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  • Roger Anderton
    May 31, 2001
      Tesla is in the History books, but is not given enough prominence, he is

      As well as political reasons for suppressing much of what Tesla was about,
      there seem also religious reasons.

      A lot of people seem to want to believe in certain things, and suppress
      evidence to the contrary. Tesla's insights into Electromagnetism lead to the
      physics of how telepathy works, and there has been a great deal of effort to
      debunk data from the parapsychologists over the past hundred years on that
      subject. The implications of telepathy being real leads to the other
      paranormal topics being real as well, and Homo Religious wants to believe
      false ideas in such topics.

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      > I think that suppression and repression of the alternative sciences, such
      > as Tesla's and others, is quite evident in our society. Just look at
      > what happened with Dr. John Mack when he published his new theories of
      > the Abduction phenomena, Harvard tried to kick him out, he almost had to
      > go to court to keep his tenure. Anyone who has a master's degree from a
      > University knows that to have a thesis passed and supported, the only way
      > you can get a master's degree, is by the approval of a professor.
      > Professors are not fond of thesis' presenting new field expanding
      > research or theories, the rule seems to be 'support the science already
      > there or take a hike'. Not only is it quite evident to anyone that
      > Universities suppress science but also the Government. And guess who
      > funds alot of University projects? You are right if you answered 'Old
      > Sam'.
      > If there isn't any suppression of science, then why did Thomas
      > Edison get all the credit for electricity, which he stole from Tesla, and
      > why is Tesla's name not in the history books. Also, why is it that we
      > have to pay for heat and electricity when we could all have free energy
      > devices in our backyard? Peace and Love, Sophia
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