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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 7 Number 1

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 7, Number 1 January 1, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 7, Number 1
      January 1, 2002
      Editor: Joseph Trainor



      No need to get too wordy about it. As you can see,
      UFO Roundup is back. We're starting a new volume in a new
      year, and we're hoping for a slightly longer run than we
      had in 2001. I have a few more remarks, but I'll save them
      for the end.
      Right now, we have some phenomena to cover.


      A small Cessna airplane, with four people aboard,
      disappeared over Lake Michigan in early December 2001.
      "A search for four people, missing since their small
      rented airplane apparently plunged into Lake Michigan on
      Sunday," December 9, 2001, near Wilmette Harbor was
      suspended shortly after sundown Monday," December 10,
      "The Coast Guard Group Milwaukee failed to turn up
      any sign of the missing single-engine Cessna aircraft that
      was carrying four people, including three licensed pilots,
      from Dayton, Ohio to Racine, Wisconsin."
      "The Coast Guard identified three of the missing as
      Roger Licht, 61, of Kenosha, Wis. and husband and eife,
      Adam and Susan Bukowski, both 20, of Cudahy, Wis. The name
      of a third man, from Kenosha, was witheld pending
      notification of family members."
      "A group of officers from the Chicago Police Marine
      Unit assisted Coast Guard helicopters and a utility boat in
      the 572-square-mile search" of Lake Michigan. "Coast Guard
      Auxiliary airplanes also participated."
      "Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Todd Gatlin said a person
      could be expected to survive a few hours in the 45-degree
      (Fahrenheit) water depending on the type of clothing worn
      and the safety equipment at hand. Early Monday morning,
      Gatlin said the reasonable point of survival, given the
      best-case scenario, had passed."
      "Licht's son Marty said his father was a flight
      instructor with 30 years' experience."
      "Adam Bukowski was a student of Licht's who had
      recently earned his pilot's license and was working toward
      a commercial rating, which would have allowed him to fly
      larger, commercial planes, Marty Licht said."
      "The third man was a fellow pilot and a close friend
      of Licht's, and he had more than 20 years' of flying
      experience, Marty Licht said."
      "Officials did not know who was at the controls of
      the plane at 6:18 p.m. Sunday" December 9, "when it lost
      contact with a control tower in Elgin," Illinois. "The
      investigation has been turned over to the National
      Transportation Safety Board."
      "Coast Guard Lt. Richard Sundland said the plane was
      last spotted on radar at O'Hare International Airport" in
      Chicago "just after 6 p.m. Sunday. The plane was three to
      five miles (5 to 8 kilometers) east of Wilmette Harbor
      when it began losing altitude, dropping from 1,500 feet to
      300 feet in less than a minute, Sundland said."
      "The four people aboard the plane knew each other and
      were on a day trip to the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton,
      according to officials." (See the Chicago Tribune for
      December 11, 2001, "Plane search stops as hope fades,"
      page 7.)
      (Editor's Note: This is the latest in a long series of
      small aircraft that have vanished without a trace over Lake
      Michigan. For more, read The Great Lakes Triangle by Jay
      Gourley, Fawcett Gold Medal Books, New York, N.Y., 1977.)


      On Thursday, December 27, 2001, Sarah H. "was driving
      away from Wytham village, Oxfordshire, UK" on a two-lane
      country road "towards Botley Interchange, the road running
      parallel to (Motorway) A34, heading south, at 8:45 p.m."
      "The UFO hovered west of the road, remaining in one
      position," Sarah reported, "The UFO was triangular in shape
      with one light at each point (corner). It was hovering
      above Wytham Wood. It was silent. It hovered for
      approximately four minutes, no higher than 200 feet above
      the trees. Its fuselage was dark."
      Sarah added, "I have no pictorial evidence" of the
      encounter, and she feels a bit "nervous about being
      considered a loony." (Email Form Report)


      On Wednesday, December 12, 2001, "a UFO was
      videotaped over the city of Araraquara," in the state of
      Sao Paulo in southern Brazil. "Several people in the
      Estadio Ferroviaria in the bairro (district of) Ponte saw
      'an object of great luminosity that appeared to have little
      deviation from its course and altitude as it passed over
      the city. It disappeared as mysteriously as it forst
      Two days later, on Friday, December 14, 2001, "a UFO
      was filmed over the satellite city (suburb) of Samambaia,"
      near Brazil's national capital of Brasilia, at about 9
      p.m. "The object was described as a brilliant white light
      making circular maneuvers in the sky."
      News media contacted CINDACTA (Brazil's NORAD--J.T.)
      but a spokesman said the agency had seen nothing unudual on
      their radar screens. (Muito obrigado a Eustaquio Andrea
      Patounas por esos casos.)


