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9737Re: [UFOnet] Crop Circles.....

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  • rinus nienhuis
    Aug 31, 2001
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      I cannot believe that you come up with this statement but there is no
      reason to believe...i see it with my own eyes
      What's the reason for you to come up with this ?
      Do you want just throw something like this on this list and see what
      <then it is just the opposite -people spend their valuable time on
      your mail and all they get is more of the same of you
      Do you want us to take you seriously?
      Why don't react much earlier-since a long time ago there were also many
      on cropcircles overhere on this list
      Come at least with facts Why you think it is all man-made
      There are so many unanswered questions concerning cropcircles and all
      you say
      it is all man-made
      i can come up with a lot of these unanswered questions but you put
      something like this in the group-totally unbacked with facts
      you come up with your explanations!

      John locker schreef:

      > I cannot belive that so much valuable bandwidth is being wasted
      > discussing
      > what is no more than an "organic art form"
      > I take my hat off to the guys who create the formations , they asre
      > doing an
      > excellent job....but that's all they are , works of art.
      > It's time to get real again....there's no alien or paranormal
      > connection....period.
      > Regards,
      > John.
      > UK.
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