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  • S. Sarg
    Evidence for a vacuum structure may revolutionize our view about the Universe. A new theoretical approach in the analysis of experimental and observational
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
      Evidence for a vacuum structure may revolutionize our view about the Universe. A new theoretical approach in the analysis of experimental and observational data indicates that the vacuum possesses a unique underlying structure. The atomic nuclei and subatomic particles look quite differently from the new point of view, but the quantum mechanical features are explainable in real 3+1 dimensions by a classical approach and without uncertainty principle. The light velocity is derivable parameter and the effects of General and Special relativity are physically explainable. Many physical phenomena in quite large range of space and time find a logical explanation without contradictions. Using the discovered structure as a reference frame, the new theory titled Basic Structures of Matter (BSM) uses a classical approach for modeling and analysis of the phenomena. Such approach does not require complicated mathematical methods because the analysis is performed in real 3+1 space-time dimensions. So the proposed models could be regarded as real physical entities and they could be understood from a large audience without strong mathematical background. The presented material contains rich graphical illustrations of the structures of elementary and sub-elementary particles (for a first time for such kind of theory). In the same time the theory applies a scientific approach and provides enough experimental and observational material for validation of the main concepts. One of the major outcomes from the theory is the Atlas of atomic nuclear Structures (ANS). It shows the spatial arrangement and strict order of the protons and neutrons in the nucley of the element of the periodic table in the range from Hydrogen to Lr (Z=103). It may have quite useful practical applications, if the concepts of the theory are verified and accepted.

      In the new approach of BSM theory the principles of objective reality, causality and the logic are highly observed. Some physical laws in respect to pure empty space are different, but they are valid for a range approaching the node scale distance. To mention two of them: the intrinsic gravitation between the elements of the node structures (inverse proportional to a cub of the distance) and the intrinsic inertial properties. The Newton's gravitation and inertia appear to be valid in a upper (atomic) level of matter organization. Once the interact ional processes between the vacuum and particle structures are understood in a low level of matter organization, any physical phenomena even of cosmological scale could be successfully analyzed and logically explained.. This is valid also for the antigravitation and control of inertia. In such aspect the new theory may provide a scientific background for investigation of the physical effects of UFO and solving the problem with their presence in our world. The theoretical model and analysis of number of cosmological phenomena leads to a conclusion that the Universe is stationary. The red shift of the galaxies is not of Doppler origin.

      All the material together with some illustrative graphical applications is available in:


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