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      Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 16:22:02 -0800
      From: Patrick Knowles <pknowles1@...>
      Subject: great new book, The Hunt for Zero Point

      Nick Cook, a highly connected British defense journalist as well
      as Aerospace Consultant and Aviation Editor for the prestigious British
      defense industry publication Jane's Defence Weekly, has written a
      terrific new book that has more than a little bearing on the Disclosure
      Project. The book, The Hunt for Zero Point, is a terrific read and
      describes the results of Cook's ten year investigation into secret
      electrogravitics/anti-gravity research in the U.S., Britain, and Nazi
      Germany from WW II to the present. Physicists Hal Puthoff and Paul
      LaViolette (whose testimony appear in Dr. Greer's Disclosure) were both
      interviewed by the author and appear in the book. The Hunt for Zero
      Point isn't yet available in the U.S., but can be ordered from the
      British web sites for Amazon.com and Random House. (Links below.)
      Here's a review from Amazon's UK site, including a summary by the author
      and background info.


      * *

      In April 1992 the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers ran a
      lecture entitled: Anti Gravity! The End of Aerodynamics? At the
      heart of the lecture was a recognition by leading scientists in
      the UK aerospace and defence industry of an extraordinary energy

      But the story doesn�t start there�

      In 1945 the Allies discovered that the Nazis had built the
      world�s most advanced military research centres. In the dying
      days of the war these centres were under the control of one man
      � SS General Hans Kammler. One of the most important of Hitler�s
      generals, he vanished at the end of the war and with him went
      virtually all record of his existence.

      However, like the rocket scientist Von Braun who was spirited
      out of Germany by the US military, evidence of his work exists
      throughout the American military research of the last fifty

      At the heart of this research is an energy source a thousand
      times more powerful than nuclear power.

      An energy source once derided as stridently as Einstein was when
      he talked of splitting the atom.

      An energy source suppressed for fifty years because of its huge
      economic threat.

      An energy source that now offers the world a future, limitless
      supply of power: zero point energy.

      Nick Cook is Aviation Correspondent for Jane�s Defence Weekly.
      The Hunt For Zero Point is a detective story that began with his
      gradual accumulation of data and references to anti gravity and
      the heavy-handed denials of the military and defence industries.

      Through years of research, the discovery of witnesses and
      physical evidence he can now tell the story of one of the last
      century�s most breathtaking scientific discoveries; a discovery
      borne of the Nazis desire to conquer the world that now offers
      it the best hope for a pollution free source of energy.

      � The true, first person account of leading defence journalist
      Nick Cook�s search for the existence of anti-gravity technology
      and its limitless energy potential. � It is an investigative
      journey, written like a thriller. � The title comes from the
      proven phenomenon of zero point energy � a limitless source of
      potential power that may hold the key to gravity.

      � Cook�s credentials gain him access to interview top officials
      at NASA, the Pentagon and secret defence installations.

      � Exposes archive proof of Nazi Germany�s work in this field and
      shows how former Nazi scientists were recruited by the US

      � Details Cook�s discovery of a former SS facility in Poland
      where experiments took place during World War 2.

      � Project overseen by SS General Hans Kammler, keeper of
      Hitler�s secret weapons technology who disappeared at the end of
      the war.

      � Contains previously unseen plans of developed Nazi
      anti-gravity and flying saucer technology.

      � Based on 10 years� of original interviews and archive research
      in the UK, USA and continental Europe.

      � Contains dozens of interviews with named defence industry
      officials and scientists. � Describes why today�s
      defence-industrial complex has buried the science under a
      mountain of disinformation.

      � Reveals how gravity fluctuations are a bi-product of stealth,
      the USA�s number one defence technology.

      � Details NASA-run experiments that have demonstrated gravity

      � Contains pictures and proof of real world flying saucer

      � Investigates claims that zero point energy is a safe, clean
      alternative to the world�s future power needs.

