their site
      and to read throughout their database. I know that you will love some of
      these sighting stories but in Craig's own words he tells us below about this
      wonderful organization, along with a sighting he had.

      The Texas Bigfoot Research Center's membership is growing at a dramatic rate,
      and our research efforts have more than tripled over the last year. Through
      extensive field studies we have been successful in learning many of these
      animals behavioral patterns.

      With hard work, and determination we have discovered what we feel is the best
      approach to the study of these incredibly elusive animals. Considering we are
      dealing with an animal whose behavioral patterns have yet to be documented;
      the sharing of ideas and hypothesis between our researchers is key to our

      It is the Texas Bigfoot Research Center's goal to venture into the study,
      observation and documentation of these animals' behavioral patterns in their
      natural habitat. Our research is conducted in a "totally benign" fashion, and
      in the least intrusive way possible. Our goal is not the killing of a
      specimen, but the study of living animals in their natural habitat. Our goals
      reach beyond the task of the taking of a specimen, to the providing of
      pertinent information about these animals behaviors to mainstream science.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #2. The Invisible UFO? by: Matthew Jason Chin ancienteyes@...

      One night on July 5, 2001 I was at a friends place by the name of Noah, This
      was back in Winnipeg. There was a little bit of a party going on, just a few
      friends having a couple of drinks, I don't drink by the way. Well, my buddy
      Noah and I were outside having a smoke because we were not allowed to smoke
      inside. That night I was telling them all…. that I could feel negative Chi
      energy, bad vibes, etc……. and I knew the "it" or more commonly known as the
      "grey" was watching and listening. I knew this because my friends have been
      abducted before and I would always tell them about "it" and how "it" works
      and deceives mankind. And how they mimic God and pretend to be good when they
      are truly evil. I know this angers the "grey" to the point of madness,
      because they don't want the truth to come out, so they watch and listen
      closely to see what Zo's son has to say…… especially around abductees…..
      I've met a few. Well, we were outside at about 10:00pm just after dark. There
      were a few clouds but mostly clear skies. That night I was watching the sky
      closely… being very aware of the sky above me…… no sooner did I spot
      something on the edge of a cloud…….. I didn't think "it" was a UFO at first…
      it was more like a piece of dust in my eye. It's like the fluorescent stars
      that children put on their ceiling…. when you look straight at them, they are
      dim and barely visible… but when one looks away they become brighter in ones
      peripheral vision…… like when you stare at a candle and the image becomes
      burnt into your eye for a few seconds after turning away from the flame… only
      this UFO looked more like two tiny shadows side by side. The weirdest thing
      was that it was invisible when you looked straight at it!! I had to look
      slightly away from it to see "it." Well, I watched ''it'' for a while…..
      whilst ''it'' bobbed and weaved and moved like a piece of dust in my eye.
      After observing all this I realized that they were watching and listening.
      Just when I decided to tell Noah, "it" shot out of the cloud at about 5 times
      the speed of an airplane at this same moment I told Noah to look up and there
      "it" was…. Noah saw ''it.'' ''it'' was pissed off because I noticed "it." The
      ship looked like two lights side by side with a space in the middle. When
      ''it'' flew away I noticed ''it'' was tube shaped because the lights
      overlapped slightly when ''it'' left. They really screwed up as far as I'm
      concerned…….. big headed bulgy eyed bastards.

      Matt Chin, the Son of ZO.

      That sighting explains much to me, it shows how deceptive these creatures
      really are. It also shows that they make mistakes too, and are not "perfect"
      nor are they superior to us. It also confirmed my beliefs about Chi. Most of
      all I began to understand my Father much better, we have come to the
      conclusion that they are satan's minions. It is written that many will be
      deceived by satan, it is our goal to lessen that count. May God bless the
      World. satans time is nigh.

      Full Article.

      #3. What’s up with Nibiru? by: Jelaila Starr jelaila@...

      This question is being asked a lot these days. It seems that overnight the
      subject of Nibiru has become a source of great interest and consternation.
      The Council (9D Nibiruan Council) told me back in 1996 that this time would
      come, when the subject of Nibiru would become a global issue, and when it
      did, my real work, the work they spent 9 years training me for, would begin.

