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5787Re: UFOnet: Re:Dave...A rod in a photo...here it is.

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  • petergijs
    Oct 2, 2000
      Hello Sandy,

      Examined your photo with Photoshop, and knowing just a little bit about that
      program, the rod in your photo seems to me not a 3-D object. It has no
      depth. I think it's a lens-flare, from bouncing back light rays from the
      bright snow into your lens.

      Who knows for sure?



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      > In a message dated 10/01/2000 5:05:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
      > littlegreys@... writes:
      > << Dear Sandy,
      > I would be really interested in you rods picture. Are you the same Sandy
      > Nichols who has experienced abductions??? >>
      > Hey Dave,
      > Yes, I am.........since I was at least 6 years of age and still
      > ongoing.........
      > And here is a scanned image of the rod which is in the upper left corner
      > the photo. I was actually standing on a step ladder on my deck taking a
      > of snow in two parts of my backyard that would not melt even though it was
      > direct sunlight for most of the day, and the temp. had been climbing into
      > 40, 50, and even 60's. for over a month (I live in Middle Tennessee). This
      > photo was taken sometime in Feb. or March of 2000. Someone pointed out the
      > rod image, because I had not noticed it in the photo before. I know that
      > is not the camera strap.....I am very careful when taking photos not
      > little things like that screw up a photo...........
      > Let me know what you think please.
      > Sandy Nichols
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