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  • John locker
    Aug 3, 2000
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      From the SeeSat mailing list for March 4 1996 a description of the tether as
      viewed from Hawai'i

      "This morning Honolulu had a great view of the untethered satellite as it
      passed about 42 degrees up in our sky. It was very obvious and lots of
      ohh's and ahhh's were heard from the group of early risers who braved the
      cold winds that made us "Hawaii weather wimps" shiver!

      One TV crew was even able to catch it on video! The tether was about 3
      moon diameters across with a brighter point at one end (like a
      pinhead). Although Hawai'i seems to be much favored compared with most of
      the US, however, if it does enter your sky, don't miss it - it's
      spectacular! Also, make sure that you are using the latest elements since
      they are changing daily. This satellite has about 600X's more drag than
      most other satellites!"

      The shoe string wide tether.....viewed with the naked eye.

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      John locker
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