      As more information is revealed to me, my understanding of Nibiru and its
      relevance to us has changed. The Council has diligently trained me on
      multidimensional concepts citing that only by viewing all events
      multidimensionally can one begin to understand the events of our time, much
      less life in the universe. The foundation of multidimensional thinking is ALL
      TIME IS NOW. When we really understand what that statement means, we have the
      key to resolving all the discrepancies about Nibiru as well as other events
      taking place on and off our world. To do so we must stretch our minds and our
      beliefs and move out of the fishbowl of our 3D reality and linear thinking.
      ALL TIME IS NOW means that we exist in a sea of coexisting simultaneous

      If you were to stand at a chalkboard and draw horizontal lines across it, one
      below the next, starting at the top of the board and working down to the
      bottom, you would have a good visual example of ALL TIME IS NOW. Each of
      those lines represents a timeline and each timeline exists in a dimension or
      dimensional overtone.

      Going further, events take place in each timeline and collectively are a
      reality. An example of this would be jumping back into the year 1860 to a
      certain date, place, time of day and into an event such as the birth of your
      great, great grandmother. You could jump back to the moment when she drew her
      first breath.

      What scientists are now learning is that it is possible to jump in, out and
      back and forth between timelines. That’s what the Philadelphia Experiment in
      the ‘40s was about. They made a ship disappear into thin air but what really
      happened is that they sent it to a different timeline. We call this time
      travel. It won’t be long before we are traveling interdimensionally (timeline
      and dimension to timeline and dimension) as well as interplanetarily (planet
      to planet).

      Many of the ET races visiting us now take the concept of interdimensional
      time travel for granted. I would venture to say that several of those races
      used time travel to arrive on earth in this day and time. It is my
      understanding that the ability to use time travel is encoded in our DNA, in
      fact, that is how some of us got to earth at this time. If you are a starseed
      or walk-in, in most cases you came from the future into the past to be here
      today. That means you came from one timeline in the future into a past
      timeline, now, to be here.

      Some of you even left your body in stasis and projected your consciousness
      into a body here. That technology, consciousness projection, also exists and
      we have seen examples of it in the movies, “The Matrix” and “Existenz.” In
      both films, the characters used technology to project their consciousness
      into another place and time. So consciousness projection is another form of
      time travel.

      I believe that we here on Earth are being trained by ETs through books,
      movies and other forms of entertainment to prepare us for entry into the
      galactic neighborhood where all these concepts are considered elementary.

      It requires a basic understanding of multidimensionality (multiple timelines,
      realities, etc) to begin to make sense of our world today. With so many ET
      groups and their channels sharing their versions of earth’s history and
      future it’s no wonder that we are confused and overwhelmed by all the
      conflicting stories. If we try to make sense of them using our limited 3D
      linear thinking, we will find ourselves frustrated, disheartened and
      distrustful. By viewing them multidimensionally we see how each version fits
      into the universal puzzle because the puzzle contains multiple timelines,
      realities, events, probabilities and so forth.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #4. Cities Of The Dead-by: Florence Cardinal cardinal@...

      Two years ago, I visited New Orleans for the first time. New Orleans
      possesses an eerie beauty. Many of the houses were built over two hundred
      years ago. They are overshadowed by live oak trees even older.

      It's a city of trees and water. Parks and playgrounds. And -- ghosts.
      Tales of haunted houses abound. This is the home of Anne Rice, teller of
      vampire tales. These tales have chilled many a lonely soul's nights. Many
      of her vampires are supposedly buried in Lafayette cemetery, including the
      famed Vampire Lestat, and the Mayfair Witches.

      Voodoo once lived here under the auspices of Marie Laveau. In fact, it still
      thrives. In the French Quarter, Voodoo shops live in the shadow of St. Louis
      Cathedral in Jackson Square. Ms. Laveau is entombed in the old St. Louis
      Cemetery #1. People come to her grave to entreat for her help in affairs of
      the heart and to ask for curses to harm their enemies. They leave, in
      exchange, gifts of flowers, of jewelry and even of money.

      But, as a first time visitor to New Orleans, it is the cemeteries that most
      impressed me. Because New Orleans lies below sea level and is cupped between
      the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain, the city literally floats. If
      the dead were buried as most of America buries its dead, under the ground,
      the coffins would float to the surface. So, instead, New Orleans inters its
      dead in aboveground tombs.

      A tomb usually belongs to one family and each tomb consists of several
      separate compartments. When these are all filled, the oldest coffin is
      removed. The wood, by this time, has rotted and disintegrates. The bones of
      the long dead ancestor are removed and placed into a vault below the tomb,
      and the compartment is ready for a new occupant.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #5. Disc-Shaped Spyplane Could Hunt For Terrorists by: Max Glaskin
      URL: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99991859

      What looks like a flying saucer, takes off like a helicopter and flies like a
      plane? The next remote-controlled surveillance aircraft on the
      hunt for terrorist fugitives like Osama bin Laden, apparently.

