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  • Frits Westra
    Jun 30, 2000
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      Volume 5
      Number 26
      June 29, 2000

      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      Mailbox: Masinaigan@...


      "Not only is there water on Mars, but it springs from rock layers
      surprisingly close to the surface, NASA scientists say."

      "'Just pound a pipe into one of these layers and stand back,' says
      Kenneth Edgett of Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego
      (California), one of the authors of a Mars study unveiled by NASA
      Thursday," June 22, 2000.

      "Waterchannel images captured by the space agency's Mars Global
      Surveyor were disclosed a week early in response to intense public
      interest and sometimes inaccurate speculation."

      "The discovery shocked scientists who believed that liquid water had
      disappeared from Mars at least three billion years ago and that the
      planet's thin, frigid atmosphere would quickly absorb any liquid."

      "Photos of various Martian 'gullies' and other small features were
      shown at the NASA briefing. Since July (1999), researchers have
      discovered about 200 such channels, mostly in moderate latitudes of
      the southern hemisphere, carved in the walls of craters, valleys and

      "These dry channels differ from terrain shaped by landslides or lava.
      They possess curvy shapes and deep, narrow channels that resemble
      streams on Earth."

      "Apparently water occasionally bursts from rock strata about 500 feet
      below ground. The strata exposed on slope walls were thought to be two
      to three miles deeper."

      Still, "the discovery of water channels on Mars that appear to have
      been carved out in recent times present some puzzling problems for

      "'I was dragged kicking and screaming into seeing these features,'
      says Kenneth Edgett of Malin Space Sciences Systems in San Diego."

      "Edgett did the first interpretation of the images of about 200
      'gullies,' culled from 65,000 photographs taken by the orbiting Mars
      Global Surveyor in the last year."

      "Scientists had believed that water could stay liquid only in warmer
      Martian rock, miles below the surface and safe from the planet's thin,
      frigid air."

      "'I'm having trouble reconciling these compelling images with what we
      know about conditions on Mars,' says geologist Michael Carr of the
      U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California." (See USA Today for
      June 23, 2000, "Water springs forth on Mars," page 1A and "Discovery
      confuses knowledge of Mars," page 2A.) (Editor's Comment: Clearly Mars
      is a lot more geologically active than we previously thought. There
      must be many geothermal features close to the surface. Good news for
      future Mars pioneers hoping to heat and power their homes. This may
      also explain the mysterious lights seen in previous centuries by Earth
      astronomers. They must have been vast glowing lava flows visible on
      Mars's night side.)


      "Seventeen persons gathered at a family reunion" at Concepcion del
      Bermejo, a small town in northern Argentina, "claim to have seen and
      beaten a lobizon (Spanish for werewolf--J.T.) between midnight and
      12"30 a.m. yesterday morning," Thursday, June 22, 2000.

      "The event, recounted by members of the Ovejero and Gomex families,
      who reside in the community, took place early yesterday morning..."

      Concepcion del Bermejo is located on Ruta Nacional (National Route) 16
      west of the city of Saenz Pena.

      "Eva Castillo, one of the family members, told" the Argentinian
      newspaper Norte "that the first one to detect the presence of the
      strange being was her nephew, Marcelo, 11, who noticed that 'it was
      attacking his little dog, and opened the window to see what was going

      "Marcelo saw 'there was a strange creature standing next to the deck
      we have for the chickens and the ducks to drink water.'"

      Another family member said, "We went outside to see what was going on
      because the dogs started 'bullfighting' with it."

      "'Look, I don't believe in the Lobizon or the Almamula (another
      legendary Argentinian "manimal"--J.T.) either. I always thought they
      were lies people told, but after what happened to us...let me tell
      you, we all saw that thing and gave it a holy beating. As if nothing
      had happened, it got up and went away,' stated Jesus Alcides Gomez,
      who along with other members of the family rained blows on an unknown
      animal" using sticks, garden hoes and bricks.

      Sra. Castillo said, "We went with Alcides because the lobizon chased
      Marcelito, forcing him to climb into a zorra (flatbed truck--J.T.) to
      avoid being injured."

      Witnesses said "the creature appeared in the yard and resembled a dog
      with large hanging ears and legs resembling those of a child."

