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22606Obama Family Booed At College Basketball Game

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Nov 19, 2013
      Dear Group,
      Several pure white
      Anglo-Saxon presidents have dearly wanted and tried to legislate Health Care
      for those who didnt have it, but they all were stubbornly resisted and they
      fail. But here comes a lowly non-rich poor black man who chanced and dared to
      run for USA president, and having little political experience or high placed
      connections, but guess what, he not only won the presidency election in a huge
      big fashion, but in no time he succeeded in getting passed Health Care
      insurance for 30-40 million uninsured citizen who didnt have it before! If
      Obama was 100 percent pure white instead of 50%/ half black, the overwhelming
      great majority of US citizen would be amicably adoring him like they
      adored JFK or even Mr. [666] Ronald Wilson Reagan! But how unfortunate that all
      this recalcitrant hate has been stirred up yet once again, but Obama is not
      where he is without Divine Will and Help!
      Little else needs to be
      said as these words clearly and unambiguously shows in the clearest light how
      high end blacks or most of us will never be respected by the wicked, no matter
      whatever we do! This is why we must support efforts to acquire our own
      land/nation unto ourselves. I wonder, does anyone have a better idea that we
      havet tried already and failed??
      The demonic republicans
      oppose Healthcare for the uninsured like a fireman would oppose oxygen being
      fed to a fire. So, why the hell wont they give us their plan to provide health
      care to the uninsured? The problem is, I mean the shark truth and reality is
      that they dont give a damn about the poor or the uninsured. 
      Lastly, has anyone any
      revelatory information or a reasonable premonition as to when Beloved President
      Barack Hussein Obama plan to make his dire presidential Planet X
      [Nibiru] Announcement? It can’t be much longer in the future I hope and

      ---In TheEndTime2012@yahoogroups.com, <pxvance@...> wrote:
      Family Booed At College Basketball Game
      Obama's approval ratings are at an all-time low, and he's taking notice.
      President and his family were met with boos when they attended a college basketball
      game in Oregon last night. Oregon State was playing the University of Maryland.
      boos were so loud that Obama had to cover his ears with his hands upon arrival
      at the game.
      the boos subsided, however, the First Family was able to slap on a smile and
      act like they were having a good time. Here are some photos from the game:
      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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