      UFOs dominated the skies over Mexico City and its
      suburbs last week.
      On Saturday, December 15, 2001, at 3 a.m., an
      AeroMexico Boeing 727 jetliner encountered a glowing UFO
      over the city of Toluca, near Mexico City. According to
      Mexican ufologist Alfonso Salazar, "The radars of the
      control towers at the airports in Toluca and Mexico City
      detected the intruder at an altitude of 12,000 feet and
      circling the metropolitan region. An airport official,
      using binoculars, described the UFO as 'a circular, unusual
      object' which 'caused great excitement among the air
      traffic controllers.'"
      On Sunday, December 16, 2001, at 7:30 p.m., Pedro
      Hernandez grabbed his videocamera and began shooting color
      footage of a UFO flying over the small town of Metepec,
      near Toluca. According to Hernandez, the UFO "presented
      bright lights at each corner of its triangular form. The
      front (of the UFO) was a reddish color but without any
      lights. The UFO darted about swiftly in the night sky, and
      we videotaped it for several seconds before it went flying
      off in the direction of the volcano (Mount)
      Popocatepetl. The object became lost in the haze of the
      On Monday, December 17, 2001, a UFO "shaped like a
      sombrero (hat) and with three protuberances on its upper
      half was seen by various eyewitnesses in the area of
      Tasquena," another suburb of Mexico City. "According to
      reports, the UFO flew freely in the skies above the
      Distrito Federal, ascending and descending up to 200 meters
      (660 feet) during a period of ten minutes."
      On Tuesday, December 18, 2001, at 10 a.m., "several
      fiery UFOs were seen hovering in the skies above
      Popocatepetl. Witnesses in Cuernavaca, in the state of
      Morelos (nearby) said they saw five gleaming UFOs above the
      According to Mexican ufologist Amado Marquez, "the
      UFOs moved about individually, and witnesses identified
      five of them during a five-minute viewing period. They
      were last seen crossing the sky in a triangular formation."
      On Wednesday, December 19, 2001, at 1:20 p.m.,
      eyewitness Javier Guevara videotaped an oval UFO freely
      moving through the sky above Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl," a
      suburb just east of Mexico City. "The UFO was described
      as 'an obscure color and presented a dome in the center of
      its upper surface, with a small protuberance on its lower
      surface, alternately slowing and accelerating at a dizzying
      Guevara said he videotaped the UFO for four minutes
      before it disappeared into the eastern horizon. (Muchas
      gracias a Alfonso Salazar y Eustaquio Andrea Patounas para
      estas noticias.)


      On Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 9:30 p.m.,
      Patrick R. "went outside for a smoke" at his home in
      Yonkers, N.Y. when he spotted "a UFO moving very slowly
      upward. I just happened to look up and saw a green line,
      fairly bright, in a vertical position.. The line seemed to
      grow and shrink, on and off. The amazing part was how
      thick the cloud cover was that night. It had to be pretty
      bright to come through those clouds."
      "Anyway, at one point, a plane flying towards the
      light made it 'go out' or disappear, as we on the ground
      were able to tell."
      "Minutes later, it returned for another interval of
      maybe five to ten minutes. Another witness told me it
      seemed to be 'moving like a caterpillar...the bottom would
      get fatter, then it would get taller, then it would move
      "I did manage to catch most of the image on my
      camcorder because it stayed around so long." (Email Form


      On Friday, December 21, 2001, at 12:30 a.m., Jeremy
      S. and his brother "were in the street" in Red Banks,
      Mississippi (population 500) "and we saw two bright balls
      in the sky. The first two were seen to the north. They
      looked low. We thought they were flashlights at first. We
      ran up the street to get a closer look."
      "When we reached the top of the hill, about 10 bright
      balls rose from behind the trees to the east. We watched
      them move north and west towards the first two balls we
      saw. They stopped to form a motionless triangle, and they
      held this position for about ten seconds."
      "Then individual UFOs would move out and then back
      into the formation in straight lines. This lasted for
      about 15 seconds. After this, they all broke formation and
      moved slowly to the west. They reached a flashing towers
      and flew back and forth near it. They changed their lights
      from bright to dim about every 25 seconds. Two dim UFOs
      flew into a bright UFO and disappeared within it."
      "We ran back and got our father, and we went back to
      the spot down the road where we could see the flashing
      tower. All the bright-ball-type UFOs were still there. My
      brother, my father and myself watched the sky for about
      five more minutes. When we got within a mile of the tower,
      they all started to fly slowly away in different
      Jeremy estimated that the glowing UFOs were "about as
      high as a passenger aircraft (30,000 feet) and all were
      Red Banks is just north of Highway 78 about 40 miles
      (64 kilometers) north of Oxford, Miss. (Email Form Report)


