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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 7 Number 5

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 7, Number 5 January 29, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 7, Number 5
      January 29, 2002
      Editor: Joseph Trainor



      Discovery of a mysterious trench in the side of Mount

      Snowden in Wales has become complicated by a UFO sighting
      the same region during the same period.
      Although Mount Snowden is in North Wales, the
      apparently began in the Bridgend area of South Wales, where

      Roger F. and his son had an unusual encounter.
      "On the evening of Thursday, January 17, 2002, at
      hours GMT (9:25 p.m.), while travelling by car through the
      village of Sarn, near Bridgend, South Wales (UK), towards
      the railway station, I noticed a red glowing stationary
      object quite high. The object was spotted briefly by
      and my son as we passed a row of houses," Roger F.
      "After descending a hill shortly after, we stopped
      the railway station to scan the sky but could not see the
      light where we thought it should be. It was not a plane
      (navigational) light as far as I could tell, just something

      unusual that we believe needed explaining."
      Roger described the object as "bright red,
      round in shape. Height (altitude in the USA--J.T.) about
      100 feet (30 metres) although difficult to tell, as it was
      dark and only briefly seen between houses."
      (Email Form Report)
      A few days later, in North Wales, "a 20-metre long
      trench has mysteriously appeared on a remote North Wales
      mountainside--arousing the interest of some of Britain's
      leading astronomers."
      "The gash, about 2,500 feet (764 meters) high,
      Moel Eilio and Snowdon, starts amid a cluster of smashed
      rocks, ending in boggy ground close to a fence."
      "Astronomers were last night investigating the
      possibility the gouge could have been caused by a meteor
      smashing into the earth."
      "Another less likely theory is that it may have been
      caused by a lightning strike."
      "One expert told the Daily Post yesterday (January
      2002) 'It is all fascinating stuff, and if it is eventually

      found to have been caused by a meteor, it will be virtually

      unique in Wales.'"
      "Land walkers and fell-runners (hikers in the USA--
      J.T.) first noticed some disturbance, but it was not until
      Caernaron builder, Mike Blake, a member of the Eryri
      Harriers Club, examined it in more detail that the interest

      of leading astronomers was aroused."
      "Mike, a keen amateur photographer, visited the site
      and took photographs. He has sent them to the Natural
      History Museum and to the Jodrell Bank Observatory in
      "'It's clear that some natural occurrence has taken
      place, but what exactly it is, I just don't know,' he
      "'It appears that a rocky outcrop was hit and
      shattered, as there are fragments over a wide
      area. Leading
      away from it is a large gouge about 20 metres (66 feet)
      long, which ends in boggy ground.'"
      "Mike tried to clear a drainage ditch to see what lay

      at the bottom of the trench, but it quickly filled up
      "'I am desperately anxious to know what caused it,
      one thing is clear, and that is that it was not caused by
      any vehicle,' he said."
      "This week Mike has been in touch with the Armagh
      Observatory in Northern Ireland, whose director, Professor
      Mark Bailey, who said he was intrigued by Mark's detailed
      "'There does appear to have been a violent impact
      the mountainside,' he said."
      "One puzzling feature, he said, was the long trench,
      this would indicate an object hitting the ground at a
      shallow angle, while a meteorite would be expected to
      approach Earth much more directly."
      "'It would be wonderful if it were a meteorite
      we don't get very many of them in this part of the world,
      but something about this does not ring true. If it were a
      meteorite, it would have almost certainly have been
      visible,' said Professor Bailey."
      "His concerns about the angle of trajectory and the
      trench were shared by Jay Tait, director of the Knighton
      Observatory in Powys," Wales, UK.
      "'It is well worth further investigation, and I shall

      be following this with great interest. If it were a
      meteorite, it would be virtually unique in Wales, the last
      one in England having been in the 1960s,' he said." (See
      the Daily Post for January 24, 2002, "Experts called to
      investigate Snowdonia's space riddle." Many thanks to
      Lovell and Louise A. Lowry for forwarding this newspaper
      (Editor's Note: Mount Snowden was the birthplace and
      home of Peter Jefferson, the father of Thomas Jefferson,
      USA's third president.)


