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6992RE: and enhancement...What would ET say?

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  • Michael
    Feb 3, 2001
      Hi Sandy,
      No disrespect....... I don't feel to look
      at the photograph. I'm very careful what
      impressions I let in, and what company
      I keep...... I usually just keep the company
      of Spirit, and ET...... the ones flying the
      circles, and sending the TV Voice-Over
      messages etc.
      I know the atral is there....... I guess these
      gooks do exist - but I don't give it any
      "Don't give it any energy" is quite
      applicable, isn't it, in this regard.
      I keep my spirits high, my belief in
      something good coming soon
      - if we keep our efforts up.
      So I keep my efforts............. U P
      I have nothing to lose and everything
      to gain................ we may even gain
      something wonderful - now that's
      worth making a bid for.
      If you don't give any energy to that wee
      guy, or two, in your aura (I guess these
      varmits are everywhere and are no big
      deal, as they are only astral)........ then
      they'll dry up and go off. Thought is
      energy. Don't think about them.
      If you've got this as a physical photo,
      sling it today. It's not important.
      Don't give it any energy. Take it off
      your PC too.
      Do something good, and useful,
      something creative, something you
      enjoy - and then never give this subject
      another thought. If the subject comes up
      again, just let it glide across your mind
      like passing trafffic....... and head
      towards a more useful thought. That's
      what I do with all my thoughts nowadays.
      I keep the delete key handy (a very
      useful item/function) ..... and I defrag and
      optimise myself in every millisecond.

      In a message dated 02/03/2001 1:34:47 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      PHILJCROCK@... writes:

      << This may simply be to keep us off balance, or perhaps to feed off the
      resulting negativity. I have recently begun to wonder if the bad guys are
      parasitic on us or on our unorganised and undirected energy in some way. >>

      This is an enhancement I did of an Aura photo taken of me in Gulf Breeze,
      Florida in 1998 while attending the Project Awareness Conference. When the
      photo was taken, a being could be seen on my left side. A second photo about
      15 minutes later showed that the being had moved closer to me. There maybe
      also several other beings in the photo as well, but rather blured. What I
      found striking in the enhancement is what seems to be the being feeding off
      my energy. I will send the original photo after this e-mail. Sometimes it is
      rather hard to make out the being when sent as an upload.

      Sandy Nichols
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