      Synopsis The nuclear bomb programme was the culmination of a
      huge, expensive research development project, so secret that
      even days before the explosion of the first bomb many people
      said it was impossible. But what if, at the same time, America
      had discovered another strand of technology that was even more
      powerful than atomic science, a weapon so powerful it needs no
      fuel to fly at 17000 miles per second? Defence journalist Nick
      Cook reveals a 50-year conspiracy to surpress a technology based
      on anti-gravity, way ahead of its time. Gravity control:
      technology that can cancel out the weight of objects or be
      transformed into engines that produce energy from nothing,
      promising safe, pollution-free power, limitless propulsion - and
      weapons potential, The US aerospace and defence industry
      announced in 1956 that it was on the brink of a great scientific
      discovery and that the breakthrough would come before the decade
      was out. But it never happened; the revolution died before it
      had begun. That was the official version of events. The truth,
      however, Cook maintains, is very different, and this book traces
      his 10-year investigation to prove that America cracked the
      gravity code and classified the technology at unheard of
      security levels. In his pursuit of the truth, he went to the
      heart of US aerospace development - a regime so secret it does
      not officially exist. Cook's trail took him eventually to
      Germany, searching out a repository of technical secrets buried
      50 years earlier by the Nazis. There, among a cache of
      unofficial projects run by the SS and hidden by the Holocaust,
      he learned the secret of Zero Point.

      >From the Publisher Gravity-control. Imagine it: technology that
      can cancel out the weight of objects or be transformed into
      engines that produce energy from nothing. Aircraft, trains,
      ships and cars no longer require fuel. Gravity-control promises
      safe, pollution-free power, infinite possibilities; limitless
      propulsion - and weapons potential.

      In 1956, the US aerospace and defence industry announces it is
      on the brink of the greatest scientific discovery since the
      development of the atomic bomb. Gravity-control is within its
      reach. The breakthrough will come before the decade is out. But
      it never happens. The revolution dies before it has begun.

      This is the official version. The truth, however, is very

      The Hunt For Zero Point is the story of a ten-year investigation
      by award-winning defence journalist Nick Cook to prove that
      America cracked the gravity code and classified the technology
      at unheard of security levels. To seek out the truth, Cook knows
      he must journey to the heart of America�s black world of
      aerospace development � a regime so secret it does not
      officially exist.

      Picking a path through America�s most classified weapons
      programmes, Cook follows a trail of detection that takes him to
      Germany, hunting down a repository of technical secrets buried
      by the Nazis 50 years earlier. It is here, in amongst a cache of
      undocumented projects run by the SS and hidden by the crimes of
      the Holocaust, that he finally learns the secret of Zero Point.

      >From the Author The Hunt For Zero Point is the story of my
      ten-year investigation as Aviation Editor of Jane�s Defence
      Weekly into the truth - or not - of anti-gravity, the �Holy
      Grail� of aerospace propulsion technologies. I was drawn into
      the story, much against my will at first, by my chance discovery
      of a 1950s aerospace publication that set out in great detail
      the mid-1950s anti-gravity R&D activities of a large number of
      US aerospace and defence companies. What, I wondered, had
      happened to all this research? And why had all these companies
      since gone quiet on the subject?

      There are three main investigative strands to the story:

      1. There is real work going on in the USA today on anti-gravity
      - the most visible of it at NASA, where the space administration
      is investigating the use of �impossible science� to develop
      hardware that will allow a manned spacecraft to journey into
      deep space before the century is out by travelling at
      light-speed or even beyond. In the course of researching this
      story, I discovered and met with a Russian scientist called
      Podkletnov who has succeeded in �blocking� gravity with
      super-conductors. Technically, this is scientific heresy, but
      Podkletnov is doing it and others aren�t far behind. There�s a
      race going on here and the prize is huge: whoever cracks the
      technology and brings it to market first taps into a potentially
      limitless energy source and develops an exotic and novel form of
      propulsion that requires no fuel. However, we�re also talking
      weapons technology here: stuff that makes �Son of Star Wars�
      look like a cheap firework display. Which brings me to strand 2

