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22593UFO Armada Over Columbia Leaves Thousands Of People In Awe, VIDEO, Nov 2013

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Nov 15, 2013
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      Dear All Members,
      Here is another must see Youtube
      video of a very recent November 8-2013 UFO Armada over Columbia Sur America!
      What do you think, is the video http://nationalufocenter.com/2013/11/ufo-armada-over-columbia-leaves-thousands-of-people-in-awe-video-nov-2013/%c2%a0 real or is
      it a fake?
      UFO Armada Over Columbia Leaves Thousands Of People In Awe, VIDEO, Nov 2013
      Posted by: National UFO Center in UFO's November 13,
      2013 0 475 Views
      Date of sighting: November 8, 2013
      Location of sighting: Pereira, Columbia
      The city of Pereira is located 250
      km from the capital of Columbia. This armada of UFO orbs was seen last week and
      caught the whole city by surprise. There orbs are not often seen, but when they
      are it seems that the UFOs are certainly not shy and not trying to hide.
      Sure you can assess the flight
      pattern of the craft, but to be sure that these are UFOs we need to establish
      contact in some way. If you get a green laser pen and hit the object for a
      split second only, if it flashes back within 3-5 seconds then it is a UFO.
      Lasers only work at night because you need to see the beam to aim. This is from
      my personal experience which blew me away a few years back. Don’t leave it on
      the UFO too long…you don’t want to blind them.
      ZetaTalk.com UFO Armada Meaning  [11-16-2013]
      A quick glance at a plate map shows that Pereira, Colombia
      is located at the juncture of four different plates – the S American Plate, the
      Nazca Plate, and Cocos Plate, and the Caribbean Plate. We have predicted great
      quakes along the Andes as
      the S American roll progresses, including for the city of Bogota, Colombia
      which lies just east of Pereira. We have predicted that Panama will suffer
      during the S American roll, crumbling as the Caribbean Plate is shoved westward. Why does being at the juncture of
      several plates matter, and what was the UFO display trying to communicate,
      telepathically, to the residents of Pereira?

      Pereira is nestled in the Andes, along a river, and given the history of
      flooding after river bottoms heave or are blocked during the mountain building
      process can expect flooding. As the hump of S America is pushed over the
      Caribbean Plate and Panama, it will also scrape the land of Panama which will
      tumble in many directions, taking the path of least resistance. One of those
      directions will be southeast into the valley regions where Pereira lies.
      Simultaneous to such a scrape and crumble will be the rise of the Andes as S
      America is pushed over the Nazca Plate. This rise will pushed against and block
      the crumble from Panama, causing all to rise like a wall preventing river
      drainage. Quakes will be the least of Pereira’s worries during the completion of
      the S American roll.  
      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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