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Fwd = Ufo Author Good Points To Government's Disinformation Campaign

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      FarShores UFONews

      Posted Nov 01.01

      Ufo Author Good Points To Government's Disinformation Campaign
      [Original headline: Aliens are out there!]

      A Beckenham author claims to have answered one of the major questions
      troubling humanity. We are not alone.

      And the truth from out there was brought to Bromley when Timothy Good,
      of The Avenue, Beckenham, visited The Glades to discuss his research,
      which shows aliens are here on Earth already, with bases beneath the
      sea and on land.

      The 59-year-old's interest in aliens was sparked from a childhood
      desire to be a pilot which made him think about UFOs.

      Since then the ex-violinist has spent years travelling the world to
      find out more.

      His expertise has been displayed in lectures all over the world and he
      was invited to the Pentagon for discussions in 1998.

      America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and Italy were all research sites
      for the latest book.

      But he claims aliens can be found closer to home, too, and believes he
      saw a UFO hovering over Orpington back in December 1980.

      He has gleaned much of his information from high-ranking military
      sources and sees his work as a battle against scepticism.

      Mr Good said: I certainly don't enjoy preaching to the converted. I
      want people to learn the truth about what is going on. From what I
      have learnt, I know there are alien bases under the sea and
      underground in various points of the world. Contact has been made
      between aliens and military forces.

      I don't believe all of these aliens are hostile, I think we have
      different races on Earth and they have different intentions.

      One thing which might give a ray of hope is they seem to have some
      sort of vested interest in the Earth and I certainly don't think they
      would stand by and let us blow the planet to smithereens.

      I think governments have a calculated campaign of disinformation to
      make sure people don't get too interested.

      The Glades marketing executive Andy McLean was at Mr Good's talk in
      Ottakar's book shop.

      He said: The talk was stirring stuff and the audience was gripped from
      start to finish. His theories are very convincing and, as conspiracy
      theories go, this one takes some beating.

      The new book, called Unearthly Disclosure, is currently out in

      Story originally published by:
      Hendon Times via This is Local London / England | Sarah Warden - Oct

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