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6680Re: UFOnet: Fwd = Earth Lights and the Re-Invention of Ufology

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  • Roger Anderton
    Jan 7, 2001
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      I would have thought that with the hares all running around in different directions, that some of them would have accidentally run over the finishing line without realising it. The biggest complication - if we do not know when the hares get to the finishing line, how do we know when the tortoise does. (Points now taken up more seriously in e-mail: A Conspiracy of some Gravity)

      Budden is just another hare that followed the tortoise so far and then ran off thinking he knew the path the tortoise was following. One of his books is - Psychic Close Encounters published by Blandord 1999.

      Hutchison claims to have a machine that can levitate objects, but it take a long time before it leviates an object, then gets embroiled in the usual stories of suppression, being ignored by the orthodoxy and cover up from mysterious people.

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      From: Ted Lev
      Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2001 9:51 PM
      Subject: Re: UFOnet: Fwd = Earth Lights and the Re-Invention of Ufology

      Hello Roger,

      the text was forwarded by Fritz and needs not to be his opinion.

      When the hares are running around the tortoise, it will still be the
      path of the tortoise, althoug it is much slower.

      What did Budden and Hutchinson do ?

      When I read ETH, first time I thought of the ETH Z├╝rich, were I have been.
      Funny, isn't it ?


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