      "The witnesses stated that they were 'attacked by the beast' and
      defended themselves with a variety of objects until they managed to
      corner it in a room, and 'there it was beaten with sticks, hoes and
      bricks...The creature didn't even squeal,' they indicated, 'and we
      took it outside again, since it looked dead, and tied it to a tree.
      But as you can see, it took off running and crossed the highway as if
      we'd inflicted no injury to it.'"

      Old-timers in Concepcion del Bermejo "insisted that appearances of the
      Lobizon were quite common in the past."

      In Argentina, people believe that the seventh son of a seventh son
      turns into the Lobizon at midnight on the night of the full moon,
      particularly if this occurs on a Friday. Col. Juan Domingo Peron, who
      was president of Argentina from 1943 to 1955, ordered that all
      "seventh sons" be baptized in public ceremonies as a means of stamping
      out this superstition.

      When the creature fled, the families telephoned the police. The crime
      scene was investigated by Deputy Sheriff de la Cruz who "collected
      samples of blood, yellow and brown hair found on one of the hoe, along
      with 'some kind of peppers it expelled through its anus.'"

      The samples will be sent elsewhere "for biochemical analysis," Deputy
      de la Cruz said.

      Another witnes also claims to have seen the Lobizon that night.

      "Odilio Pontes, is the attendant of a gas station located along Ruta
      16 precisely towards where the Lobizon vanished. 'Around 1:30 in the
      morning, I saw a strange dog that appeared to be hiding behind the
      diesel pump, and I felt a sensation of fear and looked through the
      glass without opening the door. I managed to see that it was all
      bloody on parts of its tail,' he stated."

      Pontes added that the mysterious canine "headed for town" and 'had
      long hair, somewhat dark brown in color, long ears and its eyes darted
      everywhere. Seriously, I don't believe in any of this, but I felt a
      sensation of fear. I don't know why, but seeing that the tail was half
      cut-off and all the blood it left on the ground, made me feel
      scared.'" (See the newspaper Norte for June 23, 2000, "Concepcion del
      Bermejo convulsed by Wolfman apparition," and June 24, 2000, "Numerous
      residents of Concepcion del Bermejo claim having seen Wolfman." Mcuhas
      gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other
      Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico y tambien Gloria Coluchi para sas
      historias de diario.) (Editor's Comment: So there have been other
      Lobizon appearances in that town, eh? Could be that Concepcion del
      Bermejo is an interdimensional nexus point. It would be interesting to
      see if the other Lobizon sightings coincided with peaks in solar
      activity like the Year 2000 cycle.)


      The hunt for Chupacabras was hampered last week by unusually severe
      winter storms in Chile. Also, the nation's border with neighboring
      Argentina has been closed.

      "Chile declared a state of emergency in several cities after two days
      of heavy rain flooded large areas of the country. Authorities provided
      shelter for thousands of people, and schools and government offices
      were closed."

      "Many streets turned into rivers, and public transportation was
      severely disrupted. Santiago (de Chile, the national capital) and the
      port city of Valparaiso were declared catastrophic areas, which let
      the government allocate emergency resources and use public buildings
      as shelters." (See USA Today for June 15, 2000, "Chile declares
      emergency to combat floods.")

      "Argentina's Ministry of Transportation announced Wednesday (June 21,
      2000) that heavy snowstorms have blocked access to the mountain pass
      between Chile and the (Argentinian) province of Mendoza."

      "'The pass is closed. Vehicles can no longer reach the vicinity of
      Uspallata,' said a spokesman for the Ministry of Transportation.

      Uspallata is located in the lower Andes mountains about 700 kilometers
      (420 miles) west of Beunos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

      "Following a week of strong snowstorms with winds up to 80 kilometers
      per hour )50 miles per hour) closed the Paso del Cristo Redentor (the
      pass near the giant Christ of the Andes statue--J.T.)."

      "The Ministry of Transportation recommends that vehicles travel no
      higher up the mountain than Uspallata, which is 80 kilometers (48
      miles) from the cross. The Cristo Redentor (statue) is located along a
      mountain crest road at an altitude of 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) above
      sea level." (See La Nacion of Buenois Aires for June 22, 2000. Muchas
      gracias a Gloria Coluchi para eso.) (Editor's Comment: Now that's
      interesting. Thanks to the inclement weather, the Chupacabra-haunted
      region around Antofagasta, Calama and Chuquicamata in Chile is now
      isolated from the rest of South America.)


