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  • Frits Westra
    Dec 1, 2000
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      On 1st December 2000, "Joe McGonagle" <joe@...>

      >I have just finished reading the document referred to by
      >Alfredo at http://www.nidsci.org/articles/pdf/hessdalen.pdf
      >and was very impressed. Although there is still a lot of
      >analysis to be carried out, the initial results appear to go
      >a long way towards explaining a high proportion of previously
      >unexplained UFO sightings. The document is quite technical,
      >and, to be frank, I probably only understood about 75% of it,
      >but the Italian and Norwegian teams are to be congratulated
      >on achieving the results so far. It should only be a matter
      >of time before the mechanism of this phenomenon is
      >understood. Thanks to all those involved for an excellent
      >example of Scientific field work, and for Alfredo for
      >bringing it to our attention! Joe

      Thanks Joe, for your message.

      I fully subscribe to the above. I too have much admiration for Dr.
      Teodorani and his EMBLA team. They indeed deserve our congratulations.
      Here we have group of scientists who show the courage to tackle a UFO
      phenomenon. This is the help that Erling Strand (who started the research
      in Hessdalen in the early 80s) of Project Hessdalen needed so much.

      A non-PDF version of the report EMBLA's Hessdalen research can be
      found here (it's the preliminary report) :


      During their stay in Hessdalen last August the EMBLA team observed quite
      some interesting anomalous light phenomena (which some among us would call
      "UFOs"). I found one of the the most remarkable sightings by this
      scientific team the "dark triangle". A quote form the EMBLA report:

      <start quote>

      TYPE 5: Three co-moving lights in the sky: the "Triangle".
      Distance: undetermined, Direction: from south to north,
      Position: moving in the sky from 20 deg (low over horizon) up to
      80 deg along a maximum circle which was close to the zenith,
      Speed: about 30 deg/min, Color: white-yellow, Noise: none,
      Duration: 2-3 minutes, Regime of motion: complex of 3
      co-moving lights in an exact triangular disposition, which first
      moved linearly and slowly towards the observers, then
      stopped for 5-10 seconds at an height of about 80 deg while doing a
      90 deg rotation around its axis, lastly slowly disappeared (about
      over the observers vertical), Number of Events: 1, Luminosity:
      slowly changing from Jupiter-like intensity to star-like
      intensity, Shape: point-like lights disposed in a geometrical
      configuration (exact equilateral triangle) - underlying dark
      triangular object visible with binoculars, Radioactivity:
      normal level, Height above ground: undetermined, Angular
      Dimensions of the Triangular Complex: 3-5 deg, Time: 24.00 -
      24.15, Witnesses: 4 (2 groups), Sighting Locations:
      Asp�skj�len and near Finns�h�gda. Report type: visual,
      binocular, intensified/IR and Geiger.

      <end quote>

      To our Dutch subscribers:

      The upcoming UFO Newsletter (UFO-Nieuwsbrief) will feature a translation
      into Dutch of the preliminary EMBLA report by dr. Massimo Teodorani and
      his colleagues.

      Frits Westra -- fwestra@...
      UFOnet Moderator