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9767Re: [UFOnet] Re: Georgina Bruni interview 31/8/01

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  • Reinhard.Nuehlen@t-online.de
    Sep 3, 2001
      hi Joe,
      thanks for your immediate reply. I am the president of DEGUFO e.V, ( German
      UFO-Research Organisation)
      and of course I am interested in this case, as well as this book, may be it
      is possible to receive a copy so we can do a review in our magazine
      "DEGUFORUM" based on this interview I would like to contact Gorgina to
      discuss further details and possibilities of cooperation in the future. In
      2003 wehave the 10th anniversary of DEGUFO and may be there is a chance to
      invite some people from uk to this event doing some speeches or so.
      looking forward to hearing from you
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      > --- In ufonet@y..., Reinhard.Nuehlen@t... wrote:
      > > is it possible to get some more detailed information regarding this
      > > inteview. has it already been sent on air?
      > Yes, the programme was broadcast last Friday, on a BBC local radio
      > staion, BBC West Midlands. The post that you replied to was (almost)
      > a literal transcript of the interview. I edited out some spurious
      > words (to make it easier to read, not to change the meaning or
      > context of the interview), and I trimmed off the introduction and
      > termination of the programme, which was simply a welcome and a
      > farewell to Georgina.
      > If you require the original transcript (before editing), I can send
      > it to you, but it adds nothing to the material content.
      > > who us 'Georgina Bruni' and does she have an e-mail adress or
      > homepage to
      > > get in contact with.
      > Georgina is the author of the book "You can't tell the people", a
      > detailed account of the events surrounding the Rendlesham Forest
      > incident, and (in my opinion) a good book to use to try to understand
      > the complicated events.
      > If you send me a personal email, stating why you want to get in touch
      > with Georgina, I will be happy to forward it on to her in confidence.
      > Cheers, Joe
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