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Fwd = Mystery of hill circle in Gloucester, UK

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  • Frits Westra
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2001
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      Original Date: 2 Nov 2001 19:38:07 -0000

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      Mystery of hill circle

      [circ.jpg] An unusual and intricate man made circle has been
      photographed by a local man walking in woods on Crickley Hill near

      The discovery was made by Roger Fenton from Stroud during the middle
      of October. Both Mr Fenton and This is Gloucestershire would be
      interested to discover just what it is.

      Mr Fenton said: "About two weeks ago I was walking on Crickley Hill
      near Gloucester, in the woods to the right of the car park as you
      enter. In the woods there is a round depression , it looks like a bomb
      crater, about 30 ft wide and 15 ft deep.

      "You can't see it until you are very close, nor can anyone in it be
      seen easily. On this occasion I found a strange circular pattern at
      the bottom of it, it must have taken some time to make & some trouble.
      "It seems a mystery, I wondered if it is connected with witchcraft.
      "It is made from an outer circle of Cotswold stones then aligned
      sticks pointing to the centre then brown leaves & then green leaves."

      If anyone has any idea whether it is connected with witchcraft, or
      merely a piece of spontaeous autumnal art, please e-mail the editor
      here mailto:dominic.long@... .
      Picture: Roger Fenton's photograph of the circular shape

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