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  • Tim Edwards
    May 3, 2001
      Subject: Disclosure Project web sit is up!

      Dear Friends,

      Things are happening fast. The disclosure press conference is set for

      May 9, 2001, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Eastern Time at the Washington Press Club
      (7-9 a.m. Denver Time).

      You can watch it live at:


      They will hopefully archive it so you can watch it later also, but no
      guarantees, as I do not know for a fact that they will archive, or that
      they won't have "technical" problems. I will be there, but the camera
      seems to be fixed on the speakers podium, so I probably won't get a
      chance to wave at you.

      The "Disclosure Project" web site is now up at:


      I suggest you check it out, and read everything on there! There is a
      good sampling of the testimony we will be presenting in the full
      briefing, as well as a good discussion of the implications of our
      disclosure. It would be wise to be well versed in the implications so
      that you can calmly, rationally, and authoritatively explain them to
      your friends after it hits the news.

      Now is the time to be very informed and ready to lead. It would also be
      very helpful if you contact your Senators and Congressman NOW, and ask
      that they attend. Also, contact your mainstream media (No tabloids,
      please!) and ask that they cover the event. It would be especially
      helpful if you personally know any media people, but even if not, just
      say that you are a viewer or reader, know that this event is happening,
      and want to see some coverage. One request probably won't get much
      attention, but if they get enough request, they may perk up their ears
      and cover it. You can copy press releases from the Disclosure Project
      website to use with the media.

      This is what it is all about, and NOW is the time for action. Wish us

      Midwest Research
      Ron Russell
      Box 460760
      Aurora, CO 80046 USA
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