      South America's UFO flap continued last week with a
      sighting, this one in the small nation of Uruguay.
      On Tuesday, January 22, 2002, at 10 p.m., in the
      coastal city of Maldonado, 100 kilometers (60 miles) east
      Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, a teenaged girl spotted a
      dark triangular UFO with a white light at each corner as it

      passed over the port city.
      Rosario de Arca reported, "One of my daughters
      three luminous points that moved in the sky from south to
      north. They caught her attention because they didn't
      maintain a straight orbit but rather zigzagged through
      the sky."
      "She called us, and when we came out, I saw that the
      luminous points were approximately the size of a sixth-
      magnitude star. They moved in tandem about 50 degrees in
      altitude from the point at which I originally saw them,
      still going from south to north."
      "We could see them for about 30 seconds. Then they
      disappeared quickly. The night was very clear, without
      clouds. The moon was already hiding. We were in front of
      our home when we saw the phenomenon." (Email Interview)


      On Thursday, January 24, 2002, at 11:30 p.m., Jody L.

      was at her friend's apartment in Grafton, Auckland, New
      Zealand. "I went out onto the balcony, and I saw it in the

      sky. It was low cloud, and it (the UFO) flew about in the
      cloud. I called my friend out to see it."
      "He didn't know what it was. It sort of curved a few

      times, like a bird would when turning, then it flew off out

      of sight in a straight direction southward."
      Jody described the UFO as "roughly spherical. It
      seemed as though it didn't give off much light. It was
      lighted by the city lights. It was flying within the low
      clouds, so I'm estimating that it was something like a
      metre (3.3 feet) wide (at that altitude--J.T.) It was
      silent and moved smoothly. It was travelling much faster
      than a bird would at about 60 to 80 kilometers per hour (36

      to 50 miles per hour)."
      (Email Form Report)


      On Tuesday, January 22, 2002, at 3:05 p.m., a
      white flying disc was spotted over the city of Merida, in
      the Yucatan jungles of Mexico.
      David Antonio Triay Lucatero was standing outside of
      his home in the Francisco de Montero housing development in

      Merida when he spied "an elongated discoidal shape,
      white in color."
      "I was standing outside, looking at the sky to the
      north when I saw a discoidal object emerge from a small
      cloud at an altitude of some 30 degrees above the horizon,"

      David reported, "It moved from west to east at high speed,
      (first) making a small curve toward the southwest and then
      returning to a northeasterly heading. Its movements
      appeared to be intelligently guided."
      "When I calculated that the heading was leading it
      toward a cloudless area, I ran into my house and fetched my

      16x50 binoculars and an Olympus F50 millimeter camera with
      Fuji Superia ISO 800 film. The one-minute delay in
      returning to the place where the sighting occurred meant
      that the object had already vanished from sight. No trace
      of it was found after scanning the sky with binoculars."
      "The sky had scattered clouds at 764 meters (2,500
      feet), wind was blowing from the east-southeast at 29
      kilometers per hour (18 miles per hour). The object left
      wake in its path." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor

      ce los libros, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden
      Mexico para esas noticias.)


      Mount Popocatepetl, east of Mexico City, drew more
      last week for some unknown reason. The majestic
      stratovolcano, which has long been a Mexican UFO hotspot,
      remains in the middle of a major flap.
      On Wednesday, January 23, 2002, "a spherical luminous

      UFO was seen moving at high velocity around the summit of
      Mount Popocatepetl. The object was seen by airline ground
      crews at the Mariano Matamoros airport in Cuernavaca," 100
      kilometers (60 miles) south of Mexico City. The UFO
      "contrasted sharply with the plume of black smoke from the
      volcano, which was in the background."
      On Thursday, January 24, 2002, at 6 a.m., Mexican
      ufologist "Pedro Hernandez captured on video a strange
      luminous object moving around in the sky above Amecameca,
      near the volcano Mount Ixtaccihuatl and Mount
      The object moved slowly and at low altitude, Hernandez
      He caught the object on videotape for two minutes before it

      lost itself in the eastern horizon."
      Later the same day, Thursday, January 24, 2002, at
      p.m., "Jonathan Esparza saw a luminous UFO with
      lights flying just east of Villa de Las Flores, to the
      of Mexico City. Esparza observed the strange object with
      his binoculars and perceived two large white lights and
      three small lights colored green, blue and
      yellow. Finally,
      the object became a luminous sphere in his field of view
      before it vanished completely." (See NotiOVNI for January
      27, 2002. Muchas gracias a Daniel Munoz para esas


