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  • Judy Lawson
    Dec 31, 1999
      It is 1020am in NZ and all is well. Power seems to work just fine and everything else as far as I know.

      Good luck your end of the world and have a great night tonight.

      Wish I hadn't had so much to drink as I don't feel all that flash this morning.


      Tim Beckley wrote:

      > From: MRUFO@... (Tim Beckley)
      > Hay lots of people home at midnight...I went out two nights ago and got
      > it out of my system. Big new all day -- Boris hits the road. Nice
      > fireworks in Auckland. Fox and CNN seem to be doing a fine job. I'll be
      > here as the clock rolls over...no bug in webtv system...cant even get
      > virus...we webtv's could easily get even if we have the only connection
      > to internet available.
      > Peace in the New Year.
      > Tim Beckley
      > Mr UFO
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