      And the big question of the New Year is: where is the
      accused terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden?
      Bin Laden, 44, the fugitive Saudi millionaire and
      known as "The Sheikh" to members of his Al-Qaeda
      underground sect, was last seen in Kandahar, in southern
      Afghanistan, after filming the latest of his inspirational
      cave videos.
      Since then, rumors of his fate have abounded. Here are a
      (1) He's Dead, Jim--"Terrorist mastermind Osama Bin
      Laden died of a serious lung disease in Afghanistan's Tora
      Boran mountains earlier this month."
      "The Taliban official, who claimed to have attended
      the low-key funeral of Bin Laden, said that Osama, who
      suffers from serious complications of a lung disease,
      succumbed for lack of adequate medical attention, the
      Pakistan Observer reported."
      "Bin Laden's burial was attended by his closest
      aides, including his most trusted bodyguards, family
      members and some Taliban friends, he said."
      "As his body was lowered into the grave, his
      bodyguards fired a volley of bullets in the air as a sign
      of respect." (See the Pakistan Observer for December 26,
      2001, "Osama died of lung disease in Tora Bora," page 1.)
      (2) He's Alive and Well and Living in
      Tennessee--"Suspected terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden
      is alive and probably escaped somewhere to the southern
      Afghan-Iran border, according to Bin Laden's biographer
      Hamid Mir."
      (See the Times of India for December 26, 2001, "Osama still
      alive, says biographer," page 1.)
      (3) Nope, He's in Pakistan--"Confusion about whether
      Osama Bin Laden is alive and, if so, over his whereabouts
      increased Thursday (December 27, 2001) amid claims from an
      Afghan official that he might be in Pakistan and the
      release of a videotape the terrorist leader may have made
      two weeks ago."
      "Mohammed Abeel, a spokesman for the Afghan Defense
      Ministry, said Bin Laden was being sheltered in Pakistan by
      friends of Maulana Fazal-ur Rehman, an Islamic
      fundamentalist with supporters in two provinces
      (Baluchistan and the Northwest Frontier) on Pakistan's
      border with Afghanistan." (See USA Today for December 28,
      2001, "Afghan: Terrorist leader in Pakistan," page 1.)
      (Editor's Note: Rehman is the leader of the Jamiat
      Ulema-e-Islam sect. He was imprisoned in September by
      Pakistani president Gen. Pervez Musharraf for supporting
      the Taliban of Afghanistan.)
      (4) Maybe He's in France--"Osama Bin Laden plans a TV
      suicide that will trigger attacks on landmarks in London,
      Paris and the U.S."
      "His estranged wife, Sabiha, said last night he would
      order one of his elder sons to shoot him rather than be
      "Sabiha, 45, added, 'That will be the signal for a
      new war of terror. The targets this time will be the
      Capitol in Washington (D.C.), Big Ben in London and the
      Eiffel Tower in Paris.'"
      (Editor's Note: Bin Laden has 15 children by his four
      wives. His designated successors are his sons, Abdullah
      and Hamza Ali.)
      But there's another possibility. Osama Bin Laden and
      his fellow fugitive and son-in-law, Mohammed Mullah Omar,
      might be hiding out in Shambhala.
      Shambhala is Sanskrit for place of peace and
      tranquility. "Though its true location has never been
      found, Shambhala is recognized and honored by at least
      eight major religions and is regarded by most esoteric
      traditions as the true center of the planet...It is said to
      be inhabited by adepts from every race and culture who form
      an inner circle that secretly guides human evolution."
      In his book Shambhala, Oasis of Light, Andrew Tomas
      wrote that this remarkable "secret kingdom" existed both
      above and below ground in somewhere in central Asia, either
      in or close to Afghanistan, "with a network of tunnels
      hundreds of miles long. Cars of strange design flash along
      their length, and they are illumined by a brilliant
      artificial light which affords growth to the grains and
      vegetables and long life without disease to the people."
      In her book Shambhala, Victoria LePage "says that
      many marvels are supposed to have been seen in this
      underground world: museums, libraries, stores of jewels and
      technological inventions thousands of years ahead of
      their time. And, according to ancient Chinese lore, the
      aircraft and space vehicles of the Immortals of Shambhala
      journey among the stars."
      LePage thought Mount Belukha was the mythical Mount
      Meru of ancient Indian lore. She wrote, "Within the magic
      ring of myth, the cosmic mountain is pre-eminent, both for
      its universality and its spiritual resonance. It has
      figured in the mythology of every race on earth and has
      been revered even in lands where there are no
      mountains. It is always pictured as the Axis Mundi and as
      bearing the abitats of sages, saints or gods upon its
      The Hindu Kurma Purana identifies Afghanistan as
      Sweta-divepa, the White Island which sits in a now-vanished
      inland sea, "the paradiasical homeland of mahayogis
      possessed of supreme wisdom and learning."
      In his book The Children of Mu, Col. James Churchward
      revealed that his guru, an aged Hindu rishi, told him that
      the ancient tunnels of Afghanistan were dug back in 20,000
      B.C. by the now-extinct Uighur Empire. Some of these
      tunnels lead directly to Shambhala.
      According to Pashtun legend, there are three "secret
      entrances" to the Uighur tunnels hidden in the region. The
      hardest-to-find of these is somewhere in the valley of
      Shah-e-Monjan, located 200 kilometers (120 miles)
      northeast of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.
      A second "entry cave" is near Qala Panja, a mountain
      village at a high altitude of 3,660 meters (12,000 feet),
      about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Kunduz. This area
      received its first visit from Europeans when the British
      explorers, Percival Lord and Dr. John Wood, passed through
      on February 19, 1838 on their expedition up the Oxus River,
      now the Gilgin River.
      Across the border in Pakistan is the most well-known
      "entry cave," located near the mysterious ruins of Mahor
      Gahr in Kashmir. The ruins border Mansar Lake and may be
      the actual site of a scene from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
      In one chapter, the hero Anjuna launched a fiery
      missile that hit the ground at Mansar. The same missile
      exploded out of the ground at Surinsar, about 35 kilometers
      (21 miles) away. The present Mansar and Surinsar lakes
      were formed in the craters of the two explosions. Each
      lake is four kilometers (two-and-a-half miles) in
      Did Osama and his son-in-law take refuge in Shambhala
      after fleeing Kandahar?
      Unfortunately for interested pilgrims, there are no
      signposts helpfully pointing out the caves. Like they say
      in Qala Panja, "You don't find the Shambhalans.
      They find you." (See also Atlantis Rising Number 21, "The
      Search for Shambhala," page 42, and Atlantis Rising Number
      31, "The Ancient Heart of Central Asia,"
      page 24.)