      On Tuesday, January 22, 2002, at about 5 a.m.,
      M.J. "was in my bedroom talking on the phone with the
      out and my glasses off. I happened to glance at the window

      and saw a large object with white, red and maybe green
      lights sort of hovering over our hog barn. I couldn't see
      it well since I wasn't wearing my glasses."
      "I grabbed my glasses and put them on and ran to the
      window. But by this time it (the UFO) was pretty far away
      and I couldn't make out any details, but I'm fairly sure it

      was round. It seemed (to come) pretty close to the
      But there was no sound at all. Possibly it was saucer-
      "I didn't see it approach. I only saw it
      hovering. It
      must have been pretty low and very close considering I even

      saw it. I'm pretty much blind without my glasses. It also

      must have moved very fast. I had turned away from my
      for just a second or two to grab my glasses, and when I
      looked out the window. It looked to be several miles
      Riceville (population 800) is in northern Iowa just
      south of the Minnesota state line about 200 miles (320
      kilometers) north-northeast of Des Moines, the state
      capital. (Email Interview)


      On Friday, January 11, 2002, Derek T. and his wife
      decided to visit New York City on a weekend vacation. At
      6:30 p.m., they arrived at the corner of Fifth Avenue and
      East Thirty-Third Street, and Derek got out his camera.
      "My wife and I were visiting New York," Derek
      "And my wife decided it would be great to take a picture of

      the Empire State Building, as the building was all lit up
      red, white and blue. We were on the right-hand side
      (towards the corner--J.T.) looking directly at the
      (Editor's Note: Since the destruction of the World Trade
      Center on September 11, 2001, the Empire State Building,
      completed in the 1930s, has again become the tallest
      building in New York City.)
      "I took one photo with my Olympus 2040 digital camera

      and then we continued shopping," he added, "I did not see
      the object at this time."
      The couple left New York City on Sunday, January 13,
      2002. Derek had the film developed later that week. And,
      when he looked at the photo, "I saw a silver-gray saucer
      with a protrusion on the top," seemingly hovering high
      East Thirty-Second Street.
      "I still do not know what it was," Derek
      added. (Email
      Form Report)


      On Tuesday, January 15, 2002, the commandant's office

      of the U.S. Coast Guard's Ninth District announced the
      recovery of one body in Lake Michigan.
      The victim was one of four people who were aboard a Cessna
      182 when it vanished over Lake Michigan on December 11,
      The body was "recovered near St. Joseph,
      Michigan. The
      body was recovered on Friday, January 11, 2002 and was
      verified to be the pilot of the Cessna 182 which crashed
      northwest of Chicago."
      "Family members made positive identification to the
      Medical Examiner."
      "Three bodies remain unaccounted for." (Many thanks
      Todd Lemire for forwarding the Coast Guard news release.
      For more on the disappearance of the Cessna 182, see UFO
      Roundup, volume 7, number 1, page 1.)


      "A treasure trove of fossilized jellyfish, discovered

      in a quarry in Mosinee, Wisconsin, appears to be one of the

      largest finds of its kind in the world, scientists say."
      "'Preservation of a soft-bodied organism is
      rare, but a whole deposit of them is like finding your own

      vein of gold,' says James Hagadorn of the California
      Institute of Technology and co-author of an article about
      the discovery in February's Geology."
      "The jellyfish, which have no durable body parts,
      fossilized during the ancient Cambrian Period, when the
      world's oceans exploded with a diversity of life."
      "The creatures were apparently buried within hours
      after being stranded in a shallow lagoon some 510 million
      years ago by a freak tide or storm and buried by sand."
      (See USA Today for January 29, 2002, "Jellyfish fossils
      found in Wisconsin," page 6D.)
      (Editor's Comment: Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it,
      what strange apocalypse overwhelmed the giant sentient
      jellyfish of Cambrian Wisconsin half a billion years ago?)

