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5367Re: UFOnet: Re: "Sorry, I disagree with everything you have said."

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  • Roger Anderton
    Sep 1, 2000
      From looking at the tangible evidence approach: If the ancients had
      telescopes, the question is what else were they capable of. Galileo's
      telescope is supposedly a main impetus for our scientific revolution.

      If we just accept the story from them that 'Sirians came to Earth and told
      them about Sirius B' then we merely have to realign conventional thought to
      agree with them, mystery of alien visitation solved.

      This is however diverting from the point I was trying to make that
      scientists fit facts into their belief system, rather than allow facts tell
      them what to believe. Which is a big discrepancy from the adverts of how
      conventional science is supposed to proceed.

      As to my disagreement with your earlier beliefs, one of the things you said
      was that the alternative approach to science was theology. I disagree, the
      alternative to orthodox science is another science. Theology is something
      that gets tacked on afterwards. Unfortunately there are numerous adverts as
      to why orthodox science is the genuine article, when actually we have been
      sold a fake.

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      > Why do you write that you disagree with everything I have said and
      > go on to agree with everything I wrote? We are not communicating very
      > I have Temple's book, and I have read it. ISBN: 0 8600 7502 8 You think
      > you can jam it in to conventional context with the off hand remark that
      > "there were ancient lenses"? If you read the Note on page 290-291 you
      > know that a lot more was required to discover the companion of Sirius than
      > "lenses." Also, besides the hexagonal mask and consideration of emulsion
      > contraction, there's the fact that Dr. Lindenblad knew exactly what to
      > for because he wasn't making a discovery, he was checking the Dogon's
      > discovery! The Dogon never claimed to have lenses! They claimed the
      > Sirians came to Earth and told them about Sirius B! Or is that too
      > "unconventional" for you to swallow? Open your mind.
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      > the scientific method"
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