      On Friday, June 9, 2000, at approximately 7 a.m., the female witness
      was driving to work on Route 30 between Jeannette, Pa. (population
      11,300) and Greensburg, Pa. (population 16,400) four miles (6
      kilometers) to the southeast, when she spotted a Bigfoot.

      "The lady had left her home earlier that morning and was enroute to
      her job. She had slowed down to look at a car that was for sale and
      was looking towards the right side."

      "Seconds later, her attention was drawn to a large dark manlike
      creature which was standing on a back road surrounded by woods."

      "While the observation lasted only 15 to 20 seconds, the witness saw
      the creature cross the road and enter into a nearby wooded area. The
      woman estimated that the creature stood about 6 to 7 feet (2 meters)
      tall and weighed approximately 300 to 400 pounds. The witness states
      that she slammed on her brakes as soon as she saw the creature, but it
      could no longer be seen."

      When the witness (first) noticed the creature, it was approximately
      300 feet away. It was standing sideways in a 'hunched' position on the
      back road. As the witness watched, the creature turned its head and
      looked towards the highway, then took two or three long strides into
      the thick woods where it was lost from sight. The woman stated that
      the creature was covered with long back hair. While no facial features
      could be determined, the head seemed somewhat oval in shape, and their
      was very little neck apparent."

      Greensburg is located 30 miles (48 kilometers) southest of Pittsburgh.
      (Many thanks to Stan Gordon and Eric Altman, director of the
      Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society for this report.)


      On Saturday, June 18, 2000, at 1 a.m., "two large triangular objects"
      were seen moving slowly over the cities of Charlesville-Mezieres and
      Villers-Semeuse in eastern France.

      "The two triangular objects descended to a very low altitude with a
      loud, strange engine noise. Their speed was not constant. At times it
      seemed as if the OVNIs (French acronym for UFO--J.T.) were actually
      skimming over some places. There was a metallic bar observed beneath
      the engines. There were bright white lights at the extremities of the

      Charleville-Mezieres is located about 224 kilometers (140 miles)
      northeast of Paris.

      A half-hour earlier, at 12:30 a.m., French ufologist Thierry Garnier
      was skywatching on a hillside on the outskirts of Gasny, in the
      department of Eure about 110 kilometers (66 miles) west of Paris, when
      he spotted a strange object in the night sky.

      "Personally I had made a strange observation that night," he reported,
      "It was 12:30 a.m. when I saw a strong white luminous flash
      approaching from the east and heading west. I will not be categorical
      as to the nature of what I have seen. I don't know what I saw. The
      thing had only this permanent white luminous flash, no navigation
      lights, a constant speed but accelerating as it reached an altitude of
      5,000 meters (16,500 feet) in a clear night sky."

      According to the French newspaper La Provence, on Sunday, June 18,
      2000 at about noontime, a holiday parade in the city of
      Aix-en-Provence was disrupted when onlookers spotted "a sphere of fire
      in the sky."

      The midday fireball was also seen in Marseilles, in the departments of
      Var, Haute-Loire and Alpes- Maritimes, and on the island of Corsica in
      the Mediterranean Sea. (Merci beaucoup a Thierry Garnier du Cercle
      Normand pour la Recherche Ufologique.)


      On Saturday, June 18, 2000, at approximately 7 p.m., Max Gebhardt was
      in Montclair, New Jersey (population 37,800) when he sighted a strange
      dark object high in the sky.

      The UFO "approached from the northwest and departed to the west," Max
      reported. "It was a very small black object, possibly a U-2 or a
      low-orbit satellite, very near the air traffic corridors."

      Montclair, N.J. is only 13 miles (24 kilometers) west of New York

      "I lost sight of it after 15 minutes due to its size. It was tiny,
      black, elliptical, possibly very far away, maybe 20 to 30 miles (32 to
      48 kilometers) Flying at 30,000 feet (9,595 meters) at about 500 to
      600 miles per hour (800 to 960 kilometers per hour." (Email Form


      On Monday night, June 13, 2000, Jeff Harrison spotted a triangular UFO
      over High Point, North Carolina (population 69,500).

      "I was looking at the moon and noticed the silhouette of a triangular
      craft going silently next to the moon. It was a silhouette. No way to
      tell the color. The object appeared to be the same size as the moon.."

      Jeff was unable to calculate the exact altitude, "but it seemed to be
      moving pretty fast for the probable height."