      Pilotless aircraft came into their own in the Afghan conflict, greatly
      reducing casualties in US Air Force and ground troops on both
      reconnaissance and attack missions. But today's uninhabited aerial vehicles,
      or UAVs, have big drawbacks: they need a runway, they are
      slow and they cannot hover. But a bizarre machine that aims to fix all these
      problems passed its first wind tunnel tests last week at
      Norway's National University for Technology and Science in Trondheim.

      The disc-shaped SiMiCon Rotor Craft (SRC) appears to be inspired at least
      partly by the design of Star Trek's USS Enterprise, but instead
      of twin engines raised above the main body it has a single rear jet engine
      below it--and a conventional tailplane above.

      It's also tiny. A full-size machine will have a diameter of just 4.5 metres,
      though development work and testing is being done with three
      scale models, each with a diameter of 1.5 metres.

      Conventional runways

      The circular fuselage is shaped like an aerofoil and contains retractable
      rotor blades that extend telescopically from the disc as
      they spin up to speed. These are driven by a small jet engine and allow
      vertical take-off. When the craft has taken off, the jet engine,
      which is fixed below, takes over to propel it forward. The rotor blades then
      retract into the circular wing, but can be extended again
      when the craft needs to hover or land. To prevent the craft from spinning
      like a top, sideways thrust from the jet engine, or a small
      tail rotor, counters the effect of rotor torque.

      The SRC's three-man design team hopes military and civilian organisations
      will be interested. "The UAV market is more accepting of
      unusual designs than the manned aircraft industry," says Ragnvald Otterlei of
      Trondheim-based SiMiCon. With no people on board, safety
      is a low priority.

      More than 150 UAV designs have emerged in recent years, but few have combined
      vertical take-off with high-speed forward flight and the
      ability to hover. Both types of UAV that the Americans used in Afghanistan
      need conventional runways. The Predator from General
      Atomics needs a 670-metre take-off strip, while the high-altitude Global Hawk
      from Northrop Grumman needs more than a kilometre to get
      airborne. The SRC, however, should be able to take off from the back of a
      flatbed truck.

      Civilian applications

      The wind tunnel tests proved the SRC would be stable at low and high rotor
      speeds and during the transition from vertical flight to forward
      flight, says SiMiCon designer Vegard Evjen Hovstein. "The next challenge is
      to find a low-profile jet engine design which doesn't
      project too far below the aircraft's bottom disc," he says.

      The project is brimming with unknowns: how will the extension and retraction
      of the rotor blades work? And can the rotor be angled to
      change the craft's direction?

      "What we have done so far is build models with off-the-shelf components from
      radio-controlled kits and shown that our ideas are
      robust enough to work even with such poor materials," says Hovstein.

      He's bullish about potential civilian applications for his versatile UAV. The
      vehicle could be used by police for surveillance, or to track
      pollution and map terrain, he says. But he adds that it could be five years
      before the first SRC takes to the air

      Full Article.

      #6. UFOs Back In THe 60's by: John Parsons

      Hello Louise...Back in the sixties, I was fortunate to see a UFO. I'm now 48
      yrs of age. I shall never forget it because it had such a deep impact on me
      that the memories are still vivid. I was about 14 years of age, living at
      home with family. It was early morning about 5.30, before day break. I was
      going out to do my morning paper round. I walked my bicycle up the path to
      our gate. It was if remember about October, it was very quiet as it was then
      at that time in the morning. It was also rather cold but not chilly, anyway
      what I saw was an orange globe like object, it a bit like what a lightbulb at
      arms length would be like. I stood and watched it. As a boy I knew the flight
      approaches to Heathrow, as we lived in NEW MALDEN, the object was not on any
      of the flight lines I knew. Also the flicker navigation lights were not
      there. I ran in and told my older brother to come out, he was about to leave
      for work..as we watched it go across the sky, the light configuration changed
      to an array of large bright lights.the object was now some distance away,but
      we saw it panning from left to right many times until it went over the
      horizon. This incident was reported in the surrey comet newspaper a few day
      later and was seen by other people, in our area.....we will never know what
      it was, so it still remains a mystery, and still to this day my brother says
      to me what was that thing we saw...we are both electrical engineers so have a
      little bit of savvy. Hope you find this of any interest thanks for now

      PS..I did forget to mention that the object that we were watching was
      completly silent.also the panning I mentioned was, across left stop and
      across right stop. Doing this several times, with this we were bewilderd as
      we did not know of anything like it. It was also lowering it's height. We
      estimated, from where we standing that it must of been somewhere over COMBE

      *Editor's Notation: John is looking for any information on sightings that
      were made, around NEW MALDEN SURREY, or the area of the HEATHROW AIRPORT.

      Full Article.

