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7763Re: Parkes Observatory In Oz Detects 'ET Signal'? - Harrison

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  • Joe McGonagle
    May 1, 2001
      ----- Original Message ----- Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 14:51:22 +1000
      To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@...>
      From: Diane Harrison Director AUFORN
      Subject: Re: Parkes Observatory In Oz Detects 'ET Signal'?

      >From: UFO UpDates - Toronto

      >Source: http://sightings.com/general10/obz.htm

      >Swiss Radio Says ET Signal Detected By Parkes Observatory In Oz

      >By Gregory Palast <gregory.palast@...>

      >The Observer - London

      > From Rumor Mill News


      >Note - The Swiss radio report indicates the signals have been
      >picked up by the Parkes Observatory in Australia. The Swiss
      >site's announcement is in French. -ed


      Hi everyone, Jeff

      This is what I found out

      Parkes Observatory In Oz Detects 'ET Signal'?

      Quote: Carol Oliver of Ceti Australia said: Ceti is not

      Quote: John Sarkissian of Park Observatory said: theyt're not

      The story goes like this.

      John said: Quote: "Nothing has happened here we have had _no_
      signal at all". But he had heard that 2 student's at a Swiss
      Science festival in Geneva were quoted as saying that they had
      heard that Parks observatory are looking for signals of an
      extraterrestrial origin.

      John said, quote, "I think the media just misunderstood the
      student's and ran with the ET story". He then gave me Carol
      Olivers of Ceti Australia Telephone number to call for more

      Carol said, quote, "We at Ceti in Australia have not received
      any signal of ET origin. However I was tipped off by a science
      friend in London last night that the media were running with
      the ET signal story over there, so I have been expecting some
      phone calls just like yours."

      Carol explained and emphasised neither Parks nor Ceti Aust knew
      anything of the joke until last night and are in no way

      After speaking with Carol it would appear that the Internet
      media are all part of an experiment. "Yes a joke".

      Carol informed me that she had heard that all would be revealed
      on Friday when a 3 meter high statue of some-kind will be
      mounted in a town square in Geneva to end the Festival of

      The joke was to see how fast the media spread the story. Carol
      said, "The Australian media have been quite good and have not
      participated in the joke much. However Carol pointed out that
      our conversation would add to part of the experiment to which we
      both light heartedly laughed.

      She also point out that her phone had been running hot and she
      has been unable to get on with her job. No more calls please.

      The only part of the experiment I will admit to is finding out
      the validity of the story for everyone out there. So, the Jokes
      on the media.... I guess.

      Carol's final comment... "Never believe everything you read."

      Cheers all


      Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 11:23:11 +1000
      To: jr-rense.com
      From: Diane Harrison Director AUFORN <tkbnetw@...>
      Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Parkes Observatory In Oz Detects 'ET Signal'?

      Hi Jeff

      I'm right on to this one Parks is going to call me today with an
      explanation so I will keep you all informed as to the validity
      of the information below.

      A lady stated, "It would appear the french know more than we at


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