      High Point, N.C. is located about 15 miles (25 kilometers) southeast
      of Winston-Salem. (Email Form Report)


      On Friday, June 23, 2000, at 11:30 p.m., Walter S., his mother and his
      brother were at a church in Dexter, Michigan (population 1,500) when
      they saw something strange in the sky.

      "My brother, my mother and I were at the Webster First Church of
      Christ, walking around, and when we noticed to the west two bright red
      lights out in the field. It was two red lights gliding slowly over
      treetops in a field. No noise was made. The lights were just above the
      treeline in that direction and moving away ever so slowly to the
      south--perhaps at three miles per hour 5 kilometers per hour) The
      objects seemed red and did not blink. We thought perhaps they were
      planes, but there was no sound. We continued to watch them until they
      were obscured by some trees."

      Dexter is on Highway D-19 approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) west
      of Detroit. (Many thanks to Michigan ufologist Todd Lemire for this


      "The overnight appearance of crop circles in a field in southern
      Russia has puzzled farmers, with witnesses saying aliens made them."

      Russian government television reported "that a farmer from the village
      of Yuzhnoye," in the vicinity of Stavropol, "called in local officials
      'to record an act of vandalism,' after finding that his field of ripe
      barley had seemingly been ruined."

      Stavropol is a city located about 900 kilometers (540 miles) south of
      Moscow and 200 kilometers (120 miles) northeast of the Black Sea.

      Examination of the barley field turned up "four distinct circles--one
      20 meters (66 feet) in diameter and three others between 5 to 7 meters
      (17 to 25 feet) each."

      "The barley had been smoothed down 'as if by hand' in a clockwise

      Agents of the Stavropol Security Council "quickly arrived at the scene
      and suppressed all reports" relating to the incident.

      "They found no trace of radiation or chemicals, and human intervention
      was ruled out."

      "Officials found eyewitnesses in a neighboring village who said they
      had seen a UFO landing in the field" early Saturday morning, June 24,

      "Vasily Belchenko, security council deputy secretary, was inclined to
      believe them. 'There is no doubt that it was not man-made, that
      somebody is playing a practical joke,' he said."

      "Eyewitnesses say that the landing was very quick and the take-off was
      immediate, he added, 'It all happened in a few seconds.'"

      "A 20-centimeter-deep cylindrical hole with polished walls was found
      right in the middle of the large circle." Russian TV "suggested that
      the UFO had landed in the field to take a sample of the soil." (See
      WorldNet Daily for January 25, 2000, "UFO takes soil sample in
      Russia." Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for pointing out the


      "Archaeologists say a birdlike creature they have discovered is so old
      that they believe it cripples the theory that birds evolved from

      "Longisquama insignis a feathered, four-legged, ten-inch-long
      primitive reptile, was capable of gliding, probably from tree to tree,
      220 million years ago, the scientists say."

      "The unusual 'archosaur' is 70 million years older than the most
      ancient known bird, Archaeopteryx, and it predates dinosaurs with
      birdlike features by 100 million years. The researchers say that makes
      it nearly impossible to conclude that birds descended from the

      "'Just as you can't be your own grandmother, birds can't have come
      from dinosaurs because the fossil record shows the timeline is all
      wrong,' says head researcher Alan Feducca, professor and chairman of
      biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill."

      "The fossil was unearthed in Central Asia back in 1970 and has been
      the focus of intense research by a team of Russian and American

      "They discovered that:"

      "Longisquama had six to eight pears of hollow, shafted feathers almost
      identical to modern bird feathers."

      "The feathers evolved from reptilian scales, were used for flight
      rather than for warmth, as the so-called dino-feathers were. Their
      musculature, however, didn't allow their wings to flap for sustained

      "The reptiles had a wishbone similar to modern birds' and likely used
      aerodynamic forelimbs for steering in flight."

      "Longisquama was not a bird, and it can't be proven that it evolved
      into one, so its place on the evolutionary chain is still largely
      unknown, researchers say."

      "Nevertheless, the findings 'should have people seriously questioning
      the dogma that birds evolved from dinosaurs,' sauys Terry Jones, a
      paleontologist at Oregon State University and one of the study's
      co-authors." (See USA Today for June 23, 2000, "Feathered find splits
      scientists," page 3A.) from the UFO Files...


      For 12 years, from 1834 until 1846, mysterious explosions rocked the
      small town of Deerfield, New Hampshire, located on Route 43 about 10
      miles (16 kilometers) southeast of Concord, the state capital.

