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30OT FWD: (Skyone) Fasten Seatbelts (ALWAYS!)

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  • Frits Westra
    Jan 23, 1999
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      Toegegeven, nogal off-topic...
      Moraal: gordel altijd omhouden.


      Subject: Update: 22 hurt after jet hits turbulence

      *** Update: 22 hurt after jet hits turbulence

      HONOLULU (AP) - A Continental Airlines flight from Tokyo to Honolulu
      hit severe turbulence Wednesday, injuring 18 passengers and four
      flight attendants. The injuries were mostly bumps and bruises, said
      an airline spokeswoman. Thirteen passengers were treated at The
      Queen's Medical Center and released. The flight attendants were
      treated at another hospital for contusions and strains. Flight 910
      landed safely at the Honolulu airport about three hours after hitting
      turbulence at 33,000 feet, said Marilyn Kali of the state
      Transportation Department. The plane was carrying 330 passengers, 15
      flight attendants and three pilots. Most of the injured passengers
      were sitting in the back of the plane. See


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