      #7.Patterns in the Void: Dimensions Beyond Our Own by:Scott Corrales
      lornis1@... http://www.inexplicata.com/

      The following account of a possible visit to another dimension in time or
      space was forwarded to this author by Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, an investigator
      of the unexplained in Lima, Peru.

      "Several months ago," begins his fascinating narration, "a patient came to
      see me about a serious case of hemiplegia. The patient claimed to be 30 years
      old but was unable to prove it, stating that she'd lost her formal
      identification card. It was a very strange case of hemiplegia, since upon
      examination with a CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scan, there were no
      areas showing bleeding vessels nor any traumatic lesions."

      When I began asking questions about the case, the patient told me the
      following: "I was at a campground in the vicinity of Markahuasi (the famous
      stone forest located some 56 km east of Lima) when I went out exploring late
      at night with some friends. Oddly enough, we heard the strains of music and
      noticed a small torch-lit stone cabin. I was able to see people dancing
      inside, but upon getting closer I felt a sudden sensation of cold which I
      paid little attention to, and I stuck my head through an open door. It was
      then that I saw the occupants were clad in 17th century fashion. I tried to
      enter the room, but one of my girlfriends pulled me out."

      "The patient was tugged out by one of her friends, and her body became
      paralyzed in half precisely as she was drawn out of the "stone cabin". My
      conclusion is that the probable cause behind the hemiplegia is unknown. No
      medical test was able to ascertain its cause. Nonetheless, an EEG was able to
      show that the left hemisphere of the brain did not show signs of normal
      functioning, as well as an abnormal amount of electric waves.

      "Many Peruvians claim having had contact experiences in Markahuasi, while
      many scholars indicate the existence of a dimensional doorway. No conclusive
      proof of this exists, of course. Some friends, myself, obviously, and others
      who have visited the stone forest can attest to the existence of a strange
      kind of energy. According to those persons having a knowledge of this
      subject, dimensional doorways tend to open and close not necessarily in
      specific places. The patient is currently undergoing physical rehabilitation
      in Lima's Arzobispo Loayza National Hospital.

      "The unanswered question is, of course, what would have happened if her body
      had entered completely into the stone cabin? Would she have gone into another
      dimension? I suppose the truth shall be known in the fullness of time."

      Dr. Rios fascinating account was followed up with the following information
      concerning the CAT scan results on the anonymous patient. The test, he
      indicated, showed "Intact intracranial regions without any specific area
      having been compromised. There is neither swelling nor color changes which
      may suggest some manner of trauma. The clinician certifying this exam cannot
      find a justified cause for the hemiplegia in the left hemisphere, due to the
      fact its vascularization and irrigation fall within parameters considered to
      be normal. The EEG shows areas evidently paralyzed due to the lack of
      electric current transmission.

      These tests lead me to believe -- and this is my personal opinion, since my
      colleagues have simply catalogued it as an "unknown affliction" -- that the d
      imensional shift, or "partial entry" of this person into this anomalous zone,
      have able to produce a change in the energy flow existing in her nervous
      system, or perhaps even a change in the type of energy. Given that thecranial
      area is where our nerve impulses are contained -- in other words, the right
      cerebral hemisphere controls the left side of the body and viceversa -- this
      could be the reason why the left hand autonomous nervous system did not at
      all affect the operation of crucial organs such as the heart or the stomach,
      which are governed by the right cerebral hemisphere."

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #8. Evidence: The Case of NASA UFOs by: David Sereda. © 2001 Terra
      Entertainment, Inc. http://www.ufonasa.com/

      *Editor's Notation: Our most profound thanks to TERRA Entertainment
      (http://www.terra-ent.com)and Thorton Chavez (thorton@...)

      To Orders these Tapes or Books
      To Read More Go To and Order From: http://www.ufonasa.com/
      Tapes can also be ordered through amazon.com
      Call Toll Free: 877-UFO-NASA
      Outside The US call: 310-268-1210

      Dan Akroyd says: "The quality and volume of the evidence is irrefutable and
      undeniable. Further, it prepares us for perhaps the most vital revelation
      which will be unveiled to us in the new millennium-that we are far from alone
      in the multi-verse."

      This is the deepest investigation and dialog ever made about some
      breakthrough footage that was filmed by NASA. This footage records high
      numbers of disc shaped objects, ambiguously classified, and until now,
      unidentifiable as any known phenomenon.

      UFOlogist David Sereda spent the past six years conducting scientific
      investigations with NASA (in written dialogs between several of their top
      scientists) and through other sources about alleged UFO sightings. He is
      convinced that NASA has evidence of alien contact captured on video now in
      Sereda's possession and available to the public on these programs.

