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3187Feb. UFO Conference

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  • Stonepeepl@xxx.xxx
    Jan 11, 2000
      In what is sure to be the largest gathering of star seed in the New World
      since Quetzalcoatl went back to the sky, Aliens & Spirits founder, David
      Shoemaker, invites you to become a part of history on Feb. 4-5-6,2000 in
      mystic Lordsburg, New Mexico.

      "Abductees and Contactees will have awareness presented to them in a way that
      they can achieve compatibility with, and gain power from the E.T.'s, instead
      of carrying the burden of denial and fear."

      Field trips are planned to the haunted Shakespeare Ghost Town, a UFO Crash
      Site where silver metal can still be seen imbedded in the roadway and a
      special excursion to a desert location where UFO activity occurs on a regular

      After years on the show circuit and countless miles on the "highway of life",
      David has traversed a mountain of misinformation.

      David has high-graded this pile and assembled a team of world class
      presenters, such as: Dr. Richard Boylan, Ted Loman and Peggy Kane of the TV
      show "Off the Record", Al Baker, Cort Nielson, the Rev. Jean Holmes,
      Rosemary the Celtic Lady, Standing Elk, Walter Soaring Eagle, Harry Hubbard,
      and many others.

      Without compensation, all these distinguished speakers are covering their own
      expenses to participate and offer their wisdom to others. This in itself is a
      great testimony to the belief they have for David and his ideals.

      The Native American presenters will share the long relationships their people
      have had with the extra-terrestrials. This ancient history is sure to
      trigger a new thought process for those fortunate enough to witness what they
      have to say.

      Your attendance is very important because the revenue generated from this
      landmark event will be used as seed money to start a new circuit and thought
      movement with a creative and nurturing environment where one can explore with
      freedom...pure magic...intuitive healing and the true facts regarding
      extra-terrestrials and their impact on our world, from the beginning of time
      to the present.

      Aliens & Spirits...In The Shadow of Paradox, promises to be an enlightening
      experience for those who attend as well as a springboard for the new
      millennium. The circuit of conferences is slated to be scheduled for
      occurrence in numerous cities, beginning in the Southwest, every other month.

      Lordsburg, New Mexico sits just across the state line from Arizona on
      Interstate 10. From Tucson International Airport, Lordsburg is a leisurely
      and picturesque two-hour drive through the legendary heart of "Apacheria".

      The town offers low cost lodging, good food and a relaxed, friendly
      atmosphere. Room rates range from $20 to $40 and specialty restaurants
      tantalize the taste buds with regional flavors.

      Aliens & Spirits...In the Shadow of Paradox will be held in David's theater:

      324 East 2nd St.
      Lordsburg, New Mexico 88045

      Theater seating and vendor space for this conference is limited, so early
      registration is highly advised. Rates for this quality conference are at the
      incredibly low rate of:

      Pre-registration - 3 days - $ 150
      Day of event - 3 days - $ 200
      Day Pass - 1 day - $ 75

      Further information may be found on the internet at our websites:

      www.CrashDebris.Com or www.GilaHealingCircle.Com.

      Those wishing to contact David Shoemaker for registration, vendor rates and
      general inquiries may do so by calling: 505-542-3882