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Fwd = More Film Of Derbyshire Dales UFO Activity

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      Posted Jan 04.02

      More Film Of Derbyshire Dales UFO Activity
      [Original headline: Red Sky at Night Gave Duo a Fright]

      [!derbufo.jpg] This mysterious light was captured on film by a Derby
      man when he spotted it hovering in the skies above his house.

      The image is just one of many filmed by Andrew Garlick near his home
      in Milton Street, over the last few months.

      He says he has no idea what the objects are or why they suddenly

      Mr Garlick (18) and his wife, Danielle (19), first saw a strange
      object outside their house on Friday, September 7.

      They claim they looked through their patio windows and saw a
      slow-moving oval-shaped white light.

      As they went to the window to watch the light, a small, white teardrop
      shape slowly fell from it and floated towards the ground.

      The experience left Mrs Garlick terrified and her husband confused.

      He said: "I am not the sort of person who believes in UFOs and that
      sort of thing but I could not explain what I saw that night.

      "It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen."

      Mrs Garlick said: "I can't think of any logical explanation for what
      we've witnessed."

      After seeing the light, the couple began to watch the skies outside
      their home more often.

      They saw the oval object a second time and they also saw another
      strange formation - three white shapes in a triangle.

      They saw the hovering single, red-coloured light a few weeks later.

      The sightings come months after Bonsall hit the headlines after 19 UFO
      sightings were reported in four months - including one captured on
      video by housewife Sharon Rowlands.

      UFO enthusiast Peter Edwards, of Lyttelton Street, Derby, has looked
      at footage of dozens of possible UFO sightings and says he does not
      think Mr Garlick's footage is a hoax.

      "These images could be stars or satellites but there is also a
      possibility that this is a UFO.

      "This footage is very similar to some that was caught on film about
      five years ago near Blagreaves Lane - and as far as I am concerned,
      that was certainly a UFO."

      East Midlands Airport has confirmed that the area of Derby where Mr
      Garlick lives is not one of their main flight paths.

      The Ministry of Defence refused to comment.

      Story originally published by:
      Derby Evening Telegraph / England | Krista Beighton - Jan 04.02
      Click on following headline to begin visiting all archived stories
      related to the Derbyshire Dales UFOs:
      UFO Activity Filmed Over England's Derbyshire Dales

      All Copyrights� are acknowledged.
      Material reproduced here is for
      educational and research purposes only.

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