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  • nathaniel x vance
    Mar 30, 2014

      Mystery aircraft UFO flying over Texas baffles aviation experts  

      Saturday 29 March 2014
      Experts say the object’s shape is unlike any known aircraft
      Experts in aviation and avid UFO conspirators have been left baffled by photographs that appear to show a mysterious triangular-shaped flying object flying over US airspace.
      The photos, captured by Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett, show what appears to be an aircraft flying across on Amarillo International Airport 10 March, with another contrail next to it.
      Experts say the object’s shape is unlike any known plane, which was seen accompanied by two other aircraft.
      The images have prompted speculation that the aircraft could be a classified military craft.
      In his blog, Douglass said that after reviewing images, they noticed that the aircraft had almost a boomerang shape, meaning it could not be a B-2 stealth bomber aircraft as previously thought.