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  • Anthony Chippendale
    Review of 20th Leeds International UFO Conference Leeds University - 21 to 23 September 2001 By Anthony Chippendale Introduction Every year for the past 20
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Review of 20th Leeds International UFO Conference
      Leeds University - 21 to 23 September 2001
      By Anthony Chippendale


      Every year for the past 20 years UFO Magazine UK has held a UFO conference
      in Leeds, England. This year's conference was, in my opinion, the best yet!
      It was a total sell-out and the lecturer's that UFO Magazine editor Graham
      Birdsall lined up for us were great! They included Budd Hopkins, Dr John
      Mack, Nick Pope, Georgina Bruni and more! It all kicked off at 7pm on the

      Friday Evening

      Although the conference wasn't due to start until 7pm I was there at bang on
      6pm when the doors opened. As soon as I walked in, I grabbed my first of
      many bargains that weekend! Sat at a little desk amongst many piles of books
      was researcher Alan F Alford and he was flogging off his personal stock of
      his books at only £5 each! Normal selling price for these (they were
      hardbacks) is £20 each! I grabbed a copy of each of them, which he duly
      signed for me. They were: Gods of the New Millennium, The Phoenix Solution
      and When the Gods Came Down. I can't wait to read them!

      In previous years the Friday evening has been dominated by the showing of
      video footage of recent UFO sightings, this year, however, as many people
      could not attend the Saturday and Sunday as tickets had sold out, they gave
      each of the weekend's speaker fifteen minutes at the lectern to give a
      little talk about what there lectures, during the weekend, would be about.

      First up were Nick Pope and his abductee friend Brigette Grant. Now, for as
      long as I've been attending the Leeds conference (this was my 4th
      conference), Brigette has "tagged along" with Nick, but no one has ever
      known who she was.... I actually thought she was his girlfriend! But this
      weekend we got to know the truth.... she is an abductee, with a very
      interesting tale of a lifetime of experiences with UFOs and the paranormal.

      Next up was Dr John Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist who believes abductions
      are real, followed by New York researcher Budd Hopkins. They both give a
      quick ten-minute overview of what they were going to be talking about in
      their lectures the following day.

      After a thirty-minute interval during which I picked up a copy of the new
      October 2001 issue of UFO Magazine and a copy of the double video "What
      Happened on the Moon?" Georgina Bruni, author of Rendlesham Forest book "You
      can't tell the People" gave us a quick introduction to the new MOD files on
      Rendlesham Forest, which she was going to be elaborating on in her lecture.

      After Georgina came Mexican researcher Santiago Yturria Garza who gave us a
      brief introduction and promised us that during his Sunday afternoon
      presentation we would be seeing some amazing new film footage from Mexico.

      Finally, UFO Magazine's own Russel Callaghan showed us some interesting new
      UFO footage, which he would be expanding on, on Sunday.

      During the evening Graham Birdsall had one little surprise for us, from
      behind the thick black curtain came Canadian Martyn Stubbs who was
      instrumental in bringing the "secret NASA transmissions" to the world.
      Martyn is very ill with a brain tumour and received a very warm welcome from
      the audience.


      Saturday morning, on arriving at the conference auditorium I found my second
      bargain of the weekend! This time, Nick Redfern, British researcher, had a
      stall of all his old books and magazines. He is currently making a permanent
      move to Texas to live with his new girlfriend, who may even become his wife.
      So, he was flogging off all these old paperback books at only £1 each! I
      grabbed nine of them.... they are old 1970s books on Atlantis, Bermuda
      Triangle and a couple of UFO ones. They are CLASSICS and have been out of
      print for decades. It was a great find! CHEERS NICK!

      First up after some introductions from Graham Birdsall was a one-minute
      silence in memory of the tragic victims of the 11 September terrorist
      attacks. During the minute they played some footage of still pictures of the
      World Trade Centre. It was a very moving display.

      Following the one minute silence they played a short five minute video
      called "A Year in Profile" showing a few new UFO clips that have emerged and
      reviews of bits of UFO news that have occurred since the last conference a
      year ago.

      The first speaker of the day, Dr John Mack, came next. Dr Mack is a
      psychiatrist at Harvard University and a winner of the much sought-after
      "Pulitzer Prize". He was written two books on the subject of alien abduction
      titled "Abduction" and "Passport to the Cosmos". He told us of how when he
      announced that he believed that aliens were abducting people; he came under
      investigation and close scrutiny from Harvard University. He also briefly
      discussed his views on abductions and then took some questions from the

      Q: Are there any similarities between the types of people abducted?
      A: No, they come from all socio-economic groups.

      Q: Can we hear of any positive or constructive encounters?
      A: Yes, a common experience during abductions is the abductees been told
      about how we were destroying the world, pollution etc. Experiencers would be
      less negative if the worldview of abductions wasn't so much negative.

      Q: What is your view on "channelled" information?
      A: Not everything that is channelled is true and not everything that is true
      is channelled.

      Following the one-hour luncheon interval, Graham Birdsall introduced two
      special visitors who had made the long journey all the way from S Korea to
      be with us at the conference!

