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  • John locker
    Aug 31, 2001
      Hi Joe,

      > Thanks for the reply, John,
      > I don't reject the possibiity that that particular (or any other)
      > formation could be man-made, but I find it difficult to accept. I
      > would be convinced if a team could accurately reproduce it in similar
      > conditions to the original, in the same timescale, without leaving
      > traces (other than the video!).

      Well of course they work very quickly , and enter and leave via existing
      farm machinery tracks.

      >This is a viable possibility, if an
      > agreeable farmer could be found, funds for compensation be raised,
      > and volunteers with similar views to yours to attempt the
      > reproduction could be found.

      I think you'll find that most of the farmers involved are happy to let this
      happen , on the basis that visitors put a pound in a conveniently placed
      bucket . The income far outways the value of the lost crops....but whether
      anyone would come forward to give a "public" demonstration is another

      > Out of interest, you may like to attempt to recreate the formation I
      > referred to on paper for yourself, I think you may find that the
      > excercise will cause you to be less sure that they are all man-made.
      > I expected it to be an easy task, but it wasn't, and that was a
      > turning point in my outlook.

      I wish I was talented enough to even give it a go.....I never was very good
      at trigonometry at school...couldn't even get my spyrograph to work properly
      As I say , it's an art form...requiring special artistic ability , enhanced
      no doubt by a few glasses of ale on a warm summers evening !
      Of course people flaunting around in the middle of the formations professing
      to "feel the force" simply adds to the mystique...perhaps they've had a few
      ales too !

      Have fun,

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