      From the UFO Files...


      Rio Grande City, Texas is a small town on the USA-
      Mexico border, about 180 miles (300 kilometers) south of
      Antonio and 60 miles (100 kilometers) west of
      Nowadays it's famous for citrus fruits, duty-free shops
      and maquiladoras. Yet Rio Grande City is famous for
      something else, as well.
      It's the birthplace of Conan of Cimmeria, the
      hero of author Robert E. Howard (1906-1936). As to how the

      brawling, black-haired, blue-eyed Cimmerian came into
      existence...well, that in itself is an interesting
      paranormal tale.
      In 1931, following a sickly childhood and a
      of briefly-held, low-paying jobs, Robert Ervin Howard was
      finally starting to come into his own as a writer. He was
      regularly selling his short fiction to the pulp magazines
      New York City and, at age twenty-five, was making almost as

      much money annually as the banker in his hometown of Cross
      Plains, Texas.
      "The year 1932 proved eventful for Robert Howard,
      as a writer and a man. It was in 1932 that he wrote and
      sold his first Conan story, "The Phoenix on the Sword,"
      which is rated as one of the better stories in the series."
      "The new year began inauspiciously. After months of
      high-speed production, Robert found himself unable to write

      anything of value. This unsettling drainage of creativity
      often befalls writers of fiction and results in depression
      or sheer panic. Looking back on this experience a year
      later (in 1933--J.T.), he wrote, '...for months I had been
      absolutely barren of ideas, completely unable to work up
      anything sellable.'"
      "He decided to take a vacation, and in February 1932
      set forth by bus for San Antonio."
      "In San Antonio, he shopped for knives and swords for

      his collection. He fell in with an East Indian (a Hindu--
      J.T.) who had spent most of his life in China. From him
      Howard learned of the 'ghastly tortures of the
      Orient.' The
      man also mentioned that he had seen scores of Chinese
      Communists beheaded in the open streets."
      (Editor's Comment: Apparently Bob's Hindu friend was in
      Shanghai in April 1927 when Chiang Kaishek's Kuomintang
      Party broke with their one-time allies, the Chinese
      Communist Party, and, with the aid of the Triad societies,
      massacred the Chinese Reds. The big question, of course,
      is...what brought this fellow to Texas?)
      "This Howard reported to (his friend and fellow
      Howard Phillips) Lovecraft, adding, 'The mere thought of
      such a spectacle slightly nauseated me.'"
      "From San Antonio, (Robert E.) Howard traveled
      southward to the Rio Grande Valley, where he experimented
      with Mexican food and wandered up the valley as far as Rio
      Grande City...While Howard was enjoying 'tortillas...and
      Spanish wine' along the Border, the most memorable
      idea of his life began to form."
      One day in February 1932, while taking an
      siesta in Rio Grande City, "Howard dreamed he was sitting
      a campfire out on the prairie when out of the darkness
      stepped a barbarian wearing (black) chain-mail armor and a
      horned helmet."
      By Robert's own account, the entity said, "I am
      a Cimmerian. I wish to tell you of my adventures."
      Upon awakening, "Howard decided to write a series of
      prehistoric adventure fantasies, not unlike (his 1929) Kull

      stories, for such a setting would eliminate the need for
      accurate historical research."
      Unknown to Robert, however, a similar "contact" had
      already taken place three years earlier, in 1929, in
      Bucuresti (Bucharest), Romania.
      "Awakened from a sound sleep in his apartment,"
      journalist Corneliu "Codreanu was confronted by a glowing
      entity in knightly armor that identified itself as 'St.
      Michael the Archangel.'"
      The self-styled "archangel" ordered Codreanu to go to