      September 11, 2001--the image is stark, stunning and
      unforgetable--a modern jetliner crashing into a tower at
      the World Trade Center in New York City.
      Seeing it on live TV as jarring enough. But some of
      the mullahs of Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network claim to
      have seen the exact same scene in their dreams a year ago.
      On Saturday, December 15, 2001, the Bush
      administration released the full text of a videotape the
      CIA claimed to have taken of Osama Bin Laden in Kandahar in
      November. During the discussion with his aides of the WTC
      events, Osama mentioned several strange incidents of
      prophetic dreams among the Al-Qaeda faithful.
      On tape, Osama said an aide, Abu Al-Hasan Al-Masri,
      "told me a year ago: 'I saw in a dream, we were playing a
      soccer (futbol in Latin America) game against the
      Americans. When our team showed up in the field, they were
      all pilots!' He said, 'So I wondered if that was a soccer
      game or a pilot game? Our players were pilots.' He
      (Al-Hasan) didn't know anything about the operation until
      he heard it on the radio. He said the game went on, and we
      defeated them. That was a good omen for us."
      Another mullah, Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ghamri "said he saw
      a vision before the operation--a plane crashed into a tall
      Abu Daud, a Taliban cadre, also reported a
      precognitive dream: According to Osama, "He (Abu Daud)
      told me that he saw, in a dream, a tall building in
      America, and in the same dream he saw Mukhtar teaching them
      karate. At this point, I was worried that maybe the secret
      would be revealed if everyone starts seeing it in their
      dream. So I closed the subject. I told him if he sees
      another dream, not to tell anybody because people will be
      upset with him."
      (Editor's Comment: Apparently Osama believes precognition
      is contagious.)
      And unidentified Taliban woman in Kandahar also
      "recounted a dream about two planes hitting a big
      building." (See the Duluth News-Tribune for December 16,
      2001, "Text of the Bin Laden videotape," page 5A.)

