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      UFO conference explores realms beyond

      The Associated Press
      11/9/01 1:19 AM

      MOBILE, Ala. (AP) -- Look! Up in the air! It's a ... well, it could be
      a UFO. A flying saucer maybe.

      Still skeptical?

      A three-day conference on UFOs in Mobile brings together experts in
      the field of unknown realms and the unexplained, including Harvard
      psychiatrist John Mack who will speak on events relating to the

      Paul Anderson of Vancouver, Canada, said people mostly attend UFO
      conferences out of curiosity. Anderson planned to discuss crop circle
      phenomena. He said the large crop circles have shown up in more than
      30 countries and defy explanation.

      "I don't find any evidence of human involvement," Anderson said, a
      future studies researcher representing the Canadian Crop Circle
      Research Network.

      Pat Crumbley and husband George "Buddy" Crumbley of Spanish Fort have
      held the UFO conference annually since 1993. Mr. Crumbley said it
      started with about 500 people, but their mailing list has grown to
      about 6,000.

      On Thursday, photos and newspaper accounts of UFO sightings were
      already displayed at the Adams Mark Hotel, site of the Journeys Beyond
      conference that ends Sunday.

      Vendors hawked T-shirts featuring space creatures and related
      material. "We're Not Alone," a bumper sticker reads, and, "Prepare for

      UFO book dealer Bob Reid, an Air Force retiree from Niceville, Fla.,
      said he's been keenly interested in extraterrestrials since age 10.
      That was in 1947, he said, when he and his brother spotted a UFO while
      lying in the yard in Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

      "I'm convinced there's a conspiracy to discourage a wide understanding
      of what's going on," said Reid, joined by wife Betsy Clark at the book

      Although the conference began as a focus on UFOs, it has expanded to
      include discussions of near death experiences and other phenomena, the
      organizers said.

      Dannion Brinkley was scheduled to talk about his brush with death
      after being hit by a bolt of lightning.

      In 1975 a lightning bolt threw Brinkley across a room. He claimed he
      awoke in a morgue, a story contained in his 1995 book, "Saved by the

      Brinkley has since become involved in hospice work, teaching how to
      banish fears about death and dying.

      Canadian nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman planned to lecture on
      flying saucers.

      Among other events, there's a workshop Sunday afternoon on exploring
      the afterlife with author Bruce Moen.

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