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  • John locker
    Aug 31, 2001
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      Hi Joe,

      Never dismiss the formations on the basis of complexity....the people who
      create the patterns are highly skilled , the tools they use very simple.
      Glowing "balls" on video , in the vicinity of formations often surface ,
      their explanations almost as numerous as the events themselves.
      I suspect that even if those who had created the formations came forward and
      demonstrated their skills , there would still be those who would not believe
      them......simply because it is easier to associate them with the paranormal
      , than accept the mundane.



      > Sorry, John, I have to disagree with you on this. Recently, I set out
      > my rationale for this view on the ufologyinuk list, I reproduce my
      > comments below:
      > "I concede that the majority of circles/pictograms etc are man-made.
      > There are two reasons why I think that some may not be.
      > 1. I tried to reproduce a formation on paper, using geometric
      > instruments. It took me over an hour to do so. The formation was
      > reported to have been created overnight, and to a high degree of
      > accuracy. It would be extremely difficult to create this particular
      > formation on the ground, in my opinion, in the darkness, without
      > leaving obvious traces of human activity.
      > 2. On 4/3/00, I attended a UFO conference in Chorley (see
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ufologyinuk/message/708) at which I saw
      > a video taken by Andrew Buckley. In it, close to the site of a circle
      > formation a luminous globe was filmed (in daylight). The globe
      > reversed direction during the film, and there was no indication of
      > strong wind, suggesting that it was able to move of it's own
      > volition. It also levitated to about 12' above the ground, which in
      > my view validated it's classification as a UFO.
      > While neither of the above show any direct link between UFO's and
      > crop circles, they do suggest that a link is possible.
      > This doesn't mean that I believe that aliens create corn circles, but
      > that I accept that there may be a link between UFO's and some crop
      > formations.
      > I certainly reject the suggestion (or in some cases, the assertion)put
      > forward by some that these formations are an attempt by non-terresrial
      > intelligences to communicate with humans. There are many, easier, more
      > direct methods of communication available, which would not be so
      > ambiguous."
      > The formation I was referring to in point 1 was the formation spotted
      > in 1991 at Barbury Castle, Wiltshire. I found a detailed drawing of
      > it at:
      > http://www.ioon.net/cropcircles/bc91/triangle.html
      > and the database entry at:
      > http://www.cropcircleresearch.com/cgi-bin/CCdb?d=uk91an
      > There was a difference of opinion on the date that the formation was
      > discovered, but I am assured by Paul Vigay that the correct date was
      > 17/7/91, quoting "Ciphers in the crops" edited by Beth Davis - p.29

      > as a reference.
      > Since I wrote that, I found another example of balls of light in
      > close proximity to a crop circle, the video can be viewed at:
      > >
      > Regards, Joe
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