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  • Frits Westra
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2002
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      BBC News Online: UK

      Thursday, 3 January, 2002, 10:18 GMT

      'UFO unit' drew blank

      There have been many sightings in the UK

      The Ministry of Defence set up a unit to look at UFO sightings in the
      1950s but found no evidence of aliens, newly-released official documents
      have revealed.

      The joint group was formed in 1951 after a spate of sightings in Sweden
      and the US sparked a "notable outbreak" of reports in the UK.

      But the experts from the Directorate of Scientific Intelligence and the
      Joint Technical Intelligence Committee dismissed the prospect of alien

      They said sightings were "optical illusions and psychological delusions"
      - or just plain hoaxes.

      Continuous watch

      The group reported: "We consider that no progress will be made by
      attempting further investigation of unco-ordinated and subjective

      "Positive results could only be obtained by organising throughout the
      country, or the world, continuous observation of the skies.

      "[We would need] a co-ordinated network of visual observers, equipped
      with photographic apparatus, and supplemented by a network of radar
      stations and sound locators.

      "We should regard this, on the evidence so far available, as a
      singularly profitless enterprise.

      'Flat disc'

      "We accordingly recommend very strongly that no further investigation of
      reported mysterious aerial phenomena be undertaken."

      One of the cases they looked at was RAF Flight Lieutenant Hubbard who
      twice claimed to have seen "a flat disc, light pearl grey in colour,
      about 50ft in diameter" flying low over Farnborough at speeds to 800 to

      The scientists drily noted: "We find it impossible to believe that a
      most unconventional aircraft, of exceptional speed, could have travelled
      at no great altitude, in the middle of a fine summer morning, over a
      populous and air-minded district like Farnborough, without attracting
      the attention of more than one observer."

      But conspiracy theorists sticking to the idea of a transatlantic
      cover-up of alien activity are likely to pick up on the fact some parts
      of the dossier are still withheld.

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