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598GLOBAL MEDITATION, April 1 - 7, 12 noon to 12:12 each day

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  • Patti Jeane Spencer
    Mar 31, 1999
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      A few days ago I circulated a channeled message I had received
      from my ET contact that if we on earth will take a few minutes a
      day to pray for world peace and the situation especially in
      Bosnia at this time, that it will give permission to the ET forces
      to help alleviate the suffering as they cannot interfere with our
      free will unless they are asked and by our prayers and the
      lightworkers sending light to the situation, it releases them, by
      the God force, to give some aid to those that are suffering. Non-
      interference is a spiritual law of the universe that is kept by the
      members of the various Federations. The following is being
      circulated now by other Lightworkers and it would be good if all
      would just take a few moments to pray in their own way the next
      seven days and we can see a great change on earth as each one
      that joins in the prayer for peace adds expotentially to the light
      and to that peace.

      Patti Jeane

      > Hello everyone
      > In view of the critical situation in the Balkans, a number of
      > networks like this one are joining together to circulate the
      > Meditation Alert.
      > Please forward to your own personal network of contacts.
      > Let us all join together to shift this situation towards peace,
      > forgiveness and reconciliation.
      > May Peace Prevail on Earth
      > Jean Hudon
      > Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
      > http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000
      > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      > Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999
      > From: Barbara Wolf <bjwolf@...>
      > Hello everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
      > http://www.globalmeditations.com
      > We are faced with a serious problem in the Balkans, and this
      > imbalance and turmoil.
      > You are asked to join a
      > GLOBAL MEDITATION, April 1 - 7, 12 noon to 12:12 each day,
      > in every time zone, to RESTORE BALANCE to the earth and to
      > You are asked to pray and meditate to bring PEACE to all the
      Earth and to
      > LIVE PEACE each day in yourself/city/town/country/the Earth.
      > Several global networks will be joining you,
      > such as Earth Link Mission, http://www.earthlinkmission.org
      > and Lightshift2000, http://www.lightshift.com
      > and Earth Rainbow Network,
      > You may wish to reference some of the special peace prayers
      > http://www.lightshift.com/Prayers/index.htm
      > To join with others is UNITY in action. You become part of a
      > great Wave of Consciousness, helping in your own unique way
      to bring
      > PEACE to the earth. Each has value. One plus one plus one
      plus one
      > becomes thousands, millions, all riding the same wave of
      consciousness to
      > help restore Balance and Peace.
      > Love and Light,
      > Barbara

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