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Re: IUFO NEWS: Orion Queens & Sirian Wolves vs Earth

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  • Cassie
    The struggle for power does go on....as we see even today....apemen vs. reptileman... The Sheti learned mind control methods to control the remaining Star
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      The struggle for power does go on....as we see even today....apemen vs. reptileman... The Sheti learned mind control methods to control the remaining Star people...learned techniques from the ancients...who were these ancients? possibly other Starpeople?...or Rainbow Warriors from the depths?
      The reason I ask...I am really beginning to piece together a pattern here amongst abductees.
      This may not be too popular an idea...but a theory I have been mulling about my overloaded brain these last few days...

      At the risk of sounding nuts...I will explain.
      I have always assumed that the many abductees I have met on the web...were actually abducted by "aliens" or extraterrestrials...for purposes of testing human DNA for possible use with their own...popular sci-fi X -Files stuff...
      I am now...reflecting not just my life...but the many stories I have listened to and thought about....and people I have come to know quite intimately.

      The recent awareness we have had of the silent invasion of the Muslim terrorist network...has made me think quite a lot on our National Department of Defense... and the CIA.
      The implications of what appears to be a project involving many military and aerospace families and their children....followed over lifetimes..since the 60's or maybe even before...for purposes of an "inner defense" system involving our own "sleepers"...each assigned with a job or mission to fulfill...a counter terroristic force of programmed individuals....not by extraterrestrial abductions....but by military abductions...and remote sensory programming techniques. The DNA manipulations...implants...tests...innoculations...all serve a purpose...maybe to produce a designated super race of warriors.... Now, I am not talking about
      our mothers and children as being G.I. Joe's...but more on a level of psi operatives, RVers, survivalists...and crowd control activists....

      I have always wondered why "ALL THESE ABDUCTEES?"...and why these particular people? Abductees are in many countries...but the majority are in the United States....and do come from military and aerospace families.
      Over the years we have heard of shooters, assassins...military men killing their families...mothers killing their young...behaviors that do not reflect the norm for a nurturing society that values life. In the animal kingdom, sometimes when nature does not provide a stable environment, mothers have been known to eat their young rather than bring them into a world of predators. Either society is reacting to a very scarey future...or maybe certain programming attempts on certain individuals has backfired here.

      Many of the abductees I know are having a resurgence of experiences now only they have a quite different slant. They are not just seeing futuristic scenarios of disaster in the USA, receiving downloaded information or history files (fractal orbs)...or experiencing training scenarios and drills as in the past few years....but now they are dreaming of code words and number sequences...binary codes...and activation drills in a war torn America.
      These codes are activation phrases...not created by "aliens"...but by humans.
      More electromagnetic anomalies are happening as well...high pitched tones...ELF and ELM waves being directed at our abductees...this appears to be a wake up call...
      I have always heard that our next World War would be very high tech. I thought that meant through electronic war games....like video games. I now am realising the "high tech" is being used on our psyches...our most powerful resource...as the Nazi doctors brought here through "Operation Paperclip"
      knew all along.
      I cannot say if this is a bad thing or a good thing...I am hoping we are prepared for what is to come. We don't have much of a choice ...I can only hope that we can use these tools in a way to bring peace...but I am sceptical. I would like to say...that hopefully we can utilize this programming for the good of mankind...and overcome any that was put there through the human greed of the perpetrators....be it our government...or the Black OPs.

      I pray that God is watching.....and that this rock which has been rolled uphill as by Syssiphus...is not once again...as in eons past..to roll down upon us leading to the destruction of all...

      God Bless everyone....Cassie

      New creatures were produced to inhabit the planet. One such creature,
      Apa-Mus, was an ape-beast hybrid whose only purpose was to serve and
      to slave in the fields and mines. But this beast was different from
      the others. It could understand orders and could communicate. Princess
      Nin-Hur-Sag had genetically engineered the ape-beast hybrid by using
      her own DNA. The beast grew in intelligence and began to teach his own
      quickly multiplying offspring.

      "When another species of genetically engineered workers -- underground
      - dwelling Sheti Lizards, revolted and seized power, the ruling Star
      Beings fled from the planet. With the opposition out of the way, the
      Sheti used mind-control and programming techniques they learned from
      their masters to alter the memories of the remaining Star Being
      descendants. Mankind's knowledge of Star Beings was replaced with
      myths and legends."

      Sheti dominance has been and continues to be challenged by many other
      star races attempting to regain control of Earth -- and mankind -- for
      their own purposes. The struggle for power goes on.

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