      2. The Hunt For Zero Point is also an investigation of the
      Pentagon�s �black world� of defence procurement. Every year, the
      US spends around $20-30 billion (the equivalent of the entire UK
      defence budget) on technologies so secret they do not officially
      exist (as far as the public, media and most of the US Congress
      are concerned). As Aviation Editor of JDW, I�ve got about as
      close as you can get as an observer to this activity, which
      encompasses �leap-ahead� technologies such as stealth, nuclear
      programmes, spy satellites and directed energy weapons. The
      question I needed to answer was whether anti-gravity technology
      had been hidden away in this Pandora�s Box of doomsday science.
      The black world is a bizarre place - it is very much a �system�,
      huge and sprawling, only with walls and compartments you can�t
      see - and you need to keep your feet on the ground when you
      enter the labyrinth. In visiting top-secret locations like the
      Lockheed Martin Skunk Works (in the California high! -desert)
      and interviewing black world Pentagon generals, I come to
      realise that the US military contains traces of activity in the
      anti-gravity field, but, in effect, it has more to lose than
      gain from pursuing it. The origins of anti-gravity science,
      however, are real and buried in a top-secret, undisclosed
      high-level weapons programme, run by the SS in Nazi Germany in
      World War 2.

      3. Strand 3 is an investigation of the top secret research and
      weapons programme run by the SS (without the knowledge of
      Hitler�s inner �cabinet�) in the last two years of the war. The
      man in charge of this programme was SS General Dr Hans Kammler,
      who ran a network of facilities in modern-day Poland, Czech
      Republic, Germany and Austria, devoted to a wealth of exotic
      weapons technology. At the end of the war, having told a number
      of close confidants (among them, Albert Speer, Nazi Germany�s
      armaments minister) that he was negotiating his surrender with
      the Americans, Kammler disappeared - as well he might. Before
      administering the weapons programme, he was the architect of
      Hitler�s death camps. In this portion of the book, The Hunt For
      Zero Point is given over to the search for Kammler and an
      examination of the technologies he controlled - weapons science
      that even today lies on the very edge of our understanding, so
      different was the �culture� under which it came together. In!
      the book, it becomes clear that anti-gravity technology was
      definitively a part of this culture and that the Germans
      developed hardware. The book contains details on two
      Kammler-controlled programmes and visits to the facilities where
      they came together.

      The question is, of course, whether the Americans, in their
      dogged pursuit of Nazi scientists at the end of the Second World
      War, recovered the physics, technology and expertise associated
      with this research - and, more to the point, developed it
      further. The assembled evidence in The Hunt For Zero Point
      speaks for itself.

      About the Author � Nick Cook is an award-winning defence and
      aerospace journalist. For the past 15 years he has been Aviation
      Editor and Aerospace Consultant of the world-renowned Jane�s
      Defence Weekly � the bible of the international defence
      industry. His ground-breaking, exclusive stories for Jane�s have
      included reports on Russian secret weapons and a classified
      operation to rescue US hostages in Iran. Both made headlines all
      over the world.

      � His stories have prompted questions in the House of Commons
      and have formed the basis of briefing documents for the Prime
      Minister�s Office.

      � He is a regular contributor to The Financial Times and
      articles by him have appeared in The Times, The Sunday Times,
      Daily Mail, The Sunday Telegraph and The Scotsman. He is quoted
      on aerospace and defence matters in news media around the world.

      � Cook frequently comments on defence and security issues for
      BBC News, ITN, Sky News, CNN and the BBC World Service. He has
      appeared on The Today Programme, The World At One and Newsnight.
      His analysis was sought by UK, US and other world news media
      during the 1991 Gulf War and 1999 Kosovo conflict.

      � He is a three-time winner of the prestigious Royal
      Aeronautical Society Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in
      the Defence, Business and Technology categories. In his 18 year
      career, Cook has visited the world�s leading defence
      establishments and has gained access to numerous top secret
      military facilities and bases in the US and former Soviet Union.

      � Cook�s previous books have been published by Macmillan,
      Penguin and Little Brown in the UK and St Martin�s Press in the
      USA. He has written 2 Sunday Times Top Ten Bestsellers. �The
      Hunt for Zero Point�, his sixth book, follows a ten-year
      investigation into an undocumented phenomenon.

      � Cook�s two hour documentary for the Discovery Channel,
      �Billion Dollar Secret�, written and presented by him, detailed
      for the first time the secret inner workings of America�s
      classified weapons establishment.

      � Cook, 41, lives in London with his wife and two children. He
      was educated at Eton and has a degree in Arabic and Islamic
      Studies from Exeter University.

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