      Jassy, the site of the Romanian Army's last stand in World
      War One, and raise a new military force to save the
      Thus was born the Legion of St. Michael the Archangel, also

      known as the Iron Guard, which played a key role in the
      Holocaust during World War Two.
      (Editor's Comment: The experiences of REH and Codreanu,
      along with Antonio Rivera's nighttime visit from a
      alien in Barcelona in 1930, certainly qualify this period
      "the Era of Strange Contacts.")
      "Since Howard was not good at inventing names, he
      based personal and place names on historical figures and
      localities. He liked to assume that ancient and medieval
      names were derived from those of his imagined prehistoric
      realms, postulating that the records of the prehistoric
      civilization had been destroyed by invasion or natural
      catastrophe, surviving only in myths and legends. He
      'If some cataclysm of nature were to destroy that
      civilization, remnants of what knowledge and stories of its

      greatness might well evolve into the fantastic fables that
      have descended to us.'"
      Howard repeatedly hinted at just such a natural
      catastrophe in prehistory in many of his stories. Consider

      this passage from the Conan tale A Witch Shall Be Born:
      "So thought many," answered the woman who called
      herself Sakome. "They carried me into the desert to die,
      damn them. I, a mewling, puling babe whose life was so
      young it was scarecely the flicker of a candle. And do you

      know why they bore me forth to die?"
      "I--I have heard the story--" faltered Taramis.
      Salome laughed fiercely and slapped her bosom. The
      low-necked tunic left the upper parts of her firm breasts,
      and between them there shone a curious mark--a crescent,
      as blood."
      "The mark of the witch!" cried Taramis, recoiling.
      "Aye!" Salome's laughter was dagger-edged with
      "The curse of the kings of Khauran! Aye, they tell the
      in the market places, with wagging beards and rolling eyes,

      the pious fools! They tell how the first queen of our line

      had traffic with a foul fiend of darkness and bore him a
      daughter who lives in foul legendry to this day. And
      thereafter, in each century, a girl baby was born into the
      Askhaurian dynasty, with a scarlet half-moon between her
      breasts, that signified her destiny."
      "'Every century a witch shall be born.' So ran the
      ancient curse. Some were slain at birth, as they sought to

      slay me. Some walked the earth as witches, proud daughters

      of Khauran, with the moon of hell burning upon their ivory
      bosoms. Each was named Salome. I, too, am Salome. It was

      always Salome, the witch. It will always be Salome, the
      witch, even when the mountains of ice have roared down from

      the pole and ground the civilizations to ruin, and a new
      world has risen from the ashes and dust--even then there
      shall be Salomes to walk the earth, to trap men's hearts by

      their sorcery, to dance before the kings of the world, and
      see the heads of the wise men fall at their pleasure."
      Howard wrote an essay entitled "The Hyborian Age" and

      sent it off to H.P. Lovecraft in Providence, R.I.
      Lovecraft, "who did not approve of Howard's system of
      nomenclature, passed the article on to a fan-magazine
      publishers with a letter:"

      "Dear Wollheim,

      "Here is something which Two-Gun Bob (HPL's nickname
      for Howard--J.T.) says he wants forwarded to you for The
      Phantagraph, and which I hope you'll be able to use. This
      is really great stuff--Howard has the most magnificent
      of the drama of 'History' of anyone I know...The only flaw
      in this stuff is R.E.H.'s incurable tendency to devise
      too closely resembling actual names of ancient history--
      names which, for us, have a very different set of
      (Editor's Comment: "For us"...right! You and six Oxford
      dons, HPL!)
      "In many cases he does this designedly--on the theory

      that the familiar names descend from the fabulous realms he

      describes--but such a design is invalidated by the fact
      we clearly know the etymology of many of the historic
      hence cannot accept the pedigree he suggests. E. Hoffman
      Price and I have both argued with Two-Gun on this point,
      we make no headway whatsoever. The only thing to do is to
      accept the nomenclature as he gives it, wink at the weak
      spots, and be damned thankful that we can get such
      vivid artificial legendry."
      But was it "artificial?" The incredible wealth of
      detail about Hyborian nations, kingdoms, cultures and
      customs in the Conan stories written exclusively by REH
      is in a class by itself. Such detail is missing from
      Howard's earlier Kull stories. There are the usual palace
      intrigues, plenty of violence, sporadic references to
      "barbarian" Atlantis and the "elder" mainland kingdoms like

