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3342New NASA UFO Footage

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  • Mark A. LeCuyer
    Jan 31, 2000
      Source: UFO Magazine the UK
      January 30, 2000

      New NASA Footage

      Information about the new NASA footage. There is a short preview copy
      of some of the footage that I saw in Leeds last year at
      http://www.ufomag.co.uk/NASA02.ram if you have a 28.8 modem and
      http://www.ufomag.co.uk/NASA001.ram if you have a 56k modem.

      During last September's 18th Leeds International UFO Conference, the
      audience were made privy to news that UFO Magazine had acquired 520
      video tapes totaling over 2,500 hours of NASA space shuttle
      transmissions. These had been recorded and logged by a Canadian TV
      station manager who believed the footage contained stark evidence of
      extraterrestrial activity.

      Last August, a representative from UFO Magazine and the
      Australian-based Phenomena exhibition traveled to Canada at the behest
      of this individual. Following a week-long series of meetings,
      agreement was reached for UFO Magazine/Phenomena to disseminate
      relevant segments of that footage to the world.

      Since then, brief segments of the footage have been screened at the
      Acapulco Conference in Mexico on 12 December and on special TV
      monitors within the Phenomena exhibition in Fremantle, Perth.

      Several highly respected figures within the fields of UFO research and
      SETI have viewed some of the material. The term 'historic' was
      ventured on three separate occasions. Other highly placed figures
      within NASA itself, as well as eminent physicists have expressed
      bewilderment on viewing the footage for themselves.

      Considerable international media interest has already been expressed.

      We are now able to disclose that a timetable for disseminating this
      material into the public domain has been agreed among the relevant
      parties. On Saturday, 11 March, Graham W. Birdsall and Russel
      Callaghan will make a 3-hour presentation on the NASA footage at the
      9th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival,
      which is being staged at the River Palms Resort, Laughlin, Nevada
      (5-11 March).

      The world's media have been extended an invitation to attend.

      Their lecture will end at 12 noon (4.00am GMT). Back in England, at
      that precise moment, a presentation of the NASA material
      (video/stills/explanation) will be uploaded onto our Webster and made
      available to the world.

      Thereafter, it is anticipated that multinational TV and news gathering
      institutions will assist in further disseminating this material across
      the globe.

      Further details and background information will feature in the
      March/April 2000 issue of UFO Magazine, available on newsstands across
      Britain from 24 February.

      The Australian Phenomena site where most of this info will be
      disseminated is at http://www.phenomena-exhibit.com/

      ´┐ŻUFO Magazine the UK, 2000


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      Astronomy - Hi-Tech/Secret Projects - Secret Societies - Ufology
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