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Kurt Billing's New Radio Show *Conspiracies*

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    Subj: New Group--Kurt Billing s new radio show Date: 1/3/02 12:47:17 AM Eastern Standard Time From: ZPntEnergy To:
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      Subj: New Group--Kurt Billing's new radio show
      Date: 1/3/02 12:47:17 AM Eastern Standard Time
      From: <A HREF="mailto:ZPntEnergy">ZPntEnergy</A>
      To: <A HREF="mailto:ZPntEnergy">ZPntEnergy</A>
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      Many thanks to Lorraine Gerber for the following.  You will need either a
      short-wave radio, or Internet audio to listen to the following:


      I'm starting a new radio show on microchips, Chemtrails, mind control and
      government experimentation on the general public. The show will be 1 hour a
      week on Friday at 10:00 PM Eastern time on WWCR short wave at 3.210mhz and on
      Truth Radio Network Galaxy 9 Trans 2 Audio 5.4 and also on the Internet at
      Truth Radio 1 at http://www.truthradio.com/progschd.html%c2%a0%c2%a0 It will start Jan.
      4th. I would appreciate your passing the word on so people can tune in.

      Best Regards,
      Kurt Billings

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