      First up in the afternoon was MOD (Ministry of Defence) employee and UFO
      book author Nick Pope and alleged abductee Brigette Grant. Instead of the
      usual lecture from the lectern, Nick and Brigette took a seat on some
      armchairs and Nick conducted a sort-of "interview" of Brigette, during which
      she recounted the various paranormal experiences that she experienced while
      she was growing up including several ghost and "fairy" sightings. These
      paranormal experiences culminated with an impressive UFO sightings and
      abduction in 1993 in Los Angeles, California, where she was living at the
      time, although she now lives in England.

      Immediately following Nick and Brigette Graham Birdsall, for the benefit of
      those who were absent on the Friday night, once again brought Martyn Stubbs
      out from behind the curtain! The audience showed their appreciation for his
      attendence with a massive ovation of applause.

      Following that it was the turn of Rendlesham Forest investigator and author
      of Rendlesham book "You can't tell the People", Georgina Bruni. Georgina's
      lecture cantered on a review of some new evidence, which has recently come
      to light, including the release of new MOD documents about the incident.
      These new documents are stamped "S/R 2025" which means they were not
      scheduled to be reviewed again until the year 2025. This indicates that the
      documents were recently given an early review and release by someone within
      the UK government or MOD. She also revealed that there are now five new
      written statements by USAF personnel confirming that the incident did occur
      as reported. These new witnesses confirm that they saw alien "humanoids"
      inside the craft, which allegedly landed in Rendlesham Forest. Georgina also
      announced that following extensive research she has discovered that UFOs
      landed in the forest in the late 1800s and even in the 1600s!! She is
      currently researching this for more information.

      The last speaker of the day was New York abduction researcher Budd Hopkins.
      His presentation centred on a review of the 1989 Linda Cortile abduction. He
      showed us some photographs and x-rays of an object that was discovered in
      her nose. He also said that he is in contact with some of the secret service
      officers who allegedly witnessed Linda being floated out of her apartment


      First up on Sunday morning was the executive director of NARCAP (National
      Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena). His presentation focused
      on the risk posed to aircraft by UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).
      Unfortunately, a lot of his presentation, which was based on a slide show,
      was a run-down of some statistics relating to UAP sightings and near air
      misses. He made the important point of "Primary issue should be aviation
      safety, not the probability of occurrence". He also told us of how there
      have been some sightings of UAPs "orbiting" aircraft! Which is very

      Following on from Ted Roe, he took a seat on the armchairs along with former
      British Airways pilot Graham Shepherd and pilot Malcolm Smith along with
      friend/researcher David Cayton. They took several questions from the
      audience and they also discussed the recent World Trade Center disaster.
      Graham Shepherd made the important statement "There is no way to prevent a
      catastrophic event from occurring on an aircraft event." and "All the new
      security measures are purely cosmetic.". Private pilot Malcolm Smith briefly
      told us of his 1997 sighting which involved a large "shadow" which appeared
      over his aircraft.

      Following the luncheon interval, UFO Magazine editor and conference
      organiser Graham Birdsall took to the lectern and gave a presentation
      entitled "Origins". Although his presentation, which was about the links
      between SETI and the Vatican and their researcher into UFOlogy, was
      interesting, there was little new information, a lot of it was "old stuff"
      that he has already spoken about in the magazine and at previous
      conferences. Nevertheless, it was interesting stuff and it was nice to hear
      it all put together in a nice presentation. He also made the statement that
      he believes we have had technological "help along the way" from an ET

      Straight after Graham came UFO Magazine’s website manager and film
      specialist Russel Callaghan who showed us some impressive film footage of
      UFOs around England. He also discussed the claim made in the UK press
      earlier this year that a woman had been paid £20,000 for some UFO footage,
      he dismisses it as "crap"! One interesting piece of footage was shot from a
      police helicopter in Brighton and it shows a cylindrical object flying near
      the helicopter, it was certainly an impressive piece of footage which once
      again affirms my view that ET is visiting us!

      Graham and Russell then took a seat on the armchairs with Martyn Stubbs who
      came out from behind the curtain for a chat with us. He told of how he had
      been making more progress with research into the "secret NASA transmissions"
      and he also told of how this could be his last visit to the UK due to the
      seriousness of his malignant brain tumour. I have to say that I could tell
      that he was ill.

      The final speaker of the day and of the conference was Mexican researcher
      Santiago Yturria Garza who I thought was a great guy!! He's presentation was
      basically an hour-long movie of UFO footage/pictures, which he cleverly
      narrated over. The footage included classic Mexican footage of swarms of
      UFOs including some spheres, but the most interesting was that of
      "humanoids" in the air. The footage wasn't 100% clear but you could easily
      make out these strange humanoid figures just "floating" in the sky. I won't
      say anymore about it because I have my doubts about its authenticity and I
      don't want to comment on it!!


      In conclusion.... I would just like to say a big thank you to Graham
      Birdsall and his team at UFO Magazine (UK) for putting together a great
      conference. This year's conference was the best so far with good audience
      participation and some very interesting lectures and topics discussed.

      Anthony Chippendale

      - Anthony Chippendale
      ICQ: 48472589

      When you are true to yourself and open your heart and mind, the
      possibilites are endless.

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