      David Sereda appeared in an unprecedented face to face showdown with NASA
      former NASA Houston Control Operator, James Oberg, on Art Bell, broadcast to
      some 5 million listeners. Never before had NASA participated in such a large
      public debate on UFOs. It was an intensely furious debate over some of NASA's
      very own Space Shuttle mission video footage, for it clearly depicted 2-3
      mile long disc shaped objects, which could disprove any theories about dust
      particles coming from the camera equipment. Suddenly, the broadcast satellite
      was obscured by a powerful ultrahigh energy signal and shut down. 18 minutes
      of the show was cut off. Two days later, Art Bell received a letter with
      circumstantial evidence of his broadcast being sabotaged.

      Now, with this corner stone evidence, Sereda presents this NASA footage and
      his remarkable discoveries in this two part, three hour series. He shows
      proof of intelligent craft through the process and elimination of other
      plausible phenomena; fundamental principles of faster than light technology
      and corroborating evidence found on the disc shaped objects; links to the
      supposed spacecraft and an identifiable star system. Starring David Sereda
      and featuring television and film celebrity Dan Akroyd.

      There are three very distinct signatures in the NASA UFO investigation that
      all point to Sirius. The signatures all stem from the same phenomenon.

      The first signature point to Sirius is the fact that the 196, NASA STS-75
      "Tether Incident"[1] UFOs match perfectly with the ancient Chinese "Dropa
      Stones".[2] When the discs inscriptions were translated, they told of crashed
      spacecraft from the star system of Sirius.

      The second signature pointing to Sirius comes from comparing Robert Temple's
      research about what the ancients told of the Sirians: that they are
      amphibious and would travel to Earth in watery-like space craft. This was
      synonymous with NASA scientist Dr. Louis A. Frank's discovery of 40-ton water
      balls the size of small houses entering and impacting with Earth's atmosphere
      at a rate of 10-20 million per year. the phenomenally high number of these
      giant water balls made it impossible for them to avoid collisions with
      satellites and the space shuttle if they could not intelligently maneuver
      themselves around these obstacles. We deducted that the phenomenon
      photographed by Dr. Frank was real, as he has proven it, and that the water
      balls must have maneuvered themselves around the obstacles; thus proving they
      have intelligence. It was then that we saw a perfect signature match to how
      the ancient sources tell us that the amphibious Sirians would travel to Earth
      from Sirius: encased in watery-like space craft.

      The third signature pointing to Sirius was the simple fact that the Space
      shuttle was flying directly over North west Africa, the current home of the
      African Dogon tribe, who prophesized the return of the Sirian Nommos.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #9. Do Ghosts Haunt Many of State's Venerable Hotels? by: Lillian Ross

      Sunday, January 27, 2002 - If you believe in ghosts, this story will be no
      surprise. If you're a non-believer, you may find yourself questioning your

      The volumes of stories about Colorado's colorful settlers carry with them
      reputed tales about resident ghosts in many of the state's historic buildings
      and hotels - benign apparitions who usually do no harm, except to startle or
      frighten today's guests. No manner of repainting or renovation, it seems,
      will dispel the spirits who, somehow, want to remain within the walls where
      they may have met their demise.

      In Fairplay, the historic Hand Hotel, bordered by dirt streets and filled
      with century-old furniture, is home, still, to Grandma Hand. Grandma, it is
      said, likes her room just as she left it. Once, when a guest tried to take a
      nap in his (Grandma's) room, he kept hearing a woman's voice asking for her
      rocking chair. After searching other rooms, he brought back a rocking chair
      and the voice was stilled.

      The ghost of a dark mastiff has been seen repeatedly at the Hand Hotel. One
      guest saw and felt the dog pull the bed covers off her. When she tried to
      re-cover herself, the dog bared its teeth and disappeared. Five years ago, a
      young boy was attacked by the mastiff as he and his father were building a
      haunted house for Halloween in the hotel's basement. Former hotel owner Pat
      Pocius confirmed dog bites on the boy's hand, as did a doctor.

      The Fairplay Hotel has a ghost named Julia, a prostitute who spent much time
      there. Julia broke her own heart by refusing to marry her lover, saying it
      would tarnish his reputation. She committed suicide and is buried in the
      Fairplay cemetery, but returns to the hotel. She moves bottles in the bar,
      and pots and pans in the kitchen through the night, according to owner Anita
      Ely. You can hear her footsteps on the creaking, wooden floors. As one guest
      prepared to shower, drawers and doors in his room opened and closed by
      themselves, he said.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      World of the Strange" ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to
      reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to
      the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any
      copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you
      MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission
      in use of their said article.

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