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Fwd = UFO Witness Recalls Incident In 'More Mysterious Oklahoma Book'

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      FarShores UFONews

      Posted Nov 01.01

      UFO Witness Recalls Incident In 'More Mysterious Oklahoma Book'
      [Original headline: The visitors ]

      Nothing was ordinary about what Wes Pitchford saw hovering over Edmond
      36 years ago. He and his wife, Wilma, were sipping iced tea while
      sitting on top of their little watch tower on top of their former home
      located near Interstate 35 and Highway 66. They were not watching for
      unidentified flying objects simply enjoying the warm August night as
      their five children were tucked in bed.

      The 68-year-old pawn shop owner said he cant be certain what he saw
      above his home in 1965, but the object appeared to be a flying saucer.
      It wasnt scary you know but astonishing to see (a UFO) that close out
      here, Wes Pitchford said.

      He and three other witnesses of the UFO were quoted Aug. 3, 1965 on
      the front page of The Sun for haven seen the flying object. Several
      city policemen reported seeing mysterious objects in the skies Sunday
      night and early Monday morning, the story stated.

      The object was brightly lighted and frequently changed color, reported
      now-retired Edmond police officer Joel Cobb. He described the UFO as
      briefly being above his north central Edmond neighborhood before it
      hovering again for a few minutes over Gracelawn Cemetery.

      The article reported that Jack Cook and his daughter spotted a
      brightly lighted UFO diving downward. Cook was traveling west of
      Luther when he spotted the object. Cook has since retired from owning
      an Edmond hardware business. Neither he or Cobb could be reached for
      comment about the UFO sighting.

      Pitchford recalls the UFO having several illuminated portholes. It did
      hover between our house and (Highway) 66. It hovered out there it
      stopped, he said while glancing over an Aug. 3, 1965 Edmond Sun news
      article about the UFO sightings.

      It (states) here that it whooshed on by, going west by southwest,
      which is about right. He doesnt recall telling The Edmond Sun the UFO
      was 28 to 30 feet in diameter, as stated in the article. But it was a
      good size, he recalls. It was kind of round with a hump on top and
      then porthole windows around that, he said.

      Since then, Pitchford has not spotted another one in town. He said a
      lot of people scoffed at the reported UFO sightings and talk of the
      incident became has since become a nearly forgotten topic. I think a
      lot of them think youre kooks, he said while referring with a laugh to
      other peoples reactions of disbelief to UFOs.

      The Edmond UFO sighting is explored in the newly published book, More
      Mysterious Oklahoma by author David A. Farris. Tinker Air Force Base
      reported four UFOs on radar at an altitude of 22,000 feet, according
      to Farris, who lives near the outskirts of southwest Edmond. They were
      also tracked the previous evening by Tinker as well as a Carswell Air
      Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas, he said.

      After the sightings were the lead stories in many state newspapers,
      the U.S. Department of Defense concluded the UFOs were the result of
      scintillating stars, Farris said.

      His book is not conclusive but anecdotal in content. It is intended
      for readers to come to their own conclusions about UFO sightings. But
      certainly there are cases of flying objects which remain unidentified,
      he said.

      Story originally published by:
      The Edmund Sun / OK | James Coburn - Oct 31.01

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