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4956Re: UFOnet: Re: The Smoking Gun Tape

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  • Autymn D. C.
    Aug 2, 2000
      Subject: Re: UFOnet: Re: The Smoking Gun Tape
      From: John locker, satcom@...

      >Firstly , the tether was only a few centimetres wide...fact.
      >Secondly you are showing a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes
      >to observing objects in space.
      >The tether had no luminance of its own unless lit by sunlight , and or the
      >possible effects of the plasma shield.
      Hi, I'm new to the list.

      I have a few questions on how carefully you actually looked at the
      picture. Even if the tether was a few cm wide, at what distance and/or
      magnification was the footage taken? It takes up a very wide black
      space. Also, set the slider to 4/7 of the way and just as the object
      leaves the tether. Don't you see a shadow cast on the illuminated
      portion of the tether, that was clearly not within the object's outline,
      which meant that the object was between the light source and tether?
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