      Valusia and Commoria, but the depth of detail is not
      It's as if the Kull and Conan stories were written by two
      different people.
      And what are we to make of Howard's stubborn refusal
      alter the characters' names, as Lovecraft suggested?
      "Howard plunged into the new series. A steady stream

      of Conan stories began to pour out of his typewriter. In
      all, Howard completed twenty-one Conan stories, of which
      seventeen were published in Weird Tales during the
      remaining four years of his literary career," which ended
      with his apparent suicide in June 1936.
      "Howard made no attempt to tell Conan's history in
      chronological order. In some stories, he appears as a
      youth; in others, as a middle-aged man."
      In their biography of REH, L. Sprague de Camp,
      Catherine Crook de Camp and Jane Whittington Griffin,
      the published Conan stories in the sequence of their
      appearance, showing the white heat in which the Texan
      author was churning out the saga. Here they are, in order
      of their appearance:

      The Phoenix on the Sword December 1932
      The Scarlet Citadel January
      The Tower of the Elephant March 1933
      Black Colossus June 1933
      The Slithering Shadow September 1933
      The Pool of the Black One October 1933
      Rogues in the House January 1934
      Shadows in the Moonlight April 1934
      Queen of the Black Coast May 1934
      The Devil in Iron August
      The People of the Black Circle September 1934
      Jewels of Gwahlur March 1935
      Beyond the Black River May 1935
      Shadows in Zamboula November 1935
      The Hour of the Dragon January 1936
      Red Nails July 1936

      When you consider that The People of the Black
      The Hour of the Dragon and Red Nails were full-sized novels

      serialized over three and four-month periods in Weird
      REH completed a staggering amount of fiction during his
      brief "Conan" period.
      "For many months he was so involved with Conan that
      sometimes worked the night through. He wrote, 'For weeks I

      did nothing but write the adventures of Conan. The
      character took complete possession of my mind and crowded
      out everything else in the way of story-writing. When I
      deliberately tried to write something else, I couldn't do
      (Editor's Comment: It all sounds a bit like automatic
      writing, doesn't it?)
      Three other Conan stories were completed but did not
      sell. These included The God in the Bowl, The Vale of Lost

      Women and The Black Stranger. Howard had just begun
      for the Western pulp magazines when his life came to a
      sudden and tragic end.
      Howard had some familiarity with Theosophy. In 1919,

      his father, Dr. Isaac Mordecai Howard, brought home a copy
      of Madame Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled, and both his son and
      wife devoured it. Having some familiarity with the concept

      of "world-ages," Howard might have discussed it with his
      mysterious Hindu friend during that February 1932 trip to
      Rio Grande City. "Racial memory," another pet idea of REH,

      might have come up in the conversation, as well.
      Some of us would like to know more about the
      Hindu who befriended Robert E. Howard during his vacation
      trip to southern Texas. But that is a mystery that remains

      buried in Rio Grande City.
      While researching this article, your editor wondered
      there was any sort of paranormal link to Rio Grande
      City. I
      did some extra reading and came up with a "possible."
      Further up the Rio Grande Valley is an ancient stone
      ruin in Boquilla Pass, not far from Panther Junction and
      Springs, Texas. It sits overlooking a millenia-old Native
      American trail leading north from Mexico. When I saw an
      photo of the "stone fort," I had to blink twice. I had
      seen a structure like this before--in the Andes. The Incas

      called it a tampu.
      What it's doing in the Rio Grande Valley is anybody's

      (See Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E. Howard by
      Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp and Jane
      Whittington Griffin, Bluesky Books Inc., New York, N.Y.,
      1983, pages 262 to 267; The Mighty Barbarians, edited by
      Hans Stefan Santesson, Lancer Books, Inc., New York, N.Y.,
      1969, pages 171 and 172; Fortean Times No. 132 for March
      2000, page 50; and Texas: A Guide to the Lone Star State,
      Hastings House, New York, N.Y., revised edition 1969, page

      We'll be back next week with more UFO, Fortean and
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