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3346Re: New NASA UFO Footage

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  • rinus nienhuis
    Feb 1, 2000
      hello all
      the links below are incorrect
      for the footage see:
      greetings rinus nienhuis

      Mark A. LeCuyer schreef:

      > From: "Mark A. LeCuyer" <randydan@...>
      > Source: UFO Magazine the UK
      > January 30, 2000
      > New NASA Footage
      > Information about the new NASA footage. There is a short preview copy
      > of some of the footage that I saw in Leeds last year at
      > http://www.ufomag.co.uk/NASA02.ram if you have a 28.8 modem and
      > http://www.ufomag.co.uk/NASA001.ram if you have a 56k modem.
      > During last September's 18th Leeds International UFO Conference, the
      > audience were made privy to news that UFO Magazine had acquired 520
      > video tapes totaling over 2,500 hours of NASA space shuttle
      > transmissions. These had been recorded and logged by a Canadian TV
      > station manager who believed the footage contained stark evidence of
      > extraterrestrial activity.
      > Last August, a representative from UFO Magazine and the
      > Australian-based Phenomena exhibition traveled to Canada at the behest
      > of this individual. Following a week-long series of meetings,
      > agreement was reached for UFO Magazine/Phenomena to disseminate
      > relevant segments of that footage to the world.
      > Since then, brief segments of the footage have been screened at the
      > Acapulco Conference in Mexico on 12 December and on special TV
      > monitors within the Phenomena exhibition in Fremantle, Perth.
      > Several highly respected figures within the fields of UFO research and
      > SETI have viewed some of the material. The term 'historic' was
      > ventured on three separate occasions. Other highly placed figures
      > within NASA itself, as well as eminent physicists have expressed
      > bewilderment on viewing the footage for themselves.
      > Considerable international media interest has already been expressed.
      > We are now able to disclose that a timetable for disseminating this
      > material into the public domain has been agreed among the relevant
      > parties. On Saturday, 11 March, Graham W. Birdsall and Russel
      > Callaghan will make a 3-hour presentation on the NASA footage at the
      > 9th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival,
      > which is being staged at the River Palms Resort, Laughlin, Nevada
      > (5-11 March).
      > The world's media have been extended an invitation to attend.
      > Their lecture will end at 12 noon (4.00am GMT). Back in England, at
      > that precise moment, a presentation of the NASA material
      > (video/stills/explanation) will be uploaded onto our Webster and made
      > available to the world.
      > Thereafter, it is anticipated that multinational TV and news gathering
      > institutions will assist in further disseminating this material across
      > the globe.
      > Further details and background information will feature in the
      > March/April 2000 issue of UFO Magazine, available on newsstands across
      > Britain from 24 February.
      > The Australian Phenomena site where most of this info will be
      > disseminated is at http://www.phenomena-exhibit.com/
      > ´┐ŻUFO Magazine the UK, 2000
      > Mark
      > Alien Astronomer - "Exploring Our Universe"
      > http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/6583
      > Astronomy - Hi-Tech/Secret Projects - Secret Societies - Ufology
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