      >From the UFO Files...


      Among the strange "highway apparitions" here in the
      USA is the phenomenon of the phantom trucker. These are
      ghostly presences who appear to motorists stranded in big
      snowstorms and facilitate a rescue. This week UFO Roundup
      presents a classic report of that kind...
      "It was January 1962," forty years ago, and Mrs. Pat
      Barker was on the move.
      She recalled, "My husband Quincy, who was in the (U.S.) Air
      Force had been stationed in Germany. When he was
      reassigned to the States, we had to travel with our two
      children, Tammy, 3, and Larry, 5."
      "It was a bitter-cold January and we were headed from
      New York to Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas
      (Nevada). Little Larry was gravely ill."
      "We were stuck in a motel in Genevieve,
      Illinois. The temperature dipped to 18 below zero
      (Fahrenheit) and our son was spiking a fever and throwing
      up blood. We had taken him to the doctor earlier in the
      day and he'd prescribed medicine, which I administered
      every few hours."
      "Just in case Larry took a turn for the worse, Quincy
      went outside every few hours and started the car so the
      engine wouldn't freeze up. The doctor told us to bring
      Larry back the following day and he'd let us know if we
      could continue our journel or if our sick son would have to
      be admitted to a hospital."
      "It was a long, cold night, and as dawn came, Quincy
      went out again. This time our worst fear came true. The
      car wouldn't start and it was snowing heavily."
      "'What are we going to do?' I asked with a mother's
      "As if to answer my question, someone knocked on the
      door just at that moment. A tall, burly man stood outside
      and said, 'I'm a trucker. I noticed your car wouldn't
      start. I think I can help.'"
      "Quincy was startled. He hadn't left the car hood
      (bonnet in UK-J.T.) open, indicating trouble, nor had he
      noticed a truck nearby. Certainly he hadn't asked anyone
      for help."
      "Together they walked outside, and the trucker pulled
      a can of ether from his pocket. One quick squirt on the
      carburetor and the engine started right up."
      "Amazed and delighted, Quincy turned to thank the
      man, but he had vanished."
      "When my husband returned to the motel room, he said,
      'I went all the way to the road looking for tire tracks,
      and there were none!'"
      "Looking back almost 40 years, we are still awestruck
      to think how this person came out of nowhere, helped us,
      then disappeared into thin air! If he wasn't an angel,
      what was he?" (See the tabloid The Examiner for March 27,
      2001, "Mystery trucker started our frozen car--and then
      vanished into thin air," page 43.)

      When I first began the UFO Roundup back in February
      1996--a time which will undoubtedly go down in history as
      the era of "the JonBenet Simpson bombing"--I treated it as
      sort of a lark. It wasn't until Volume 1, Number 12 that I
      began to have some idea of the newsletter's impact on the
      UFO community not only in the USA and UK but worldwide.
      However, it wasn't until May of 2001, when I was
      forced to put a halt to the newsletter because of serious
      vision problems that I truly began to realize just how
      important UFO Roundup has become. Following the hiatus
      announcement, I was literally floored by the number of
      emails from readers
      and well-wishers. It left me stunned, grateful and, most
      importantly, humbled by your expressions of thanks and
      I had the operations in August and October, and my
      vision has improved to the extent that I can again do the
      work of writing and editing the newsletter. So we are off
      again in our quest for information about UFOs, aliens,
      strange disappearances, vile vortices, out-of-place
      animals, time warps, weird paleontology, lost
      civilizations, unusual sects, spontaneous combustion, angel
      hair and other skyfalls and anomalous phenomena of every
      kind catalogued by Fort.
      Looks like the Almighty has given me the green
      light. I only hope that I prove worthy of the trust you
      readers have placed in me.

      Join us again next week for more UFO and paranormal
      news from all over the planet Earth, and occasionally
      elsewhere in the solar system, brought to you by "the paper
      that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then!

      UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2002 by Masinaigan Productions, all
      rights reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO
      Roundup on their websites or in newsgroups provided that
      they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list
      the date of issue in which the item first appeared.

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