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7477Who is Albert Budden?

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  • S A L
    Mar 31, 2001
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      Who is Albert Budden?

      The British Albert Budden, B.Ed.(Bachelor of Education Degree), is an
      investigator specializing in the scientific study of the paranormal as well
      as electromagnetics and health. He is the author of several books
      wherein he posits that UFOs and Aliens are hallucinations triggered in EH
      (Electromagnetic Hypersensitive) individuals by the Electromagnetic

      Albert Budden seems to be a senior scientific officer at the Natural History
      Museum, member of the Environmental Medicine Foundation and a former
      scientist with the Scientific Civil Service.

      But I can't find any confirmation on that.

      Albert Budden seems also to be an arch skeptic and debunker.

      The Study of Anthropoid Life forms (SAL)
      studies the nonhypnotic regression stories
      about sightings of human-like creatures.


      c/o Die Toilluds PostApart 89001
      7550 MA Hengelo (Ov) The Netherlands

      URL: http://home.hetnet.nl/~wc/
      (wc = weird creatures)

      Some of Albert Budden's books:

      Psychic Close Encounters (The Ufo Files)
      Blandford (1999) ISBN: 0713727993

      Electric Ufos:
      Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States
      Blandford (1998) ISBN: 0713726857

      The Poltergeist Machine:
      The Hutchison Effect-A Lift and Disruption System
      Discovery Times Press (1996)

      Psychic Close Encounters:
      The Electromagnetic Indictment
      Blandford (1995) ISBN: 0713724218

      The Visitation Expirience:
      An Environmental Health Issue.
      Discovery Times Press (1994) ISBN: 1899071008
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