      The continuing phenomenon, which was never repeated, was even written
      up in the Scientific American of the day.

      "During the last twelve years, certain curious, not to say alarming
      phenomena in the town of Deerfield, N.H. have excited the fears of the
      inhabitants, and we think should, ere this, have attracted the
      attention of the scientific (community--J.T.) These are reports or
      explosions in the ground, apparently of a volcanic or a gaseous

      "When first heard they were attributed to the blasting of rocks in
      Manchester, a new town some ten miles distant (to the southwest. Today
      Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire--J.T.); but from the
      frequency of the reports at all hours in the night as well as the day,
      from the consideration that they were so loud, and were heard in all
      seasons, winter as well as summer, it was soon concluded that they had
      some other origin."

      "The explosions, if they may be so called, commenced on a ridge of
      land running southeast and northwest, and principally on that portion
      called the South Road. They have, however, extended, and are now heard
      in a northerly direction, and during the last fall (1845) and the
      present spring and summer (March to July 1846) as many as twenty have
      been heard in one night."

      "Many of them jar the houses and the ground perceptibly, so much so,
      that a child whose balance is not steady, will roll from one side to
      the other. They are as loud as a heavy cannon fired near the house,
      with no reverberation, and little roll."

      "Last fall some of the (Deerfield) inhabitants were riding in a wagon
      when an explosion was heard, and they saw the stone wall, which was
      apparently quite compact, fall over on one side of the way, and a
      second after, upon the other. The stone wall of an unfinished cellar
      also fell in. This can be attested by many witnesses."

      "There is no regularity in these reports, as they are heard at
      intervals of a day, a week, and sometimes of months; but for the last
      year they have become very common, and are heard almost every week,
      more or less."

      It is unknown why this small unassuming town in New Hampshire should
      be the focus of so many "mystery boom" reports.

      Deerfield was settled in 1756 by John Robinson, Jacob Smith, Isaac
      Shepherd and Benjamin Batchelder. There were plenty of deer in the
      woods, and, while negotiations for a town charter were pending, two
      men killed a deer and presented it to the royal governor, Benning
      Wentworth. Gov. Wentworth subsequently granted the charter and, to
      show his appreciation for the gift, named the new town Deerfield.

      While poking about in the town's history, your editor noticed
      something of interest. Two men--veterans of the Battle of Bunker Hill
      during the War of the American Revolution (1775-1783)--settled in
      Deerfield after the conflict.

      One was John Simpson, who fired the first shot of the battle. "The
      Americans defending the hill (actually, it was Breed's Hill in
      Charlestown, Mass.--J.T.) were short of ammunition, and their leaders
      gave orders to the men to hold their fire until they could see the
      whites of their enemies' eyes." But Simpson, "one of the soldiers
      under Captain Dearborn, suddenly fired at a British officer... After
      an inquiry the next day, John Simpson was arrested and
      court-martialed, but his punishment was light, as none of his
      superiors felt like censuring him. When the war ended, Simpson
      returned to Deerfield with the rank of major and resumed his farm

      The other was Zephaniah Butler. He was born in Connecticut in 1728 and
      served as a soldier under Gen James Wolfe at Quebec in 1759. Enlisting
      in the Continental Army, he fought on the American side at Bunker

      Interestingly, Zephaniah's grandson was Benjamin Franklin Butler,
      a.k.a. "the Beast," a general on the Union side who was the military
      governor of New Orleans in 1862. "Beast" Butler was born in Deerfield
      but left for good at age nine, when his widowed mother sent him to a
      boarding school in Lowell, Mass.

      Both John Simpson and Zephaniah Butler were still alive when the
      "mystery boom" phenomena began in 1834. However, what they thought of
      the enigmatic explosions was not recorded.

      But I sometimes wonder...was somebody building a base under that ridge
      in New Hampshire? (See the Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena by
      William A. Corliss, the Sourcebook Project, Glen Arm, Maryland, 1977,
      page 385: See also New Hampshire: A Guide to the Granite State,
      Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, Mass., 1938,. page 487. Also Lincoln's
      Scapegoat General by Richard S. West Jr., Houghton Mifflin Co.,
      Boston, Mass., 1965, pages 8 and 9.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO and
      paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the
      paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.

      UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2000 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights
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