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87495 word dimensions

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  • Ted
    Jun 30, 2001
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      July 1, 2001

      Kaluza theory claims that
      we live in a 5 dimensional world.

      Let's give each dimension a characteristic name.

      1&2: Europe, Asia

      Dimension 1 and 2 may be called Europe and Asia,
      symbolizing extension from east to west and from
      north to south: area.

      3: Australia

      The 3rd dimension may be called Australia, because
      Australia is located in a distance of 22.000 km in every
      direction, what shows that we are living on a curved
      surface and Australia's real position may be determined
      in a height of -12.000 km below the Old World.

      0,4: Africa

      Dimension 4 or Zero, the time, then is Africa,
      the cradle of mankind for 2 million years.

      5: America

      The new 5th Dimension we may give the name of the New World,
      which stands for progressive modernity, high-tech, world leadership,
      and because in North America we find a five-cornered shape.