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3978Ancient Connections chat!

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  • Jeroen Wierda
    Mar 31, 2000
      Dear everyone,
      Our first Ancient Connections chat will be about the Admiral Piri Reis world Map, made in Constantinople in 1513 AD by Piri which shows Antartica before it was covered with ice. Your host for this chat will be Josh.
      Join us in a discussion on this interesting subject on saturday April 1st at 7:00pm MT in the #UFO room. If you live in other timezones, please reference the table below.

      6pm : Pacific
      7pm : Mountain
      8pm : Central
      9pm : Eastern

      2am : UK
      3am : Holland
      9am : Australia

      For an image of the map, and more links about the subject... please go to the UFO Cluster site at:


      and click on "Topic Chats".

      To join in on the chat, you can follow one of the two options below:

      1. Via http://www.chat4all.org/ufo/ . From there you click on "Chat now",
      enter a nickname, select #UFO from the list of rooms and press "Connect".

      2. If you already have an IRC program (such as mIRC http://www.mirc.com/ )
      then its fairly easy to join in as well. Direct your program to
      "irc.chat4all.org" at port 6667.

      We hope to see you there :-)

      Jeroen Wierda
      UFO Cluster