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2. Hidden Physics

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  • Roger Anderton
    Hidden Physics There are two levels of physics: physics in Academia and physics as used in secret Black Ops projects. The Academia physics is on public
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      Hidden Physics

      There are two levels of physics: physics in Academia and physics as used in secret Black Ops projects. The Academia physics is on public display, the other is secret. But sometimes the secret comes out, for example:

      Kip Thorne, in his book Black Holes and Time Warps, says :

      "The adaptation of bomb design codes to simulate stellar implosion is juts one of many intimate connections between nuclear weapons and astrophysics. These connections were obvious to Sakharov in 1948. Upon being ordered to join Tamm's bomb design team, he embarked on a study of astrophysics to prepare himself. My own nose was rubbed into the connection unexpectedly in 1969." [#]

      "I never really wanted to know what the Teller - Ulam / Sakharov - Zel'dovich idea was. [The principle by which hydrogen bombs work.] The superbomb, one by virtue of their idea could be "arbitrarily powerful," seemed obscene to me, and I didn't want even to speculate about how it worked. [But Thorne was speculating about implosion of stars when undergoing supernova, and both ideas were connected.] But my quest to understand the possible roles of neutron stars in the Universe forced the Teller - Ulam idea into my consciousness." [#]

      "Zel'dovich, several years earlier, had pointed out that gas from interstellar space or a nearby star, falling onto a neutron star, should heat up and shine brightly...." [ #]

      Thinking on this led Thorne to wonder the X - rays being emitted from the neutron star interacting with the infalling gas:

      ".........Wouldn't tongues of gas eat their way into the X- rays, and wouldn't the gas then fall freely down those tongues, destroying Zel'dovich's self - regulated flow..." [#]

      i.e. would X rays mess up the flow of infalling gas into the neutron star? An effect that is called Rayleigh - Taylor phenomenon. Thorne continues:

      "A detailed calculation with the laws of physics could tell me whether this happens, but such a calculation would be very complex and time consuming; so, rather than calculate, I asked Zel'dovich one afternoon in 1969, when we were discussing physics in his apartment in Moscow."

      "Zel'dovich looked a bit uncomfortable when I asked the question, ...." [ #]

      He looked uncomfortable, because Thorne had asked him for a nuclear weapons secret, and Zel'dovich would have been sworn to secrecy about such things. Thorne was in 'open' Academia physics thinking about neutron stars, and had stumbled onto asking for an A Bomb secret. No wonder Zel'dovich felt uncomfortable. Being in Russia, he would be probably worrying about KGB. A friendly conversation about neutron stars, supposedly nothing to do with A Bombs, suddenly was onto that national security issue.

      "... his answer was firm: "No Kip, that doesn't happen. There are no tongues into the X rays. The gas flow is stable." "How do you know, Yakov Borisovich?" I asked. Amazingly, I could not get an answer." [ #]

      Not too amazing. Zel'dovich had already said too much. But Thorne had not realised that at the time:

      "It seemed clear that Zel'dovich or somebody had done the detailed calculation or experiment showing that X rays can push hard on gas without Rayleigh - Taylor tongues destroying the push, but Zel'dovich could not point me to any such calculation or experiment in the published literature ........" [ #]

      Not much of a surprise: the experiment or calculation is done, and not allowed to be written up in the 'open' Academia literature. Thus Academia is kept in the 'dark' about any physics connected to national security issues. Thorne continues:

      "...... nor could he describe for me the detailed physics that goes on. How uncharacteristic of him!" [#]

      As I said Zel'dovich had already said too much, he knew something he was not supposed to talk about, so he couldn't back up what he had said. A few months, later Thorne asked a Western physicist - Stirling Colgate:

      "... I posed to Colgate the same question I had asked of Zel'dovich, and he gave the same answer ... "How do you know, Stirling?" I asked. "It has been shown," he replied. "Where can I find the calculations or experiments?" I asked. "I don't know..."

      "That's very peculiar," I told Stirling. "Zel'dovich told me precisely the same thing - the flow is stable. But he, like you, would not point me to any proofs." "Oh! That's fascinating. So Zel'dovich really knew," said Stirling." [#]

      "And then I knew as well. I hadn't wanted to know." [ #]

      The 'penny had dropped'. Stirling now knew that Zel'dovich knew that particular A bomb secret. And Thorne now knew the answer to his question was an A Bomb secret.

      And the secret was:

      "... the conclusion was unavoidable. The Teller - Ulam idea must be the use of X rays emitted in the first microsecond of the fission (atomic bomb) trigger, to heat, help compress, and ignite the superbomb's fusion fuel." [ #]

      Wow, quite a secret to reveal in an ordinary book. Thorne continues:

      "That this is, indeed, part of the Teller - Ulam idea was confirmed in the 1980s in several unclassified American publications, otherwise I would not mention it here." [#]

      So, it is now an old secret. Academia physics of the 1980s has caught up in that area with the Hidden physics of the 1950s. A thirty year lag behind revealing physics secrets in this area. But there must be other secrets. It was just becoming too hard to keep this particular secret.

      It is the secrecy in physics that is one of the factors in covering up the solution to UFOs. Academia physicists can state such things as there is no physics reason for believing any ETH connection to reported UFOs and then proceed to debunk or allow others to debunk such believers in ETH. But such Academia physics is only half the picture, and a very restricted pictures at that. If physics were unfettered what solutions would we find to UFOs? As it is we have Academia physics corrupted in not knowing the full facts for them to be able to know the true physics picture. And the full picture is theory in the tradition of Newton - Boscovich - Einstein - Tesla.

      Is this sufficient proof for physics Cover up and by implication UFO physics Cover up? Or are people still of the opinion that it is too easy to shout 'Cover up' whenever engaged in UFO investigation?

      The answer to UFOs we are not expected to know. But the physics paper trail reveals lots. Of particular interest are the 'gaps' in Academia physics. What is not said, can be more illuminating than what is said. As Sherlock Holmes points out in one case - the mysterious clue of the dog barking. Dr Watson said but the dog did not bark. Precisely, Holmes says, the mystery of why the dog did not bark, when the crime was being committed. That clue did not fit in with the other clues left behind. The other clues turned out to be the 'red herrings'. The 'gaps' are harder for those in the know to cover up.

      The Greatest Theoretical Physicist was Roger Boscovich. It is quite a mysterious gap that Academia hardly ever mentions him. Must be too connected to national security, or else someone would blab.


      [#] Black Holes and Time Warps, Kip Thorne, W W Norton, UK 1994, 1995, p 241 - 243.

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