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    Jul 17 9:30 AM

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      Subj: [RealUFOs] Where Did We Come From?

      Subject: Where We Came From?                                     July 3, 2014.
        These people think they know where we came from.
      Galactic Federation UPDATE
      Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation
      of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
      "The dark's time is over. A new era of freedom,
      peace and prosperity manifests..."  by PAO
                 12 Caban, 0 Kumku, 10 Caban
                 July 1, 2014
      We come on this day with good news!
      Our various earthly associates are diligently readying your blessings
      for delivery. We wish to devote our message this week to discussing your
      origins. We are all descendants of an aquatic ape-like creature that
      lived on the third planet from its sun, the star you call Vega. This
      planet was a water world, filled with what you might think are very
      unusual creatures. The worst of these was a large predator, and our
      ancestors had climbed over a series of craggy mountains to escape it.
      There, they developed into great fishermen and began to spend a vast
      amount of time at sea. Eventually, they lost their dense body fur and
      took on some of the characteristics of a marine mammal. Around six
      million years ago, land cetaceans visited them from the Solis system.
      These gentle Beings asked them if they wanted to become fully conscious
      Beings and eventually migrate to their former homelands. They were
      reluctant at first. However, the intervention of the Spiritual Hierarchy
      convinced them to do so. They were then granted full consciousness and
      met with other such souls from the stars, which surrounded Vega.
      These meetings led to the formation of a Light confederation, which
      began to slowly expand its influence across the Lyra constellation. Four
      million years ago, they had reached the star Sirius and had morphed into
      a new organization, the Galactic Federation of Light. It was this sacred
      union which eventually colonized the Solis system. These colonies were
      ravaged by the Ancharan Alliance and forced to flee. The colonists
      returned around 900,000 years ago and decided to only settle on Gaia.
      This group set up its headquarters in Inner Earth and also settled on a
      large island continent known to you today as Lemuria. This surface
      colony began to slowly expand. Its task was to support and maintain the
      various ecosystems. Around 300,000 years ago, Earth was colonized by
      Beings from Centaurus and the Pleiades. Most of them went to a large
      island continent in the present-day Atlantic Ocean. Its inhabitants
      called this new colony Atlantis. It soon became a
      silent rival of the Lemurians. Around 50,000 years ago, the Lemurians
      gave each of its colonies equal status. The Atlanteans saw this as a
      possible opportunity to exert their dominance over the surface lands of
      Approximately 25,000 years ago, the Atlanteans and their dark allies
      struck and destroyed the surface lands of Lemuria. The Lemurians
      retreated to their Inner Earth realm. This left the Atlanteans in charge
      of the surface lands. Over the millennia, the Atlanteans began a policy
      of banishing the many children of the ruling elites who strongly opposed
      them to a peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea called Ionia.
      The Atlanteans eventually attacked this colony.
      The Ionian scientists had prepared for this eventuality with a series of
      special devices. With these they were able to counter this threat.
      Atlantis was consumed by its own weapon and soon sank beneath the
      waters. The residents of Atlantis and their global allies fled to
      another world, which orbited a star in the Centaurian constellation,
      known to you as Beta Centauri. This disaster left behind two groups of
      Beings. The first were a group of special human hybrids called, in your
      legends, the Anunnaki. The second was your limited-consciousness
      ancestors. These groups, with the help of Heaven, soon formed a
      symbiotic relationship.
      Heaven desired that your ancestors survive and learn a number of vital
      lessons, which were to become useful once the Light returned in full
      force to your world. This strange relationship, which consisted of the
      Anunnaki as gods and your ancestors as their devoted
      followers, continued for some 13,000 years. The time arrives for this to
      end and for you to resume your former state. This stage of your long
      journey is merely the beginning of how you are to be made fully
      conscious once again. We are here to be your mentors and to permit your
      return. The Anunnaki left behind a ruling group that morphed over the
      millennia into what you know as the dark cabal. This group is being
      ousted from power. It is aware that its time has come. The immediate
      present is to see this group step aside and be succeeded by our earthly
      allies. The pieces are in place for a great change to happen in the
      twinkling of an eye. This transformation includes
      sacred Beings who come from all parts of your globe. Their programs are
      to liberate you and to provide prosperity and new governance.
      We are your Ascended Masters.
      Your world is suffering under the last vestiges of the dark cabal. Our
      mission is to provide a means for you to get beyond their heinous rule.
      In addition, Heaven sent us great fleets of ships that are to bring us
      mentors, to aid in your transition to full consciousness. We welcome
      them. These brothers and sisters give us the ability to overcome any
      power still possessed by the dark cabal. A natural blessed movement is
      underway that is to move you toward full consciousness. Our divine task
      is to oversee these developments and ensure that they affect you
      positively. The purpose is to make certain of your timely success. Our
      associates have the tools required to forge a new epoch for humanity.
      This new epoch is already blessedly forming around you. The
      dark's agents fear arrest. They panic about the facts to be
      presented at their trials and know that this present realm is indeed
      crumbling. The dark's time is over. A new era of freedom, peace
      and prosperity manifests.
      We realize how this is forming. At a special time, we are to address you
      and confirm what Heaven is doing to formalize its numerous sacred
      decrees. The dark set up a global set of societies founded on war,
      division and unwarranted hatred of each other. We need to apply remedies
      to millennia of profound abuse. You have in you hidden hatreds and odd
      beliefs set forth by your former overseers. Lessons are required to be
      taught by us so the equality of all and the surfacing of a mutual
      benevolence can reappear. In this light, you can truly come together and
      begin to set the foundations for a new global society. This society is
      to recognize your spiritual sovereignty and divine rights. It is also to
      ensure your prosperity by giving you the means to secure these for
      yourselves and your intertwined families. This is all a preface to what
      your galactic mentors are to teach you.
      This is merely the time when you start to comprehend who you really are
      and how you are dearly related to one another. Your Ascension is to
      finally give you a special code for forging what we and your mentors
      teach you. Be in joy and be blessedly aware of how Heaven constructed
      this and righteously forged the path for your grand reunion with us all.
      We have sat in Agartha and watched how the dark manipulated you and kept
      you apart. This injustice is now ending. We have visited many parts of
      this globe over the last year and seen how things are changing. Heaven
      works in strange and wondrous ways. The dark cabal cannot escape its
      fate. Even so, these scalawags are our brothers and sisters who at the
      time of full consciousness are to return to the fold. We know this and
      see the purpose of this final part of our mutual journey: to learn a
      simple fact we are indeed All One!! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!
      Today, we continued our message. Remain ever aware that Heaven is our
      sacred guide. Our divine service is to welcome back all of humanity. We
      come to teach, to mentor and to prepare you for the final great
      spiritual leap, full consciousness! The moment comes for us to take
      action and bring us all into this new blessed Age! Know, dear Ones, that
      the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed
      yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be
      in Joy!)
      Explore more from the Galactic Federation at PAO.WEB
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